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Wear It 3 Ways: A-Line Denim Skirt

One skirt, 3 ways, and you can never go wrong. Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst is showing us how to make the most of our wardrobe with the A-Line Denim Skirt.

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willipadilly  asked:

You have thought of this or said it I am sure but... that CN post about teasing Bloodstone was eerily similar to the show's art. Either they got a member of the team to do it ( gasp) or an outsider to make it line the style of the show. ( Even worse gasp). Sorry , but the Jasper "meme" joke of " Bloodstone is just a weak tactic to make weak episodes stronger." is ringing so true...

There is the small possibility that the fact that there is official art of the gemstone means that we will see a real Bloodstone some time soon.