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Harries, I need your opinions

Although we all know Harry Styles is and will always be perfect in his own way. Which Harry do you prefer?

Professor Styles, Soldier Styles, Talk Show Host Styles or Doctor Styles?

Reblog and answer please! I really want to see how much reblogs and opinions this post get. Thank you for checking this out. Much love to you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

my art appreciation post for the english release of the game! sadly i won’t be able to play the game bc of schoolwork. perhaps next year.

ps: whatever happened between them in the love hotel HAPPENED. YOU CANNOT DENY. THAT. FACT. 

Aerial view looking northwest of Midtown Manhattan in early 1963. Chrysler and Pan Am Building are in the center. Rockefeller Center’s buildings and new International Style office skyscrapers surrounding it can be visible above, left.

Photo: Fairchild Aerial Surveys.

Source: Peter Hall. “Las grandes ciudades y sus problemas”. Biblioteca para el Hombre Actual (Nueva York, McGraw-Hill, Madrid. Ed. Guadarrama, 1965).


Ygotober catchup!!

23. Smores featuring I need more practice drawing tiddies
24. Pumpkin Carving featuring teen!Mokuba!!! He doesn’t like pumpkin goop but he loves seeing big bro smile.
25. Movie Marathon (he’s watching Hocus Pocus)

Secrets & Betrayal - Part 2 (Requested)

Note: There were a few requests to a part 2 for Secrets & Betrayal and so here it is! I hope you all enjoy it as much as you did the first part.

Words: 1384

Warnings: Although it is not written out in detail there is the insinuation of non-consensual sex. There is also a little bit of violence.

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It all seemed to happen in a blur. You focused your mind on something other than the demon of a boy that ruled this island….you thought of him, of Killian, of the pirate that had stolen your heart all those months ago. Despite your feelings for him being so strong your thoughts were unable to block out the sound of his satisfied groans travelling down your ear and the pain…..the pain was so much that you had to force back the tears that wanted to fall from your eyes.

You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing that he was hurting you.

When it is all over he removes himself from you, a smug little smirk tugging at his lips as he zips his trousers back up, and his dark lust-filled eyes look you up and down as though he was admiring a new toy of his. The tears you are holding back are beginning to sting your eyes but even now you refuse to let them show and so you force yourself to stare right through him, like he isn’t even stood there, and remain as defiant as you can.

“Oh my sweet little lost girl…..” He walks back over to you, placing a hand onto your cheek, a move that if performed by anyone else would have been seen as an affectionate touch but from him it is meant to intimidate. “….if you weren’t mine before you certainly are now.”

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Distraction - Kakasaku - NSFW

I feel like I should apologize for the level of smut in this one. . let’s all it a dare/challenge and leave it at that shall we lol 

Rain pounded mercilessly against the window. The storm had started nearly four hours ago, crashing down unexpectedly on the training grounds, then lingering over the village. Kakashi rolled to the other side and exhaled, covering his eyes in the crook of an elbow. His breath sounded unnaturally loud in the otherwise silent apartment. Thunder rumbled distantly, and lightning filled the room.

Groaning, the man sat up in bed and raked through his damp hair. The air felt too close, like a heavy blanket draped over his sweaty body. As tired as he was, Kakashi couldn’t force himself to sleep. Glancing at the clock, he threw himself onto the pillows with a huff. He needed to rest and should have done so hours ago. Two important meetings with clan heads loomed tomorrow.

Hokage-sama. The purring tone made Kakashi’s pulse leap, though it was memory rather than reality.

“Get it together, Hatake,” Kakashi growled, tugging his mask down his to draw a breath. Dragging himself out of bed, he opened the window. Even though the storm-riddled night felt thick, it was cooler than his suffocating room.

Still overheated, Kakashi pulled off his shirt and tossed it into the corner. The sheer exhaustion of sparring should have been enough to make him sleep. If not that, then the warm shower to wash the mud off, but, the water had turned cold long before his body stopped feeling like it was on fire.  

Exhaling, Kakashi sat down on the edge of his bed and considered his options. Icha Icha sat on his nightstand, but that seemed like a dangerous road to travel. If he was going to sleep, he didn’t need to start reading. Lying back, Kakashi closed his eyes and began running through combat scenarios. Dip, slash, roll, spin, stab. Though sleep evaded him, the haziness preceding it slipped in, and the scene shifted.

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Writing Asks - The Process of Creation

Let your readers get to know your creative process with these 15 poignant questions. Reblog and have your followers send you a number or fill it out survey-style, it’s your choice!

  1. What songs are on your writing playlist? 
  2. Other than music, what other ambient noises do you use to help you write? (Example: a  specific TV show or movie on in the background, ocean sounds, traffic noise etc.)
  3. Where do you write? Get specific and describe your writing area in detail: at a red desk in your bedroom, on your bed with your computer on your lap, in a notebook while you’re on your commute etc.
  4. When do you write? What time do you feel most expressive?
  5. What do you drink while you write?
  6. What quote about writing inspires you?
  7. Who are some of the authors that have influenced your writing style?
  8. How do you prefer to write? (Example: using Google-docs, by hand in a notebook, pages etc.) Why this particular method?
  9. Where do you look for inspiration when you experience writers block?
  10. How do you personally overcome your writers block?
  11. If you were a world renowned author, what advice would you give to those just starting out? You’d be asked this question hundreds of times by the media and fans alike.
  12. Where is the most inconvenient place for inspiration to strike you?
  13. Who does your editing/proofreading?
  14. What is your preferred writing snack?
  15. Why do you write?

anonymous asked:

Do you know any alpha harry ones?

Hi! Check this page out! But here’s some fairly new ones:

No One Else Will Do by Awriterwrites, dimpled_halo:

Summary: Harry visibly takes a deep breath. “I’ll do it. I’ll…help you through your heat.” He looks more determined now as he stands up straighter and his eyes look at Louis more intensely.

“Yeah?” Louis doesn’t mean to sound so surprised but he’s sort of in a state of shock. He’s never been with an alpha before, and the fact that his first time is going to be with Harry— his best friend— well, he couldn’t really ask for anyone better if he’s honest. 

It takes Louis’ early heat for Harry and Louis to figure things out.

All I Know Is Him. by SS98:

Summary: Anne has long since mastered the art of masking her exasperation. She turns to whisper in Harry’s ear. “Let it be, son.”

“No.” Harry leaves his position beside his parent to step forward, a meter closer to Louis. He studies the Omega and ignores the unappreciative scowl that follows him all the way. “You will be my mate.”

Louis’ jaw screwed tight, lips pursed in an unimpressed gaze. “I will not.”

Harry wished he was not so surprised by the Omega’s resistance. “This lack of willingness is not charming, Omega. I will not chase you.”

You’ll Hear Me Calling for You by pinky_heaven19:

Summary: “I don’t know, I don’t know you,” Harry said with a shrug, knowing his replies were dumb but not able to think of anything better to say. “You don’t know me either, so I don’t know why you’re acting like this,” he said, slouching on his seat.

“Oh, but I do know you,” Louis replied, raising his eyebrows in a gesture of disdain.

His attitude made Harry stare at him in confusion. Had they met before and he didn’t remember? Was that why Louis was mad?

“You do?”“I know the likes of you,” Louis said with a shrug of his shoulder.

“The likes of me? Excuse me?” Harry was offended and confused.

“Alpha males who enter cock first in any room and think people should bow to them or some shit like that,” Louis answered bitterly.

OR the one where Harry is an Alpha and Louis has a problem with it - until he doesn’t.

I Have You. by SS98:

Summary: Styles was there surveying the many untouchable people, from whom he will select one. He saw someone disinterested and it intrigued him, until the scent reached him and no doubt his companions. An Alpha can smell an Omega from a distance away but one that is trying to hide itself is more of a challenge that both Harry and his men relish in. However, this Omega is male and a strong one if his willpower is anything to go by.

Harry forbids his men from stepping forward to take the Omega. It’s obvious that the citizens do not smell the divine creature from their wasted senses and Harry would no sooner allow another to have what he has a mild interest in. He stalks forward with purpose and shoves three people out of the way to retrieve the faltering Omega; his arms pick the light weight up and his hearing blocks out the horrified screaming that soon follows. This Omega hates him, and Harry wants to find out why by less tentative means.

No Chance At All by lululawrence:

Summary: As an omega, Louis naturally had the ability to sense alphas, so it wasn’t like this was an unusual situation for him. The difference here was that this man smelled so strong and so ridiculously good. Louis had never been so attracted to someone’s scent before. Add the fact that this worker whose name tag read “Harry” looked like some kind of greek god with his long curly hair and dimples as he chatted up the older woman ordering currently, and Louis was already a goner.

Or the one where Louis just wants to drink good coffee and work on his homework in peace, but the alpha barista is charming to everyone but him, and that just pisses him off.

where the lights are beautiful by twoshipsdrifting:

Summary: Harry wasn’t wrong about that, not in a general sense. Lots of omegas did seek out rich alphas and betas, hoping or planning to go into heat at the right time. Plenty of omegas saw this as their duty, especially if their families weren’t well off.

Worse, Louis couldn’t honestly say he’d never thought about it.

If that had been his life, his goal, Louis would feel pretty good about himself now.

As it is…Louis feels like shit.

i have to write a report for one of my classes based on a learning styles survey and tbfh ive been psychoanalyzed enough in my life that none of this information is new to me

Survey of the Miraculous fandom

Hi, I always have the impression that there’s so many artists in the Miraculous fandom so…

If you’re a fanfic writer for the Miraculous fandom, could you please reblog this.

If you’re an artist who makes fanart for the Miraculous fandom, could you please like this.

This Survey will take place until the 21 december (in two weeks).

I will then share the results with graphs.

(It doesn’t matter if your fanarts and fanfictions are popular or not. You gave time for the Miraculous fandom and you’re an artist all the same!)



Shingeki no Birding OVA: ILSE’S FIELD GUIDE

This recently released second edition of The Langnar Field Guide to Titans Beyond Southern Wall Maria includes a BRAND NEW SECTION on TITAN SHIFTERS, written and illustrated by Hanji Zoe (M. Berner, ed.).
One Direction Fans: Who are they?

Hi everyone!

Some of you might know that I write for Odyssey Online. In a month or so, I’m wanting to do an article on the One Direction fandom as a whole and how diverse and wonderful we all are. I’m wanting to look at how you engage in the fandom itself, as well as your personal life and how you live day to day. I want to touch on a lot of things, but most importantly, I want everyone to understand that the fandom is huge, diverse, special, and different.

If you could PLEASE, fill out the survey I’ve created and share this post with your followers. The more answers I get, the better I can create my article and have more interesting data to share with everyone.

Thanks and have an amazing day :)