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YukiPri Yuri!!! on Ice + Other Anime Masterpost

This is my masterpost for my Yuri!!! on Ice fanart, with a smattering of other anime fandoms. Please click HERE for my Star Wars + Other Western Media masterpost, and HERE to go the Big Hero 6 only masterpost.

This is NOT a comprehensive masterpost. It only contains my more recent fanart, and stuff that is a few years old has not been included.



[COM] - Comic

[ILL] - Illustration

[TXT] - Text headcanons

All shippy/pseudo-shippy things will be marked with a *


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YURI!!! ON ICE - Major AUs

The Only One Who Can Win Against Me is Me! (older!Victor x Yuuri x younger!Victor (+ mild Yurio -> Yuuri) - Genre: Crack/Fluff

[ILL] The only one who can win against me is me! (27!yo Victor x Yuuri x 16!yo Victor) Cover*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Comic Parts 1-5*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Part 6*

INFERNO: YURI NO ICE (epic scale post apocalyptic/dystopian AU) - Genre: Drama/Action


[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE, Color Variation Set

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Georgi!

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Guang-Hong!

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Third preview

Detroit Days (Yuuri + Phichit-centric) - Genre: Slice of Life/Fluff


Future!verse ABO (Victor + Yurio + Phichit + Minami all x Yuuri poly relationship, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, shippy self-indulgence, OC children) - Genre: Romance/Slice of Life/Fluff/Crack

[COM] Future!verse ABO Preview, “Yuuri-san, please be my coach!”*

[COM] Future!verse ABO Introduction*

YURI!!! ON ICE - Stand alone/short works, chronological posting order

[ILL] Victuri, with glasses + without*

[ILL] [COM] Dreaming On Love, Eros (with costume ref)*

[ILL] Victuri pair skate*

[ILL] [COM] Older!Yurio* (mild YuriYuu)

[ILL] [COM] Halloween on Ice!

[COM] Halloween on Ice! Followup*

[ILL] Agape & Eros, Russian sandwich style* (Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[ILL] [COM] Yurio & Yuuri’s relationship, Before & After (*can be seen as Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] Leo de la Iglesia - Still Alive

[ILL] Angel Quartet preview sketch (will not be completed)

[ILL] [TXT] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - a YOI x Pokemon Crossover AU

[ILL] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - Extras

[COM] Phichit-centric Comic * (hint of PhichiYuu, canon level Victuri)

[ILL] Happy Birthday Katsuki Yuuri!!! 11/29

[COM] Yurio, please give Yuuri a hug (Ep 9)

[COM] PhichiYuu Kiss*

[ILL] YOI x Pacific Rim

[ILL] Thank you YOI - See you NEXT LEVEL

[ILL] YOI Eyes & Eyebrows

[ILL] EVERYONE LOVES YUURI (*Victor + older!Yurio + Phichit + older!Minami + Chris x Yuuri) *NSFW

[ILL] Older!Yurio doodle

[ILL] Shall We Skate? *PhichiYuu

[ILL] Everyone xxxxxxxxx Yuuri, Happy Valentine’s Day!*

Other Anime


Ichigo sketch

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 1

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 2 (Grimmjow)

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 3

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 4 (Ichigo color)

(*note, this project is on going but is on indefinite hiatus)


Pokemon Go - Candela


So I was talking with Soffia today and I found these two relics of the past. I had a couple designs of kids for the guys of Awakening - these two are Stahl’s daughter Ridley and Lon’qu’s daughter Ka’zhu, respectively.

I’d like to think I’ve made some good progress since then?



anonymous asked:

Do you have any good vegetarian recipes / websites for good recipes? :)

Here are some vegetarian recipes for specific meals:

Breakfast & Brunch:
Bean and feta cheese toast *
Scrambled Tofu *
Overnight oats

Potato Salad *
Mexican Salad *
Three bean salad *

Savoury muffins
((School recipes, dips & salads too))

BBQing it:
Fennel with black olive dressing *
Courgette & halloumi skewers *
Grilled Courgettes *
Mushroom burgers

Club mafuckerr sandwich *
Falafel ‘what ya got there’ burger *
Cucumber Sandwiches *

Bean, feta & herb dip*
Spicy bean & corn dip*
Hummus dip*
The serious spinach ricotta & nutmeg dip

Beetroot risotto
Artichoke risotto 
Mushroom risotto

Creamy lemon & cabbage pasta *
Creamy courgette lasagne *
Veg pasta
mac ‘n’ cheese

Soup and vege:
Egg and ratatouille 
Stuff that tomato
Potato and lentil soup
Pumpkin ‘omg winter’ soup 

Quorn recipes: ((tvp (fake) meat))
Ciabatta ham sandwich *
Swedish style meat balls *
Pepperoni layered tortilla *
Quorn pieces laksa *
Chicken fillets w/ quinoa & dukkah 

Recipes taken from:

BBC good food Tesco real food
Good to know Quorn
All recipes  One Green planet  Oh she glows

Also check out:
More recipes: Jamie Oliver 
What is a ‘vegetarian’ diet
Tips to becoming vegetarian 
And consider a vegan diet 

* Recipes which can be made within 30 minutes or less (as indicated by the site) All recipes are more or less easy to prepare and make, hope you enjoy xx

Lots of love,
- Amy xxxx

Interesting Fact About You:
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Nicknames: Riri

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′2

Last thing I Googled: Whats your star sign ((because language barrier))

Favorite music artist: Bon Jovi, ((and lowkey weather girls)

Last movie I watched: Chicago

Last good movie I watched: Les Misérables

Last TV show I watched: 90 Day Fiancé

The kind of stuff I post: Zelda, things i find funny and romantic things about my lovely

Why I chose my url: I saw a hoody with hyrule-university on it and thought i wanted to make a zelda blog anyways 

Gender:  female

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokémon team: Team Rocket

Favorite Color: Blue, Prussian blue and petrol

Average hours of sleep: not 8

Lucky number: 17

Favorite characters: Javert

Number of blankets I sleep with: two, but i use the sandwich style

Dream fictional character that you would want to be: none but maybe kim possible

Interesting Fact About You: i love drama

Tag 20 blogs:everyone that sees this