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Don’t assume that a person is an attention seeker if they tell you that they feel ugly. You have no idea how many times they have cried, looking at themself in the mirror, just wanting to stay home. It’s not their fault that society have teached them what’s pretty and what’s not.
Harry Styles of One Direction seeks $8.5 million for his Hollywood Hills West crib
Harry Styles of One Direction has listed his contemporary-style home in Hollywood Hills West for $8.495 million.
By Neal J. Leitereg

Harry Styles is headed in a new direction. The singer-songwriter of One Direction fame has listed his contemporary-style home in Hollywood Hills West for sale at $8.495 million.

Tucked behind a motorized gate on a quarter-acre lot, the multi-level home boasts an open floor plan and pocketing walls of glass that capitalize on Southern California’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Views from the home, set above the Sunset Strip, extend from the downtown cityscape to the ocean.

The renovated home in Hollywood Hills West features multiple terraces, a covered patio and a swimming pool.

The 4,100 square feet of subdued living space includes a center-island kitchen, a screening room and a gym. The four bedrooms and six bathrooms include a top-floor master suite that opens to a private balcony.

Tall bamboo hedges form a natural screen around the swimming pool and spa. Expansive decking extends outward to create additional space as well as a covered lounge area below.

Styles bought the house a year ago for $6.87 million, property records show.

Justin Huchel of Hilton & Hyland holds the listing.

Earlier this month the 23-year-old Styles released the self-titled album “Harry Styles,” his first as a solo artist. He is set to make his acting debut later this year in the Christopher Nolan-directed war film “Dunkirk.”

anonymous asked:

What might a character with extensive hand to hand combat skills (from say a special ops background) be shaky on when learning swordfighting skills? What kind of "mistakes" might someone with that background tend to make? Thank you!

The tricky thing about people who come from Special Forces backgrounds is, they tend to be very adaptable. A lot of the time, people get the perception that Special Forces get lots of specialized training that no one else has access to, and this allows them to be more effective. That’s kinda true, but it can easily lead to a distorted perspective of what makes them useful and effective.

What makes special operators useful isn’t their rote ability to kill people. It’s not the specific techniques they’re trained in (though, those do help). It’s the mindset their training screens for and then encourages. You can, as it turns out, teach nearly anyone how to use a gun. The hard part is finding someone who can think on their feet and come up with solutions to their current problems quickly.

This brings us back to your question. Someone who’s trained in hand to hand will take a little time to get used to the idea of a sword. It’s just not something they’ve spent a lot of time with. Someone who has trained in knife fighting will have to learn a new approach as well. But, these are things you can learn from, and adapt to. For someone coming out of a special forces background, their training and outlook should put them in a much better situation to identify and address weaknesses that come with learning a new skill. It won’t always, but it does put them in the right mindset.

Special operators aren’t unbeatable, they’re not omnipotent, but they have been trained to identify problems and find ways to solve them. I’m not being euphemistic here. I don’t mean, “problems” in the sense of, “oh, hey, I need to kill those guys.” That is a part of it, but also things like: “I need these pages somewhere I can see them quickly;” proceeds to tape them to the wall. When you’re approaching a character like this, it’s someone who is very good at identifying problems, both life threatening, annoying, and everything in between, and then looking for a way to solve them.

Also, from what I’ve seen, if an ex-operator doesn’t have any problems to solve, they’ll get bored, then set their sights higher, and start working towards a new goal. Again, this is part of the mindset.

Now, we are talking about human beings. Just like everyone else, sometimes they’ll miss details, overlook something, or forget pieces of salient information. They’ll try not to, particularly on forgetting things, and if they identify it as a problem, they’ll try to find some way to work around it, but it happens.

This also means, any mistakes they make, when learning a new martial style, are something they’ll seek to learn from. Someone from that background will make mistakes in training, the same kinds of things anyone will, poor initial stance, imperfect technique, the kinds of mistakes you will see from every student in that field. The difference, and why this question is so tricky, is that they will work to address those mistakes as quickly as possible, and to their best to learn everything they can from those mistakes.

As for making mistakes in the field? Yes, that can happen. But it will be based, entirely, on the situation at hand, and the information they have. If they’re trying to solve a problem and they don’t know about something, they can’t account for it, and they can end up with a solution that does not work. But, that’s not going to be a problem with a sword or their technique (usually).


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Introverted Feeling (Fi):

  • Tuned in to the mental and emotional atmosphere
  • May be introspective or constantly in a state of trying to sort out how they really feel
  • Values their own sense of fidelity and life stability
  • Tries to treat others with fairness and decency
  • Highly reliant on their attitude toward others when making decisions
  • This can sometimes lead them into difficult situations
  • Enjoys building connections but chooses friends carefully
  • Seeks a mutual respect for others in developing friendship bonds
  • Desires to interact with empathy, compassion, and loyalty
  • Values mutual understanding above all things
  • May be skeptical or distrusting toward strangers
  • May be private, uncommunicative, or individualistic
  • May feel they can see into others’ motivations or characters
  • Inclined to judge harshly and quickly
  • May have difficulty forgiving past transgressions or react coldly to those they see as immoral or reprehensible
  • May struggle between friendliness and distrust
  • Prides self on emotional sincerity
  • Prefers honest, forthright discussion when working through conflict

Extroverted Sensing (Se):

  • Eagerly seeks out new experiences
  • Is highly attuned to their sensory environment
  • Desires to “engage” rather than “observe” activities
  • Needs little foreknowledge to adapt to new situations
  • May be confrontational or physically aggressive
  • Enjoys challenging others toward acting in ways they feel is in their best interest (driving them toward greatness)
  • Can come across as matter of fact or direct
  • Is interested in success in the material world
  • May practice a variant of “tough love”
  • Enjoys challenging themselves, but may struggle beneath excessive self-criticism and unreasonable self-expectations (FiSeNi)
  • Has a keen sense of style and seeks aesthetics for pleasure
  • Sometimes inclined to retreat from and avoid others
  • Highly proactive and prepared to engage or push others toward an active state

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

  • Sees life as a gradual process of learning and new experiences
  • Tends toward inner reflection in making sense of experiences
  • Desires to discern what lessons or methods for self-improvement experiences have taught them
  • Can orient themselves toward long-term thinking
  • Shows interest in the future consequences of present decisions
  • Can focus on a long-term goal or vision for their life
  • Desires to be less impulsive and avoid later regret
  • Decisive in dealing with immediate situations
  • May fear “running out of time” to accomplish things
  • Trusts their “gut instincts” about people and situations
  • Has flashes of profound insight about others
  • Can sometime accurately get a “sense” of a person’s true self

Extroverted Thinking (Te):

  • Often unconfident in their ability to gather and apply new information related to productivity or life conditions
  • Unsure about how critically evaluate new information
  • May turn to others for explanations or information
  • Often unaware of and un-inclined to think in terms of the best or most efficient way of getting something done
  • Has difficulty conceptualizing what schedule, activity, or methodology they should follow to meet goals
  • May struggle to evaluate whether they’ve done enough or if their work is effective
  • Often admires efficiency in others
  • Tends to act on their feelings
  • Shows authoritarian behavior under stress
  • Prefer concrete explanations to theory
  • May see little point in endeavors that cannot improve their well-being
  • Often deeply invested in learning useful skills to assist them in daily life
  • Can be straightforward and prefers other blunt individuals

Compiled from MBTI / Socionics definitions by Charity.

Nif this got away from me real fast, I am so sorry my dude. (all I wanted to do was think about Iggy as a Turk and then this happened.) (I wanted to put it under a readmore since it’s far more than just some headcanons apparently.)


short version:

  • Ignis - a Turk! Classy, deadly, precise. Tasked with keeping the last Ancient safe. Probably wouldn’t get along with Reno constant state of disarray, if they served together.
  • Noctis - an Ancient - the last ™ Ancient to be precise. Raised by Cor instead of Regis, totally not into the Planet constantly screaming in pain in his head. Noctis would’ve been raised on the Plate instead of in the slums.
  • Prompto - I wanted to make him a random member of Avalanche, but I sort of gave him Cloud’s role, in that he was a Ardyn clone. Then I stuffed him in the Slums, because he and Aerith are both sunshine flower people.
  • Gladio - Like Cloud, a Soldier, like Sephiroth, a badass. He’s the poster boy Shinra wishes they had, and not an Ardyn clone. Like Zack, he’s a good man who gets in involved in a bad situation, and sees it through to the end.
  • Ardyn - Sephiroth *and* Jenova. I wanted to make him just Jenova, but I couldn’t picture Glauca/Drautos as a Sephiroth style madman. He’s seeking to destroy the Planet because he’s Ardyn the Soldier but he’s also Ardyn, calamity from the sky, seeking to gain power by killing the Planet and absorbing all Life that subsequently enters the Lifestream.
  • Lunafreya - an Ancient/the Lifestream/Also Aerith - Because Luna’s so important to Noctis’s life, I wanted him to have her around. She serves a manifestation of the Lifestream/a formerly living Ancient, and she guides everyone through their journey.
  • The Glaive - totally more successful members of Avalanche. Crowe + Jessie + Tifa = badass women extraordinaire! (While the four boys are journeying, the Glaive are doing the heavy work of destroying Reactors and defending Fort Condor.) (Drautos you’re not invited you’re a traitor sorry bro.)
  • Somewhere Cor became a turned-down version of Barrett (join me in picturing Cor with a sweet gun-arm)
  • Gentiana not quite as Yuffie but as a priestess of Wutai, and though she has great distaste for Soldier, per the Woman in White, guides the guys at one point in their journey when they reach the Wutai continent. Aranea would be a very good stand in for Cid, because she’s sassy/salty and can arrange for a kickass airship. (And Highwind and spears and- ) Cindy as the bubbly resident of the rebuilt Nibelheim, who knows of the tragedy in which Ardyn burned it to the ground, and joins up to help Aranea maintain the kickass airship. Iris still is Gladio’s sister, but works at the Golden Saucer, actually not a semi-traitor like Cait Sith, and wrangles that special Gold Saucer date with Noctis.

Detailed breakdown of the Bros + Luna (VERY LONG, SO SORRY)

Ignis - A member of the Turks. Always the epitome of class in his blue suit, his tie perfectly in place, not a hint of blood or dirt anywhere on his person, no matter what mission he’s recently carried out. His father before him served in the Turks, and told him of a time before Mako, when Midgar shone like a jewel, until the Science Division created Reactors and the fallen Soldier Ardyn.
The people of Midgar don’t fear him, despite his telltale blue suit, and actually prefer to approach him out of all the Turks to provide information about whatever he might ask. He grew up in Midgar on the Upper Plate, but often daydreams about the lush, more vibrant world outside of the City Limits. Serving the Turks, he’s seen quite a few things in his short life, but he also knows not to judge at first sight, allowing him insight to the people he encounters and their motivations. It gives him an advantage over the other Turks.
He’s given orders to capture the last Ancient, and when the long-lost fallen Soldier Ardyn reappears, busts them out of Gralea HQ and joins them to stop Ardyn.

Noctis - A fullblooded Ancient raised by his godfather Cor Leonis, he has vague memories of his father telling him the tales of the Planet’s voice and the mysteries of the Lifestream. One day, he ran away from Cor and hopped onto a train that took him to the Slums. There he heard the Planet’s cries properly for the first time. The experience was overwhelming and traumatizing, to the point where even the Woman in White could not soothe him. Thankfully, a kind young boy talked to him, distracting him from the Planet’s cries and helped him get back to the Upper Plate, where he promptly got scolded by an angry but incredibly worried Cor.
He dreams of leaving Midgar to save the Planet, though he has no idea where to begin. Now that he’s in tune to the Planet’s cries, he has a hard time blocking them out. Lately he’s been seeing a woman in his dreams every night, with a voice like water flowing freely. One day, he saw the vision of a pair of dogs, and followed them to the Slums, where he was reunited with the boy from the train station.
The boy knew about the “ghost dogs” and together they decide to leave Midgar, seeking out the mysterious Woman in White.

Prompto - A young man living in a church in the slums. One day when he was young, he found a crying boy at a train station and though he was afraid of the boy, he was able to calm him down and get him back up to the Upper Plate where he belonged. His only wish since was to meet that boy again. Prompto is the sole ray of sunshine in the Lower Plate and protected by the people of Sector 5. Prompto has no memories of his parents, but when he’s in the church, he sees visions of dogs and a Woman in White who tells him about all the good outside of Midgar, like the ocean and Chocobos and fresh fallen snow.
Eventually, the Woman in White brings Noctis to him, the boy of ten years ago. They share their stories of visions and start a journey to save the Planet, per the Woman’s request. Prompto is branded with a number on his wrist - and knows nothing about it, but when he and Noctis are caught by Ignis and brought to Gralea HQ, it burns in the presence of Ardyn. What could it mean?
He follows Noctis to find the Woman in White, and figure out his connection to Ardyn while stopping him.

Gladio - Soldier First Class Gladio, at your service. Gladio became the poster boy for Soldier long after Ardyn’s fall from grace, and is well known around the world as being the Elite Soldier, a title he bears with pride. He has a reputation as a braggart, but his reports from superiors - including his father, famed General Clarus - tell of a man who fights with great honor and pride. His reputation lets him get away with practically anything.
Recently returned from a military excursion in Wutai, he’s devastated when Ardyn, thought dead for the past ten years, reappears and kills everyone at Gralea HQ. Well, nearly everyone. He breaks out two prisoners with the help of the last surviving Turk. The foursome flee the destruction of Gralea HQ on the tail of Ardyn. Gladio especially is bound by revenge for his fallen father, who Ardyn viciously cut down in his single minded mission.
Gladio takes awhile to come around to thinking the Planet is dying - but where he doubts Noctis’s words and Prompto’s dreams, he never lets any of them down.

Lunafreya - The Maiden who Travels the Lifestream - the Woman in White - an Ancient who coaxes Noctis on his journey to save the Planet. Though she is no longer of the living world, she loves Noctis deeply and reaches out to him however she can, be it a song in his sleep or a flower blooming in his path. She pulls a few strings to get Noctis to find Prompto again, kicking off the adventure that would save the Planet from Ardyn and Meteor. She often appears in visions to Noctis, Prompto, and eventually even to Ignis and Gladio once they grow more comfortable with the idea of her existence/the Planet-as-a-living-thing.
Eventually, the boys will be able to bring the Holy materia to her resting place and she will guide Noctis to summon Holy. When Ardyn’s evil overpowers Holy, she throws herself into the Lifestream once more and empowers it to fend off Meteor and prevent the foursome’s journey from being for naught.