style swapping

I wanted to add on to the “yuuri in a crop-top” thing i saw happening on @zephyrine-gale‘s tumblr so here’s my contribution (/*^*)/ 

i have tried and failed at trying out different styles of my art senpais for so long but zeph’s style just flowed so beautifully 

i love your yuuri @zephyrine-gale they make me smile so much ;u;

I’ve been doing a lot of commission work and my job has picked up so I haven’t had a lot of time to do stuff outside of those. But I managed to do this today in between commissions. He’s so shiny!

I’m considering doing traditional art for the charms, but I’m still undecided on it. I’ll try out another painting with Fell!Sans and hopefully I’ll make up my mind. Either way, this will be offered as a print–along with other works I’ve done–through the online shop I’m putting together. 

OC Reversal Prompts

(could also be fandom though)

(pick one or both when people send you numbers! obvs. if any of these reversals aren’t your cup of tea just nix ‘em)

  1. confident OC being flustered/uncertain / shy OC being confident/suave
  2. short-haired OC with long hair / long-haired OC with short hair
  3. formalwear-loving OC in casual clothes / casual OC in formalwear
  4. heavily-clothed OC wearing less / lightly-clothed OC wearing more
  5. makeup-less OC with makeup / makeup-wearing OC without makeup
  6. hot-tempered OC being gentle / gentle OC losing their temper
  7. (usually) masculine-presenting OC in feminine style / (usually) feminine-presenting OC in masculine style
  8. OC with something important returned to them / OC with something important lost/taken
  9. free space: add piercings/scars/tattoos/freckles/accessories
  10. free space: style(/personality?) swap between two OCs!