style rawr

List to do on March 22

• wear eyeliner
• must cry
• blast every MCR album
• wear MCR merch
• start the “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME” phase
• makeup the emo style
• “Rawr XD” every post
• March the town
• wear black and show your respect
• when someone ask what are you doing say “ its a death anniversary”
• a speech about how great mcr is
• dont forget the anniversary
• play on piano and every instrument WTTBP beginning
• spam G Note every emo post
• dont forget to cry
• remember its an idea

fran-goes-rawr  asked:

How do you crack your fingers like Kaneki

  1. Understand why your knuckles crack. The noise is believed to be gas bubbles popping inside the fluid in your joints as you move them just so. Given varying joint sizes in different people some people can make more noises than others. Some will not be able to crack their knuckles at all. 
  2. Grab a finger with your thumb and push down hard until you generate an immidiate crack.
  3. Wait. Once you have cracked your knuckles, it will take some time for the gas bubbles to redissolve into the synovial fluid. This prevents you from cracking them again right away.
  4. Conduct a math exercise with the nearest person in your vicinity and ask this question: What’s 1000 - 7?
  5. Repeat as necessary.

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