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let's talk about ranger healing...

We all got this thing where they heal quickly right? Bruises? Healed by the end of the day. Cuts? Basically gone within the hour or so. Broken bones? Sets themselves, but ya gotta move ‘em into position.

But, think about this:

Injuries from other rangers take longer to heal

Now, I’m not saying that they walk around with broken bones blatantly on display, but they’d definitely be able to feel the bruises and cuts they got.

Now than, for the real reason I made this post:

The first time Kim tries to leave a hickie on Trini’s neck, she makes it as big and deep in color as possible since she thinks it’ll just disappear the next day

Her girlfriend was not amused when she spotted the monster on her neck and flushed each time someone pointed it out

Kim wore a sheepish, but proud smile for the rest of the week

Trini tried to get revenge and littered hickies all over Kimberly’s neck

Kim wore them like a badge of honor

Kimberly absolutely loves the fact that the hickies she made on Trini don’t go away as soon as everything else

She puts them places people can see 'cause she’s a possessive little shite

Trini sorta wishes the ranger healing would make 'em fade away like every other injury they get, but she totally love them as much as Kim, maybe even more

Also, Trini likes leaving her own marks on Kim. Said marks primarily being scratches and bite marks.

Mine: the Epilogue: “We’re Gonna Make It Now”

A/N: This was a bonus. It is an after scene and somewhat of a fluff. I hope you all love it. I would suggest reading the first three parts before jumping into this. But this can be read on it’s own. Just a fluff for my cheeseballs out there. Much love x

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Part One: We’re Taking on the World Together

Part Two: We’ve Got Nothing Figured Out

Part Three: You Are the Best Thing That’s Ever Been Mine


Four years had gone by since the incident. At four years old, Rosy was stronger and healthier than ever. She grew to be a happy child who was always smiling, flashing her beautiful dimples while batting her green eyes. You and Harry had enrolled Rosy at a nearby nursery school. The two of you loved watching your daughter interact with other children and take initiative to make her own friends. Rosy would come home after a half day in nursery school beaming, filled with excitement to her mummy and daddy stories about what she and her friends did that day, what book her teacher read to them before naptime, and what art ’n crafts she worked on. Your refrigerator was decorated with all of Rosy’s drawings and paintings from school.

Seeing your daughter grow up into a little girl made your and Harry’s heart sink a little. You and Harry both missed having a baby to take care of. Rosy wasn’t a baby anymore. Rosy was getting taller by the minute. She was speaking full sentences and forming her own thoughts and opinions. She definitely took after her father’s sassy attitude. You and Harry both wanted another baby– a playmate for Rosy. But before you began trying, you had to run it by the princess of the house first.

Rosy, would you like to have a little brother or sister to play with?” Harry asked his daughter over breakfast. She was making circles, trying to catch the cereal in her pink princess bowl.

Rosy’s eyes lit up at the thought. “Yes! Yes! Yes, daddy! I want to be a big sista!

I want you to be a big sister, too,” Harry smiled. “How about you go tell mummy? The baby will be in her tummy. Ask her if she’s okay with it.”

Rosy got off from her big girl chair and toddled over to you. You were inside the kitchen mixing a batter of pancakes. Harry followed Rosy and leaned over the island as he watched his daughter tug on your pajamas.

Mummy,” Rosy said sweetly, “Are you okay with having a baby in your tummy?

You bent down to be at eye level with Rosy. “Hmm, that depends… Are you okay with being a big sister?

Yes mummy! Me and daddy want me to be a big sista,” Rosy said.

You smiled, “Okay, it’s deal.”

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confession time dudes and dudettes; it's a bit personal

Okay, so I love Zack. I really do, but I don’t always like the way people characterize his relationship with Trini. Like, I get that they’d have a close friendship and basically be brother/sister but… That doesn’t mean he’s got to tease her about every single thing, or constantly point out she’s gay and “can you be more obvious about it” type of deal or basically pressure Trini to so things she’s unsure of even of he has good intentions Like, I read fics where (in my opinion) he needlessly pokes fun at her for being herself and “wow, that’s was really gay of you to do” Fuck, when my friends did that when I was going through the whole ordeal of figuring out my sexuality I would get so damn sad and angry at myself. Cuz, at the time, I was denying myself of who I really was and when they’d start doing what Zack does it would just fuck with my whole day. I’d become withdrawn from my friends and snap at them because I didn’t want to admit I liked girls even when I knew my friends would still love me. I just, I’m sorry but I don’t like Zack overly hyping the fact that she’s gay when she’s still trying to figure herself out or endlessly pushing her to do things she isn’t 100% comfortable with.

Nothing that hasn't been said before..

I’m not stating my personal opinion on Taylor’s sexuality, however nobody can deny that the specific “relationships” that she has, whether real or not, appear to be completely crafted to suit her marketing technique. 10 years ago when she was basically unknown on global scale, she “dated” guys like Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner who were trending massively within the age demographic of her target audience. This was up until the end of 2009 when after the incident with Kanye West she had been branded with her stereotype of being a sweet, innocent “girl next door”. She then seemed to move on to two notorious “bad boy heartbreakers” John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal - possibly, in my opinion to remove the “virginal” brand that had been placed on her and make her look more mature. She then dated Conor Kennedy who, being a Kennedy, fits in with the aesthetic she was going for during the red era. Soon after she dated Harry Styles which is a PR dream that is self-explanatory in that he was a member of the biggest boy band at the time. They would be a power couple. The interesting part is, after that she apparently did not date for two years. Her team were aware that the remarks from the media regarding her “boy crazy” personality would be damaging, and were, and laid off any further planned relationships. Possibly other than that, there was no men in the industry eager to “date” her due to the negative press. Fast forward to 2015, her new album was a massive hit but the stereotype of “watch out, she’ll write a song about you!” Had not completely been forgotten and so she finds Calvin Harris, someone who was not yet a household name in the US and was aware dating Taylor Swift, especially at that time, would be extremely advantageous for his career. Except Taylor can’t be seen to have another “3 month”, entire album producing,relationship and so they date for over a year. She then dates Tom Hiddleston, again, another British guy who wants to fully break in to the industry in the US. In my opinion, Taylor was trying to go for the “I don’t care anymore” attitude along with not wanting to be seen as the heartbroken sweetheart after being “dumped” by Calvin Harris. It also plays well with the Kanye West frenzy over that summer as an excuse to not comment - she was jetting off with her new beau. This lasted for the usual 3 months and appeared to back-fire massively, (unless this was her plan all along?) I was surprised to see she was announcing another relationship after Hiddleswift was such a disaster, however this is quite obviously PR given the timing of the relationship - “the real deal” “dating for 8 months” - are the best excuse to explain any love songs on the new album. It avoids the embarrassment of people assuming they are about exes. And according to a source, Taylor and Joe have known each other for a long time despite the fact he is basically unheard of. Even in the U.K. Not to forget how difficult it would be to maintain a secret relationship and write, record and plan an album release within that time. If this is a real relationship and they are in love then I’m happy for her, but from someone who studied marketing and who works in business where marketing is an aspect of my job, I have always found it fascinating the standard of her PR team and her own marketing tactics are second to none. Because even though I love her, Taylor Swift is a brand. She is the business that is to be marketed. Either way, good on her.

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One thing that annoys me about when Harry dates or is rumored to be dating someone, everyone is like "she is using him for publicity/to promote her book (or whatever)." Everyone who is associated with Harry is going to get publicity, whether they want it or not. Just because someone gets publicity by being with Harry doesn't mean that was their motivation. It's just going to happen.

This fandom has a warped perception of PR and publicity plans in general.

Okay 1) why does Louis doesn’t to suddenly bring this baby around his public house around promo time. 2) why is everyone saying this baby is fat because he doesn’t look that bad, my baby brother was around that size when he was 1. And 3) why is the baby relevant for promo time, like I get its a PR stunt but that goes back to Modest! Literally there is no logic in this fandom