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M-P Goes All Crafty - Again!

Welp, after working on another singularly daft project since December, I thought it was probably time to share the finished thing now I’ve finally completed it - another doll project. This time, though. I went for something much more ambitious.
My Turn:Washington Spies Figures were much smaller. Mini-Simcoe was a modest 9 inches, whilst Anna and Major Hewlett are a teeny 5 inches, and look like toddlers next to this tall young lady.

The thought process behind this one really comes from an inspiring reblog from the awesome @ohmslewis - everyone deserves the chance to star in their own Gothic novel or period drama. Candelabras, masked balls and ghastly family secrets in the mausoleum are open to all. So, in light of this, I made the delightful 12-inch Lady Penelope Clement (who is probably a young innocent heiress to a vast estate or something. I don’t know, guys - you decide. Comedy of manners or tragic heroine?)

I was ridiculously nerdy with this one as the size was much better to work with on the sewing front, so Lady Penelope has hand sewn period-appropriate 18th century attire, down to her tiny cotton shift. She has grey stockings with embroidered ribbon garters, a proper front and back lacing set of stays, and hip pads to give her the correct silhouette, as well as a fine white cambric petticoat with a pinked ruffle at the hem.

I was particularly pleased with her gown. I used Colonial Williamsburg’s Costume Close Up book to draft the pattern for her open gown and petticoat in the lovely autumnal plaid cotton, and it gave me the opportunity to go absolutely nuts on the trim and use - wait for it! - Rococo trim. And ribbon and ruching and pinking and all manner of 18th century goodness.
The only thing I didn’t like doing was her shoes. GOD.The shoes. I foolishly assumed making those would be easy. I assumed wrong. Those little black felt and foam constructs were objects of torture!

But, I got there in the end. And she really looks so lovely I can’t help but feel damn proud I made her.

Book describing its romantic lead: His face cracked into a charming crooked smile.

Me: Uh crooked smiles are not real?? No one in history has ever had a ‘charming crooked smi-.

Harry Styles:

Me: ok but you didn’t have to go that hard…


Mother and daughter goals 👩‍👧👸🏾

There’s a very specific reason the ending is done the way it is. If you listen to the lyrics, Harry and Niall start the song. They’re representing the fans. Listen to their lyrics. Then Louis and Liam represent One Direction. They’re telling the questioning fans not to worry because this is not the end. Therefore, at the end of the video, Niall and Harry exit one way together (the fans) and Liam and Louis exit the other way (1D). This represents the hiatus. The temporary parting of the fans and the boys. The break in and of itself. They don’t hug goodbye, they wave. Because it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. I’d be willing to bet that when hiatus ends, they will do a video announcement for it and it’ll start with the blank brick wall background and then you’ll see Niall and Harry walk in from the left and Liam and Louis walk in from the right and boom there you have it. The fans and the boys reuniting. And then they will announce they’re going back on tour. You’re welcome.