style tycoon


I find it kind of shocking to see just how quickly many people on the FNaF subreddit have just…straight up turned on Scott because he’s expressed disappointment at not being able to please them.

I mean, I get the frustration - it’s not fair to rope a single portion of the community into receiving the brunt of the blame.

But to act as if he’s betrayed everyone and did everything on purpose? I dunno, I feel as if it’s uncalled for.

Maybe I’m being uneducated on the matter, but it’s exactly why he’s blaming the sub - invaderzz’s permalink to his comment has a top comment stating he purposely said confusing stuff. As if that’s definitive? Unless I missed a post by him saying he was doing so, how can someone say that as if it’s fact?

Obviously things such as his want for a Foxy Fighters type game or a tycoon-style game are straight from the left-field, but he may have just enjoyed developing Foxy Fighters. It doesn’t have to constitute to why he hated FNaF World.

Maybe I just sympathise with Scott too much. I dunno. But it’s incredibly fucked up to see that random people on a glorified internet forum believe they know Scott better than fucking Scott does. It’s patronising, it’s rude, and it’s EXACTLY why Scott feels antagonised by the subreddit.

Can we just not scrutinise every fucking particle Scott exhales for a single day, please? Thank you, FNaF community. Let the guy rest.