style stile


Just stop your crying, have the time of your life
        Breaking through the atmosphere
      And things are pretty good from here
       Remember everything will be alright
          We can meet again somewhere
           Somewhere far away from here.


** means smut

(^) means sad imagine

Black means not done yet

Harry Styles

On the bus series 

You’ll never know series (ON HOLD)

Eyes Closed

Sidney Crosby

Double Double (short imagine)


Sam Winchester 

Pros & Cons

If You’re Not Here

Hold Me **

Jared Padalecki


It’s Complicated

Dean Winchester 

Don’t Let Me Go

Jensen Ackles 

Ever Since


Misha Collins

One & Only

Teen Wolf

Stiles Stilinski

Just a shadow series (ON HOLD)

In My Time of Dying

It’s Always Been You

Treat You Better

If We Go Down

Never the One

Dylan O’Brien


Malia Tate 

First I Love You **

Remember Me

Shelley Hennig

Theo Raeken 

My Frat Boy **

But You’re the Bad Guy  (short series)

Dammit Scott

After All This Time

Being Me

I Miss My Baby

Try Again


Something More

Take Care of You

I Found

Wild Love

You Broke My Heart

Cody Christian

That Was Not Acting


Heartache on the Big Screen

Cast Party **

Isaac Lahey


The Maze Runner


Forever (^)


Archie Andrews

K.J Apa

What’s My Name?**


About Last Night**


Jace Wayland

Jealousy at it’s finest**

Dominic Sherwood

Alec Lightwood

Best Friends?**

5 Seconds Of Summer

Luke Hemmings

On the Bus (series)

You were my person,you will always be my person (series)

Feel free to request imagines xx

Updated May 23rd,2017

Otp idea

A prophecy forth told that I will end your family line, and ever since I was born your family has tried to assassinate me, while my family retaliates.
You and I were raised to kill each other, but darn it you are just so wonderful and stupid to think the same about me and I love you too much to even consider the idea to kill you but the prophecy is the prophecy until…
I decide to propose and that is when it hits me! You will take on my last name and you have no siblings and cousins to carry on yours!


It makes me want to hug them all to death 💕💕💕

The Not-Quite-Normal but Still-Totally-Awesome OTP 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: On a Swing Set

And a very happy birthday to the one and only petals42, whose beautiful mind created this entire thing. We’re going to be doing this whole thing together, her writing, me drawing, and in a convoluted way of testing our theory that we have a long distance mind meld going on, we won’t know what the other did until we post, so strap in!

Petals’ lovely story.

Zodiac Signs as Popular Ships

Aries : jelana ( selena & justin )

Taurus : zigi ( zayn & gigi )

Gemini : destiel ( dean & castiel )

Cancer : sterek ( stiles & derek )

Leo : larry ( louis & harry )

Virgo : ziam ( zayn & liam )

Libra : stelena ( stefan & elena )

Scorpio : delena ( damon & elena )

Sagittarius : jargot ( margot & jared )

Capricorn : parimiga ( evan peters & tassia )

Aquarius : narry ( niall & harry )

Pisces : aubrih ( drake & rihanna )