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Rautavaara - Piano Concerto no. 1

I was saddened to hear that Einojuhani Rautavaara passed away the other day. He was one of my favorite living composers, whose style was almost neo-Impressionistic. That’s far from the best word to describe him, but that’s what comes to mind, what with his “Angel of Light” and “Journey” symphonies, and the “Gift of Dreams” piano concerto…this work comes from 1969 and in the composer’s own words, "My 1st Piano Concerto was a very personal composition: it was written for my own idiosyncratic piano technique, and in fact I have performed it myself with many orchestras. I was disappointed at that time with the strict academic structuring of serialist music and the ascetic mainstream style of piano music, which I found anaemic. In the concerto, therefore, I returned to the aesthetics of expressiveness and a sonorous, ‘grand-style’ keyboard technique. One could say that this was a post-modernist work created before anyone had even invented the term.” The opening makes use of tone clusters, first with the fist, and later with the entire forearm, while the left hand plays relentless runs through the lower registers. These clouds of sound are thick, but the pained melody is easy to follow; a lighthouse through the fog. The first time I listened to this work, I felt like I was in the Pacific Northwest, along evergreen trees and with mountains cutting the horizon. But the more often I listen to it, the harder it is to hold onto any worldly environments. This music is almost from another dimension. Or from the subconscious. The dangers of talking about music: overindulging in metaphor. Listen for yourself and see if you can calibrate where you are.


1. Con grandezza (ma rubato)

2. Andante (ma rubato)

3. Molto vivace


Dan Smith - lead angel voice, keyboard/piano, activator of repeating voices on drum pads, one half of the OF THE NIGHT DRUMMING DUO, jumper, pointer, dancer?, singer, one drum drummer

Kyle Simmons - backing angel voice, octopus-style multi-keyboard player, other half of the OF THE NIGHT DRUMMING DUO, bass facer, synth-button-presser, drums a drum

Chris Woody Wood - backing falsetto angel voice, drum drumming drummer who loves drums, pint-glass-player, crazy Glory drum pad player, owner of that hair man oh that hair, also drums

Will Farquarson - backing deeper angel voice, rockstar, bass yes bass, guitaaaar he plays much guitaaar, cool person, winker, guitar soloist

Charlie Barnes - everything else and all the harder things all at once


5 Spots to Spot Stitch in WDW’s Tomorrowland

Every Chris Sanders fan knows that you can see Stitch at Tomorrowland’s Stitch’s Great Escape. But did you know that Experiment 626 can also be found in four other spots in Tomorrowland?

S’true! Continuing the story of Stitch’s ‘great escape,’ the Imagineers planted various pieces of evidence detailing the lovable little alien’s adventures in Tomorrowland.

First up, there’s the announcement of Stitch’s escape.

Near the entrance to the PeopleMover stands a tall, silver robot labeled Robo-Newz. This newsboy-of-the-future has a small stack of newspapers tucked in his bionic belly. The newspaper for sale, the Galactic Gazette, features the headline, “STITCH ESCAPES!”

The next spot to spot Stitch is in the exit to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. But be forewarned: You’re gonna need really, really good eyes.

Upon exiting your vehicle at the end of the ride, check out the murals on the wall to your right. A teensy-tiny painting of Stitch’s spaceship is flying in the top left corner of the first mural. It’s almost as if Stitch went for a ride on Space-Ranger Spin, only instead of riding in the XP-37 star cruiser, he brought his own spaceship!

Stitch’s next appearance is on another ride – Space Mountain.

In the safety video playing throughout the Space Mountain queue, a 3D ‘digital scan’ of Stitch can be glimpsed in the section asking riders to place all “hats, glasses and loose possessions in the storage pouch in front of you.” Yes, it seems like Stitch is hitting all the best rides!

The last spot to spot Stitch is in the Tomorrowland gift shop, Merchant of Venus.

The next time you’re in the shop, take a look up at the ceiling. Not only did Stitch leave a trail of footprints criss-crossing the store, he can also be seen smashing his way through the ceiling tiles!

So now that you’ve finally found the ‘escaped’ Stitch, what are you going to do? Turn him in to Galactic Star Command, let him continue his life on the lam, or ask him to join your ohana and move back home with you?

I know which one I’m going to choose!

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