style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

Hey Ya’ll!

“Style is a way of saying who you are, without having to speak”

Everyone single person has a different sense in fashion. Whether you think double denim is the way to go in every single situation or whether you wear flower crowns on a daily basis- it doesn’t matter. Fashion is all about individuality. Here are some trends I love and hope will be around for as long as time goes.

1. Girly Prep
Whenever I see stars like Camila Cabello or Ariana Grande sporting their signature ‘girly prep’ style, I instantly feel inspired. I love wearing collared shirts and hair bows and I love seeing other people wear it aswell. It looks so good!

2. Pastel Perfection
I love the pastel colour trend. Seriously, a pastel blue two piece dress with lace fringing? Perfection.

3. Baseball Beauty.
If you ever see pictures of Zendaya in magazines, you’ll see her awesome tomboy like, hip hoppy style. I think an outfit of light denim boyfriend jeans, a baggy baseball shirt, white converse sneakers and a chunky watch is super on trend and such a cool look

Happiness is… Having your own style!
Until Next Wednesday… Have Happy Thoughts xx

GiGS Magazine chapter 5: Inside of the Band Magic. 葵.

葵 speaking about REITA:

REITA-kun, for sure, gives you that feeling of steadiness, a very reliable person. This is what he has in common with 戒-kun regarding both personality and playing style. In some way you may have an impression it’s in his core. It can be said without a doubt, he’s a type of the musician who is constant, confident and keeps playing according to his own style. Of course within the band every member is trusted, but among us all maybe REITA with his steadiness is especially trustworthy. Well… who knows, maybe it seems so because we never had to rely on him too much (laughs). In addition to this he’s very skillful, there’s no doubt to it. Be sure, he’ll do exactly what he’s asked for. From time to time, I must say, it’s only an image, but mostly you can rely on his skills. This hasn’t changed over the time.

葵 giving an advice to his former self:

Nooooo waaaaaaaay…… I’d like to tell myself that I should have taken music more seriously (laughs). Usually I think I’m one step behind other band members, I look at them and feel inferior, so I’m moving forward while trying to compensate for it. That’s why if I’ve been more devoted from the very start, I could have achieved more. And I wish I could explain it to my former self if we had a chance to meet. Eventually, looking back I can say that meeting other band members was really important, if it weren’t for them, frankly speaking… I would have given up on music, I think. Actually I always had that interest, so one way or another, I guess, I would have come to making music, but I haven’t understood it until about now. Only after I met the guys I’ve got that impact from them and was able to discover all the happiness of being in a band and realize how deep was my connection to the music. That’s what I think.

Translator’s note: as you can see, I’ve changed the title of the second part. Because in fact this one is more correct.
In the original text title of the first part says [という] - “about”, and title of second part says [へ] - “to”.
My bad, I’ve made a wrong translation at first.