style snooper

So let me get this straight:

  • Our Justice Minister has previously said he wanted to bring back the death penalty
  • Our Equality Minister voted against marriage equality
  • Our Welfare and Benefits Minister lives off his millionaire wife’s money and claims masses in publicly-funded ‘expenses’ while accusing the people who can’t get work of being spongers
  • Our Chancellor of the Exchequer and man responsible for budgeting for the country went to uni with David Cameron and was part of a club that celebrated being posh and rich by trashing places and burning money in front of the homeless
  • Our Home Secretary is basically trying to bring in 1984-style scrutiny with a snoopers law that allows them to spy on whoever they like whenever they like, as well as trying to dismantle the Human Rights Acts in the UK
  • And Boris effing Johnson gets to be a ‘special advisor’

Well, I can’t see any way that this is going to end well.