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Don’t assume that a person is an attention seeker if they tell you that they feel ugly. You have no idea how many times they have cried, looking at themself in the mirror, just wanting to stay home. It’s not their fault that society have teached them what’s pretty and what’s not.

But islands can only exist
If we have loved in them. I seek,
As climate seeks its style, to write
Verse crisp as sand, clear as sunlight,
Cold as the curled wave, ordinary
As a tumbler of island water;
Yet like a diarist, thereafter
I savour their salt-haunted rooms
(Your body stirring the creased sea
Of crumpled sheets), whose mirrors lose
Our huddled, sleeping images,
Like words which love had hoped to use
Erased with the surf’s pages.

Derek Walcott, from “Islands,” Collected Poems, 1948-1984 (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1986)

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       Work was always important. Especially when it came to running a company and working for the Queen. Most of the time, Vincent would never allow himself time to rest or play games. At least until the more important work was finished, however, it would seem now he had been roped into a game of hide n’ seek. Somehow, Vincent was quite sure the only reason he was playing had been Ciel’s pleads and of course Rachel’s stare.

         One that clearly said that he would be playing with his son and niece. Whether he liked it or not. And with the game of hide n’ seek, Vincent would not exactly be able to hide in the smallest places. He had settled for the armoire. His legs were pushed to his chest, his arms laying on his lap.

         Out of all places, Vincent almost chuckled at the mere coincidence that he would have ended up in a closet. Perhaps Ciel won’t find him, after all The Phantomhive manor was not small. Then again, Vincent had no doubt that Ciel would check his parents room.

        Waiting patiently, Vincent felt shocked when the doors of the closet opened. Had Ciel already found him?

         However, it was not a young boy with blue eyes in front of him. Rather large blond curls and green eyes. Vincent almost sighs in relief, then gives a smile.

         “It would seem you have fou-”

         The clicks of heels quickly made it known of the approaching feet. And small Elizabeth quickly joined him in the closet. Vincent worked to close the arm doors, wincing when he heard the small squeaks. The click of the heels increasing.

          Smiling down at Elizabeth, Vincent placed his index finger towards his lips, “Shh…” The sound of the door opened, and Vincent could not stop the smile on his face, hearing his son giving a few calls for anyone. He heard the drapes move and the shuffling of bed sheets. Then, the small feet running out of the room.

       “Well that was close.~”

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