style my vision


I was serious when I said I was drawing them in Disney Style xD It’s actually a good exercise to explore different facial shapes and traits.

These are some of those sketches, although I am still working on it because some of this “redesigns” don’t convince me that much yet, anyway… if you are curious, I took references from Phoebus, John Smith, Tarzan, Eric, Ariel and Belle.


Happy birthday my pietro, my fellow ant, my darling friend visnja~~~!!!

You are fabulous and hell and I can’t even believe it’s been over a year since we’ve been chatting but I CAN’T IMAGINE MY TUMBLR TIME WITHOUT YOU?? YOU DA BEST


My name is Ivan. I live and work in Moscow (Russia). I am an amature photographer, take pictures mostly for myself (I don’t earn any money with it). It happened so, that my first camera was a film one form the 70s, so I sticked to film and still haven’t gone digital (well, except for the phone). 

I’ve been working on my own style and vision. Last couple of months I was experimenting with long exposure to catch light and motion. 

You can see my pictures on Flickr of Tumblr:

Thank you for your attention.