style over comfort

Get it overwith

There’s this awkwardness
Around eyes that used to meet differently
That used to see symbols
Instead of shapes
And I say “it’s fine”
And I will mean it
I’ll build a bridge to get over it
I’ll build a fucking golden gate bridge
Because you should always walk away with pride
And I won’t jump
Because it needs to hold up
For sometimes, my steps are quite heavy
I can look back
All I want
But I’ll remember
“This too shall pass”
I just guess that the worst part
Is that bridges can be used more than once
And the greater bridge you build
The more you’ll want to visit it
But I’ll only touch it
Admire my strenght
Chin up
Shoulders relaxed
And I’ll say
“Look what I managed to do
All this, without you”

Sleepless Nights Part 1 (Niall Centric)

Zianourry One-Shot

Niall felt like he was falling, but he couldn’t see anything. Everything was pitch black and Niall felt his heart racing. He knew he was falling, but there was nothing he could do about it. Niall felt completely helpless. He closed his eyes, expecting to hit the ground. Instead his eyes shot open and he was in bed.

Leaning up and throwing off the covers, Niall tried to collect himself. He nearly gave himself a heart attack. He had never experienced a dream like that before. It felt so realistic that he could have sworn he was actually going to hit the pavement.

Niall looked at his clock and saw it was only 2 in the morning. Pulling up the covers, Niall snuggled against the pillow and fell asleep once again. The falling sensation did not disturb the blonde for the rest of the night. He thought it would be a one time occurrence, but boy was he wrong.   

“Wake up” a voice screamed, in Niall’s ear. Niall woke up startled and nearly fell out of the bed.

“What the hell Liam” the blonde complained, seeing his boyfriend already wide awake. “Can I please sleep for like 5 more minutes”

“Nope we have a photoshoot in two hours and we still need to wake up the other lads” Liam reported, dragging Niall out of his bed. The blonde tried to hide under the covers, but Liam was having none of that. Ripping off the covers, Liam forced his boyfriend out of bed.

All the boys were forced to stay in separate hotel rooms courtesy of management aka Paul. What might have caused the man to take such a drastic measure you may ask? Well he might have walked in on One Direction all in bed doing some very inappropriate things together. Paul was scarred for life and can’t even make eye contact with the boys anymore. Whenever he did Paul was hit with war flashbacks. In order to keep the world from finding out, the boys were forced to have to sleep in separate rooms. Sometimes Paul will put the lads in different hotels. The manager was driving One Direction crazy, but at least he didn’t try to break up the boys.

Liam threw some clothes at Niall and told him to get dressed. The blonde did as he was ordered and slipped on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a white v-neck shirt.

“You go wake up Zayn. He only seems to get up for you in the mornings” Liam confessed, smirking and handing Niall the sleeping boy’s room key. Niall laughed, thinking about the last time someone tried to wake up Zayn. Zayn might have thrown a vase at Liam one morning. And since then Liam has refused to wake up Zayn.

“Fine” Niall agreed. He turned in the direction of Zayn’s room and set off. Walking down the hallway, he went up two flights of steps and down another hallway to get to Zayn’s room. Taking out the key, Niall inserted it in the door and waited for the green light to appear. When he saw the light, he turned the door handle and tiptoed inside the room.   

Zayn’s bedroom door was wide open and the blonde could hear him snoring. “Zayn” Niall cooed “It’s time to get up”.

Zayn’s eyes snapped open and he looked around the room trying to find the person who dared to disturb his beauty sleep. Once his eyes met Niall’s his gaze softened. “Alright babe. I’m getting up” Zayn sighed, sitting up. Zayn could never say no to Niall and he would not be starting today.

After Zayn was dressed and ready the two boys met up with the others. The five lads piled into a black SUV. When they were all inside and the doors shut they quickly began cuddling and making out. The windows were blacked out so no one outside of the car could see them.

“I missed you boys last night” Louis whined, intertwining his hand with Niall’s.

“Me too. It is lonely sleeping without you guys” Harry added. “Besides we always had so much fun at night”

Liam rolled his eyes and snuggled against Zayn’s shoulder.

The day went by fast. Next thing Niall knew, he was getting back in the car and fighting sleep. Today they had the photoshoot, which took forever. The boys kept getting distracted and lots of times one of them wasn’t even looking at the camera. The photographer almost pulled out his hair in frustration. He had to use a bouncy ball to get everyone to look in the same direction at the same time. The photographer did not expect One Direction to act like such children. What would have been a short shoot took over 4 hours.  

Paul ordered One Direction to their rooms to get some sleep. They had another packed day tomorrow, which consisted of interview after interview. Kissing each other goodnight, the lads headed to their rooms not really in the mood to bicker with Paul. They were too exhausted to care.

Harry fell face first on his bed and didn’t even bother to change. Sleep quickly claimed the boy. Liam decided to hit the gym before he went to sleep much to Paul’s annoyance. No one though, got in the way of Liam and the gym. Zayn took a quick shower and drew a sketch in his book before going to sleep. Louis played some video games before sleep took hold of him. He fell asleep with the controller panel still in his hand.

Niall threw off his clothes and scurried under the covers. After a couple of minutes, he fell into a dreamless state. Suddenly, the sensation of falling hit the boy again. One second he was having a peaceful night, the next he was free falling, watching the ground get closer. But instead of hitting the ground, he woke up in bed again. Niall sat up having to catch his breath and slow his heart rate down. That falling sensation really freaked him out.

It took about a half an hour, but Niall finally calmed down. He saw it was nearly three and he tried to fall back asleep. The next couple of hours, Niall had a restless sleep and continually woke up. When his alarm rung, Niall just turned it and went back to sleep.

Louis walked towards the blonde’s room, shocked the boy wasn’t awake. Opening the door, Louis ran to Niall’s room. He jumped on his bed yelling “Get up”.

Niall glared at his boyfriend and threw a pillow at him. Louis gave a betrayed look and fell back onto the bed. He pretended the pillow hurt him and rolled around in pain. “Come on Niall. You need to get ready, we have a busy day”.

Groaning, Niall got out of bed and went into the bathroom. “The lads and I are downstairs at breakfast. Come down when you are down getting ready” Louis said, leaving the room.

Niall felt slightly tired, but nothing he couldn’t handle. He quickly put on some clothes and joined his boyfriends for breakfast. They had gotten him an order of pancakes, 2 scrambled eggs, French toast, and home fries. “Is this enough food Ni?” Harry asked, seeing the blonde sit down at the table.

“No, but it will do” Niall joked, taking a huge bite of his pancake. Paul came and got the boys once they were finished eating. He broke the boys into pairs for the interviews. When all five were interviewed together, it was complete and utter chaos. One of them usually never talked and they constantly interrupted each other. When together the boys didn’t answer the questions, but instead joked around.

Harry and Niall were paired together and drove off to their first interview. Liam, Zayn, and Louis made up the other group. The boys said goodbye to each other by making out, much to Paul’s horror.

“Really boys” Paul complained, seeing Harry shoving his tongue into Zayn’s mouth. Louis smirked seeing Paul’s expression. He grabbed Niall and pulled him in for a kiss. Niall tasted like syrup Louis noted. It must have been from the pancakes. Niall’s chapped lips rubbed against Louis’s, making Louis moan quietly. Niall opened his mouth and Louis went in his tongue twisting around Niall’s.

Louis pulled away and whispered “See you later babe”. Niall blushed and went over to Liam and Zayn who gave the blonde a hug and quick peck on the lips. Harry and Louis were snogging and had to be pulled apart by Paul who claimed they were going to be late.

Harry and Niall had fun in the backseat on the way to the interview. The driver couldn’t see them, but he could hear them. He wished he had brought some headphones, because the boys were very loud.

The interview was boring, as the two boys were asked the same questions from every other interview. Questions like who is single, what do you look for in potential girlfriends? It had become so routine that Niall didn’t even need to think to answer the questions. Harry charmed his way through every interview though, making his answers seem genuine and different. His flirtatious smirk was driving Niall and the interviewer crazy.

After the day was over, the lads got dinner they headed back to their separate rooms. They would argue to sleep together, but hearing Paul bitch got on all the boys nerves. The five boys planned to sneak into each other’s rooms at the end of the week.

Niall once again woke up in the middle of the night dreaming about falling. He waited until he calmed down before he attempted sleep again. This went on for the rest of the week. Niall having a falling sensation and waking up. He was beginning to lose sleep, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. Sure he was tired but he could survive.

Tonight was the night the lads were going to sneak into Harry’s room to spend some much needed time together away from management. At one in the morning, the plan went into action. Niall quietly opened his door and tiptoed down the hallway. Harry was two floors below the blonde, so Niall decided to take the elevator down.

He cringed when the elevator dinged, fearing it would wake up Paul. When no one came running down the hallway, Niall released his breath and stepped inside, pressing the down button. Louis and Liam were already in Harry’s room when Niall arrived. The second Niall walked in he was tackled by Liam who kissed him all over his face. “I missed this” he confessed, nipping at Niall’s ear.

When Zayn finally arrived, the boys headed to the bedroom. Just when things were about to get interesting, the five boys heard Harry’s hotel door slam open. “Shit” Zayn whispered, pulling up his boxers.

“I am giving you 1 minute to make yourself decent before I come in” Paul yelled, scaring all the boys. Harry threw on a robe while Liam put on his pants. Niall was still dressed and chuckled silently as his boyfriends frantically looked for clothes to put on.

After a minute, the bedroom door flew open, revealing a very pissed off manager. “Do you know how hard it is to keep your little relationship a secret. The hotel cameras caught you all sneaking off. Lucky for you I deleted the video before the security guard could give it to the media’

‘Harry and Niall how could you be so stupid. I don’t want to know what you were doing in the backseat, but I had to pay the driver extra so he wouldn’t talk. Zayn, Louis, and Liam I can’t even believe what you guys did. I had to buy a new back seat for the driver. You guys are being stupid and reckless and now there will be consequences.”

Harry laughed out loud when he heard Paul had to buy a new backseat. He imagined what his three boyfriends did and chuckled even more.

“Enjoy your last night together, because in the morning you will be in separate hotels” Paul screamed, storming out of the room. The lads sat in silence after their manager’s outburst.

“What do we do” Harry asked, breaking the silence.

“I’ll talk to Paul tomorrow after he calms down. We can work something out. There is no way in hell he is separating us” Liam declared.

“Good because I would rather die than not be with you” Zayn confessed, pulling Louis in for a hug because he was on the verge of crying.

The lads decided to just snuggle up and go to sleep. The mood of doing anything was lost after Paul left the room. Niall was put in the middle, while Harry and Liam slept on either side of him. Zayn spooned Liam, while Louis spooned Harry.

That night Niall was not haunted with the feeling of falling. He slept like a baby and woke up feeling refreshed. In the morning, Paul sent Harry, Liam, and Zayn to a different hotel. They stayed on opposite ends of the hotel and were under constant watch by Paul.

The lads did put up a fight when they were forced to separate. Zayn was getting his fist ready to punch when Liam stopped them. “Please don’t” he begged “Just listen to Paul. Arguing and fighting will only make it worst”. The four boys listened to Liam. Zayn was slightly disappointed he really wanted to punch Paul. Liam pulled aside the manager and set up a meeting with him at the end of the week to discuss the relationship and sleeping arrangements.

Louis was still staying in the same hotel as Niall, but sadly on the opposite end. “This is bullshit” Louis declared, watching the three boys drive away. He wrapped his arm around the blonde’s hip and comforted him. “Don’t worry Liam will fix this. We just have to survive a week without each other”.

Seeing Niall was about to cry, Louis added “Hey don’t cry at least we have each other. There is no one I would rather be stuck with than you. We will be fine”. Niall nodded his head and snuggled his head on Louis’s chest. Louis wrapped both hands around the blonde and they embraced each other.

Harry sat in the middle of Zayn and Liam and snuggled up against them. “It’s not fair” he complained.

“Don’t worry babe I will fix everything” Liam reassured, kissing Harry’s forehead. “We acted immature and reckless. I just need to convince Paul we won’t do anything like that again”.

Zayn grabbed Liam’s hand and squeezed it. He knew the lads could get through this. “I love you” he declared, making Harry and Liam smile. “Nothing will ever split us up. I hope your talk with Paul works because if not I will have a nice little chat with him”.

At the new hotel, Paul escorted the lads to their new rooms. Each were room was on a separate floor far away from each other. “Paul I think you might have outdone yourself” Harry joked, trying to make light of the situation. It felt more like a prison, than a luxury five star hotel.

Paul shook his head and shoved Harry in his new room. “Goodnight. I will see you in the morning” the manager commented, shutting the door. Harry plopped down on his bed and pulled out his phone calling his boyfriends.

“How you doing” Harry asked, when all five lads were on the line.

“Okay I guess I hate that we are in different hotels” Louis replied.

“We just need to survive till the end of the week” Liam added.

“Yea and what if your plan doesn’t work” Louis sassed.

“It will trust me”

The conversation ended with each boy saying goodnight and I love you. Niall smiled when he hung up the phone. Plunging in his phone to charge, Niall laid down in his bed and closed his eyes.

BANG. Niall shot up covering his ears. The blonde whimpered, as he heard a ringing sound fill his head. He looked around the room trying to figure out what could be making that sound. After a couple of seconds, the ringing stopped and Niall released his breath and moved his hands away from his head.

The sound freaked Niall out. He had never experienced anything like that. Turning on the light, Niall looked around for the source of the banging and ringing. His search was unsuccessful, so Niall reluctantly decided to go back to sleep.

Just as sleep was about to take hold of Niall, he heard a loud bang again which nearly gave him a heart attack. It sounded so close to him like it was practically inside his head. Niall checked the room again, but went back to bed empty handed. It took a while for Niall to fall back asleep, he was petrified to hear the bang again.

The ringing of his alarm woke the blonde up the next morning. Last night had freaked him out. He was going to complain to the hotel for the loud noises. Heading down to the hotel lobby Niall found the manager.

“Excuse me” Niall said, getting the woman’s attention. The woman turned and gave the blonde a fake smile.

“Is there anything I can help you with sir?”

“I would like to complain about some loud bangs last night coming from my room”

The woman typed in Niall’s information to find out what floor he was staying at. “I’m sorry but there were no other complaints of bangs. Nothing was going on around your floor. I am not sure what you heard” the woman declared, looking confused at the blonde.

“Oh well thanks for checking” Niall said, walking away embarrassed.

The elevator dinged and Louis came out running towards his boyfriend. “How did you sleep babe?” Louis asked, wrapping his arms around the blonde’s chest.

“Okay I guess” Niall responded, pushing Louis off of him. Louis look slightly offended. “Hey I don’t want to get in trouble with Paul”.

Louis nodded his head, but still looked sad.

After breakfast Niall and Louis went to the stadium to practice for their upcoming concert tour. When they arrived, they saw the other lads were there. Harry ran towards Louis and Niall engulfing both boys in a hug. “I missed you” he exclaimed.

Paul walked in and cleared his throat. Harry dropped his arms and backed away from his boyfriends. “Good now that you are all here, shall we begin practice?”

Zayn cursed under his breath. His was not happy with how their manager was treating them. Liam saw Zayn seething his anger and whispered “Calm down. Yelling at him will not help us”.

Zayn became less tense as he released some of his anger. He followed Paul to the stage and got into his opening spot. “Good job Zayn, I like your enthusiasm. Lads you should be more like Zayn. You see he is already in his opening spot.” Paul said.

“Wow Zayn such a role model” Louis sassed, climbing up on the stage. “If only I was more like him”. Zayn smirked as Louis walked by. He felt a hand smack his bum and grab it.

“Lou” Zayn mumbled “Not here”. Louis chuckled, going to his spot. Practice went fine. Niall was tired, but he pushed through saying he would just go to bed earlier that night.

Once practice was finished One Direction was escorted back to their hotel rooms, each boy riding in a separate car. Dinner was served in the lads rooms. The five boys skyped as they ate their food. There was no rule about them skyping or calling each other.

“So what exactly are you going to say to Paul” Harry asked, taking a big bite of his salad. Harry loved healthy food and cringed seeing how bad his boyfriends were eating. He usually forced them to eat vegetables and fruit, but without him there all the lads were eating junk food. “Louis please tell me that is not your dinner” Harry whined, seeing Louis’s plate was just filled with carbs.

“Hey at least I am not like Niall. Look he is just eating potatoes” Louis joked, ratting out the blonde.

“Louis” Niall growled, hiding his plate from the camera. Harry gasped, seeing the blonde’s plate all that was on it was different forms of potatoes. Harry saw tater tots, french fries, mashed potato, and a baked potato.  

“Niall I feel like I a going to throw up just looking at your plate” Harry gagged.

“Guys shut up Liam is trying to speak” Zayn commanded, when he noticed Liam continually trying to open his mouth to say something.

“Thanks” Liam replied. “So my plan for Paul is to tell him how mature we are. We have to promise to not be all touchy and feely in public. Paul should get hotel rooms that are joined together so we can sneak into our rooms without getting caught. And if he doesn’t listen I will threaten to get him fired”.

“Wow babe you are so hardcore” Louis remarked, smirking darkly. “Never knew you had such a dark side.” Liam winked at Louis sticking out his touch.

“It is getting kind of late. I am going to hit the shower and then go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow” Harry said.

“You can always leave the camera on and give a private show” Louis exclaimed.

“You wish” Harry replied, turning off the camera. The other lads quickly signed off when Harry left.

Niall sighed sadly, as he closed his laptop. He really didn’t want to go to sleep. Fearing the loud noise or falling sensation the blonde fought sleep. Eventually he lost the battle and was soon snoring in his bed, curled up against a pillow.

It was a dreamless night. All Niall saw was black. Suddenly a banging sound filled his head and Niall woke up to his head ringing again. He felt no pain, but he felt like he should. Niall sat up scared that all of this stuff seemed to have come out of nowhere and it was beginning to scare him.

Niall tried to fall back asleep, but he feared being woken up by the loud bang. He tossed and turned the rest of the night never fully going to sleep.

The blonde cracked open his eyes in the morning, when he heard the beeping from his alarm. Checking himself in the mirror, Niall saw bags under his eyes. He felt like shit since he had so little sleep last night.

The car ride over to practice was silent because Paul made them drive over separately again. Paul was wasting lots of gas and money by having the lads each take different cars. Niall tried to take a quick power nap in the car. Leaning his head against the window, Niall fell asleep to the steady movement of the car. Once Niall was fully asleep, his head felt a horrible pain like a bomb had exploded in it along with the ringing. Leaning up the blonde clutched his head, but again he felt no pain. With his heart rate elevated, Niall tried to calm himself down. The boy leaned against the back seat and whimpered. He hated falling asleep knowing he would hear a ringing sound.  

At practice Niall’s boyfriends immediately noticed how tired Niall looked. “Looks like someone partied a little too much last night” Louis joked, seeing the blonde with bags under his eyes.

“Shut up Lou” Niall remarked, giving a playful shove at Louis. Liam watched Niall curiously, sensing something wasn’t right with the boy. Zayn must have sensed Liam’s distress and protectively wrapped his arm around the boy’s waist.

“I bet he just stayed up late on Twitter. I will tell him to go to bed earlier” Zayn whispered in Liam’s ear.

Liam nodded his head and replied “Thanks”.

Practice went smoothly and the boys were allowed to go home early. Paul even let the boys go out to dinner together. He realized he was kinda being a hardass on One Direction. They were only teenagers. The lads of course, choose Nandos to please their little Niall. Even though they couldn’t be affectionate towards each other, it was better than talking over skype.

“Niall why do you look so tired” Liam asked, observing Niall yawn for like the tenth time since they sat down.

Niall shrugged and replied “Just didn’t get enough sleep”.

“Well tonight you are going to be extra early Ni” Zayn ordered, squeezing Niall’s hand from under the table. And with that the conversation about Niall’s lack of sleep was done. Liam watched as Harry and Louis did footsie under the table. He smiled as he held Zayn’s hand, realizing how much he missed Zayn’s touch.

Leaving the restaurant, anxiety filled Niall. He didn’t want to fall asleep. He did not want to go to his hotel room and be alone. “Please don’t leave me” Niall whimpered, when he saw Harry, Liam and Zayn climbing into the car.

“Did you say something Ni” Zayn called out taking a step away from the car. Niall shook his head no. He was embarrassed to tell his boyfriends what was happening. Zayn shrugged and back into the car.

“Come on Niall” Louis whined pulling the blonde into the other SUV. “I don’t want Paul getting mad at us”.

When they arrived at the hotel, Louis ordered Niall to go straight to bed. The blonde shuffled to his room anxiety filling him with each step he took. He really did not want to hear any loud bangs in his sleep tonight.

Niall decided to not sleep. That way he could avoid waking up to the banging sound. He kept all the lights on in his hotel room and sat on the uncomfy couch. He hoped this would help keep him awake. Niall sat on Twitter, letting time fly by. Niall might have been tired, but there was no way in hell he was going to sleep. At about 2 in the morning Niall’s phone rang, and he saw Zayn was calling him. He let the call go to voicemail.

Clicking on the voicemail he heard Zayn say “Niall Horan you better pick up the goddamn phone. I know you are awake, you just favored a tweet 1 minute ago. Call me back right now!”

Sighing, Niall redialed the number. On the second ring Zayn picked up. “What the hell are you doing awake” Zayn hissed. “Do you know what time it is”.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realized how late it was. I will go the sleep right now” Niall lied, trying so hard to sound surprised.

“Fine, but I don’t want to hear you whining in the morning when you are super tired. You did this to yourself”

“I know”

“Well goodnight. I better not see you on twitter anymore tonight”

“What about you. Why are you up so late” Niall sassed.

“Because Niall I always stay up late. Just go to bed Niall. I love you” Zayn said, before hanging up the phone.

Niall put down his phone and cursed himself, how could he be so stupid. He knew, he would need to be more careful the next time he pulled an all nighter. Since his phone was out of the question, Niall decided to watch some tv.

At some point during the night, Niall fell asleep. Late night Tv can only be so interesting for so long. It was probably the fifth episode of Full House that put the boy asleep. And just as fast as he fell asleep, he woke up to a big loud bang in his head.

Niall’s heart was racing as he sat up. No matter how many times he experienced it, the sound still freaked him out. He felt so powerless against it. Niall pulled a pillow against his chest and screamed into it. Releasing some of his anxiety and fear. Eventually he cried into the pillow and imagined it being one of the boys. Right now he just wanted his boyfriends sitting next to Niall, telling him everything will be okay. Instead all Niall had, was a small couch pillow.

The rest of the night Niall drifted in and out of sleep. His anxiety kept in from totally going under. Niall guessed he might have gotten a solid hour and a half of sleep, which definitely was not good or healthy.

“Niall you look horrible” Louis remarked, when he saw Niall leave the elevator.

“Thanks Lou” Niall replied, rubbing his eyes which bags. He could have sworn the bags under his eyes had their own bags. He looked like a hot mess. Niall didn’t even bother to brush his hair before he left his room.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine, just a bit tired”

“How much sleep did you get babe” Louis whispered, pulling Niall closer. Niall didn’t answer and just gave Lou a sad look. “Well how about you sleep on the way to practice”.

Louis led Niall to the car, practically carrying the tired boy. Paul had decided to let the boys ride together. He realized how stupid it was to make them all ride over separately. “Lay down” Louis ordered, pointing to the back seat. Niall shook his head no. “Why not”

“Sleep is scary” Niall confessed.

“What do you mean” Louis asked, trying to get a response from his boyfriend. Niall shook his head and plugged in his ipod. “Don’t you dare ignore me Niall Horan”. Niall though, did not look up, making Louis huffed in frustration. “I swear you are the most stubborn boy”.

Louis was worried about his boyfriend. Unlike the other boys who told the lads when they weren’t feeling well or when something was bothering them Niall would hold it in. He never complained to the boys about anything. They one had to beg the blonde to admit he had a fever and take off practice. Louis knew Niall was hiding something and was planning on getting to the bottom of it.

Louis pulled aside the other lads when he and Niall arrived at practice. “We need to talk” Louis said, signaling for the three boys to follow. He made sure to do this when Niall was warming up with the band because you know he plays guitar.

“What is the problem” Harry asked.

“Niall is the problem. He got like no sleep again last night” Louis confessed.

“That bastard” Zayn muttered.

“What” Liam asked at Zayn.

“I called Niall and told him to go to sleep. Obviously he didn’t listen”

“Maybe he is doing this to get at Paul” Harry offered. “Yea that is probably it. Maybe Niall thinks Paul will let us stay together if he sees how little sleep Niall is getting”.

Zayn and Liam agreed with Harry. Louis on the other hand didn’t. “I don’t think that is it guys. You lads did not see him this morning. He was terrified to go to sleep. I am worried”.

“I will talk to him. But we all know Niall won’t admit what he is feeling” Liam said. “We just need to keep a special on him. If any of you see anything weird tell me so we can help Ni. Now let’s go back to practice before Niall and Paul notices we are gone”.  

And with that the boys set out to find out what was wrong with their boyfriend.

To be continued…..

Marissa, 21

”My style is inspired by the 90s, particularly the baggy look girls used to rock but with a feminine/girly flare. Aaliyah, Tatyana Ali in Fresh Prince, and Lisa Bonet are styles that I look up to. I like wearing loose fitting clothes or anything that I can move freely in. I usually gravitate towards guys’ clothes that I can put a girly twist to. I believe in comfort over style but being comfortable doesn’t have to mean sacrificing being stylish.”

Aug 27, 2016 ∙ Alamo Square

I probably won’t do royai week and I’m super bUMmeD

yoongi scenario | make me blush

“You look so comfy and cuddleable.” >> Yoongi
 requested by anon

Your boyfriend was never really one for public displays of affection. That’s why you’re shocked when he comes running to you, through the frozen December air, and - oh my G-d! he’s catching you up in his arms, hands finding purchase on your waist, fingers clamping down greedily on fabric. An involuntary gasp leaps from your lips, along with a startled cry of “Yoongi?” and your stolen breath glazes the winter sky above you.

“Sorry, but you look so comfy and cuddleable,” he murmurs, nuzzling into your warmth. He hunts out the gap between your thick knitted scarf and hood, and another breath escapes you when his frozen lips collide with your burning neck. You had regretted bundling up warm this evening, wishing you had picked style over comfort as you waddled down the street, weighed down with wool, and feeling like a roasted, toasted human sandwich. But it turns out being comfy pays in hugs and kisses.

“You’re freezing! How long were you waiting for me?” you ask, gloved hands clumsy, as you unwind your scarf to throw over his white skin.

Yoongi takes up your hands before you can finish the task, seizing the chance to kiss you properly, without bulky wool getting in the way. The shock of his ice-numbed lips against yours prizes your mouth open, and you let every frozen atom of his mingle with yours. You draw out his cold, so that his rigid lines soften, melting and pouring into the shape of your Min Yoongi – the side he only shows to you, in dark, hidden places. Except… that’s not true anymore. Because he’s here. Now. His secret side is showing. Not just showing, but being shown off, for all the blushing onlookers to see: dog-walkers, and children, and joggers, and old women who mutter how they wouldn’t be caught dead kissing like that in public. So what? You don’t care. All you care about is Yoongi, and the warm, breathless creature that makes up the two of you – the creature that defies the ice crystal edges that creep up to bite all uncovered skin.

“Why don’t we find somewhere warmer and cosier?” you breathe as you part, taking a chance to knot the scarf around his neck.

“Anywhere with you is already warm and cosy enough for me,” Yoongi smiles back, crinkled cheeks and exposed teeth half hidden by wool.

You flick his arm as a punishment for being so cheesy, them wrap your hand up in his, and drag him to the nearest café to defrost. Perhaps the cold got to his brain.

A/N: It’s getting cold outside. Please stay warm~

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💕,👢, 👕 :)

💕You ever been in love?
Everytime I look at Twice.
Love is such a strong word, I honestly still don’t know at this point what it means to be in love and whether or not I have.

👢Matching or mismatched socks?
I like them matching. But really cute printed ones.

👕Describe your style.
Very casual. Comfort over almost anything else? I normally just go to uni or almost anywhere else for that matter in a shirt and shorts or jeans plus some sneakers.

[ three things // accepting ]


1. Celestia is typically a cool and level-headed person, a valuable asset for a gambler.
2. Her manner of dress is very bold. Chiaki admires someone who isn’t afraid of drawing attention to themselves.
3. Though the type of game she enjoys is different, they both understand and appreciate the benefits of a good challenge when it comes to their games.


1. Well, that she’s a liar, of course. Chiaki can be kind of hit and miss with social cues, so she’s always a bit on edge around Celestia.
2. When she does snap and her temper flares up, she’s really scary.
3. Her emphasis on style over comfort when it comes to clothes. If Chiaki wants to wear t shirts and shorts, she can, dangit!


3/15 Things I love about Sunny (Countdown to her 26th birthday)

Sunny’s airport fashion/style/outfits = “COMFORT OVER FASHION”

Snapbacks - ✔

Sunglasses - ✔

Kicks - ✔

Varsity jacket - ✔

Leopard-printed pink pillow (yes, this is a must) - ✔

We often see Sunny being all glammed-up and girly and elegant on stage, on the red carpet and other events/activities, but airport photos show us a different side of Sunny wearing more laid-back, comfortable clothes. According to SNSD (Choi Hwajung Power Radio 20111107), Sunny is the member who spend the least amount of effort when it comes to fashion. She’s so cool, right?

How The Signs Would Dress (use sun or rising sign)

Aries: upfront and visible with bright, dramatic colors such as red and black. Would put style over comfort.

Taurus: strong, earthy colors like broand popular fabrics for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Gemini: very quirky taste, usually tends to be fashionable, favoring symmetry and patterns. Favors yellows and pinks.

Cancer: loves comfortable clothing, usually flowing dresses or loose flannel shirts. Likes denim, and big, comfortable hoodies.

Leo: love to be fashionable, with expensive, bold clothing. Tends to wear golden rings, chains, necklaces etc.

Virgo: neat and tidy, with simple, stylish clothing and coordinating colors. Likes the use of gray.

Libra: never out of style, no clashing clothing. Likes expensive clothing with lots of color coordination. Doesn’t like accessories.

Scorpio: loves dramatic colors like black, and likes leather. Likes to dress like they are always being secretive, like they aren’t telling you something about themselves.

Sagittarius: enjoys sporty, casual clothing because of the constant need for action and moving around. Sometimes their clothing may clash or look thrown on.

Capricorn: likes basic colors like black, white, brown, gray and navy blue. Their clothing tends to be professional put stylish.

Aquarius: spontaneous, outrageous styles and colors that change depending on their mood. Loves patterns and neon colors, or just black. Love to be individual.

Pisces: loves the use of royal purple, dark blue and black. They dont care much for fashion, they tend to like comfort. Have a “romantic” and “desirable” taste, attracting many people.

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Imagine Steve introducing Natasha to Peggy

Natasha’s the first person he takes to the visit. 

She goes straight to Steve’s new apartment after one particularly grueling press conference, collapsing on the couch and kicking her heels off in Steve’s direction.

He picks one of them up, curious. They’re different from the more sensible things the women in his life wore–from Peggy to his mother, he hadn’t been around a lot of women who chose style over comfort. He looks at the long, long heel, the uncomfortable arch, and realizes that whatever labels the shoe might’ve had have been carefully ripped off. Maybe with Natasha, these shoes aren’t about style, either.

“You ever get tired of being an enigma?” he asks.

Nat chuckles, reaching down to massage her left foot. “If I answered that, I wouldn’t be very enigmatic, would I?”

So he picks up the keys to his bike, tosses them to her because he knows she likes to drive, and says “Grab some shoes you can walk in.”

She frowns when she sees where he programmed the GPS to, but doesn’t say anything. 

The drive to the nursing home Peggy’s in is painfully familiar–before this whole mess with Hydra, Steve used to visit her every Wednesday and Saturday. It’s been a while since his last visit, but the nurses still know him and smile as he signs in. 

Peggy’s the same as always, still managing not to look small in the giant hospital bed they have her in. She’s flipping through what looks like an old photo album when they walk in, but the second she sees Steve she closes it and smiles. “And where the hell have you been?”

Steve has to keep himself from visibly relaxing. It’s a good day. “Hey, Pegs.” 

“Hello, Steve. And who’s this?”

“Natasha,” Natasha says, sticking out her hand awkwardly. Peggy takes it gently, says “Well, Ms. Romanoff, I’m Peggy Carter, and I must say, from what I saw on the news a minute ago, I adore your work.”

On their way out Nat brushes her shoulder against Steve’s. “Thanks, Rogers.”

He smiles. “Any time, Nat.”