style locket

She Dances Lightly

Sharing secrets with morning glories
cheerfully greeting each new dawn

Though most find it hard to understand
as all she loved are dead and gone

Old and time worn still young in spirit
conversing with butterflies and bees

Never seen it and yet I have heard
in the park she frequently hugs trees

Kind words for everyone she passes
leaving each with her special smile

Often shaking their heads in wonder
is she crazy or is that just her style   

A golden locket filled with memories
leaving naught that mattered undone 

Some ask where she goes when alone
I believe, she dances lightly on the sun 


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: someone who needs a new scent | 12.16.16

zodiac solid perfume locket by theparlorapothecary

i have just two more scented gift find for you before i do a mini-blitz of some extra faves from already-featured shops today — theparlorapothecary features deep-hued and deep-scented perfume and beauty options in both solid and eau de parfum versions, and this zodiac locket-style necklace find makes this gift custom and special.