style hangover

I love getting high off our conversations. Drunk off our love. I want to wake up hungover because of you everyday.
—  Drunkin Love {P. Rysin}
SMH: different hangover styles

ransom, holster, and shitty all have fairly mild hangovers because they are Bros and they know how to party “responsibly”

lardo doesn’t get hungover at all because she drinks a shit ton of water, “you morons”

dex doesn’t get hungover either, but it’s because he never drinks enough water and is in a constant state of slight dehydration, so he’s just used to the feeling (except vodka. fuck vodka.)

poor chowder doesn’t know how to turn his excitement off so he’s always left with a headache that he makes worse because he never learns

nursey. ah, nursey. he’s the forgetful type. he always wakes up blearily asking dex whether he hit his head on something last night (the answer is yes 75% of the time)

bitty tries to drink enough water to prevent a hangover, but sometimes he forgets. he’s 50/50 on his hangover record

jack. poor child. does not normally drink, but if he has more than two, he will be incapable of leaving the bed until noon

The Hangover: Arrow Ladies Style

Felicity and Sara came to Las Vegas to celebrate best friend and bride-to-be Laurel. What they hadn’t planned on was Laurel’s fiance guilting her into bringing his troublesome sister Thea. Thea, who decided to make things a little “extra fun” and drugged them all, giving them a night they’ll never remember.

Not only did they lose Laurel, and wake up in a trashed hotel room with Sara missing a tooth, but Thea found a baby and there’s a ring on Felicity’s finger.

Through a series of mishaps the women retrace their intoxicated steps, find Felicity’s stripper husband, Oliver (and return his baby), before they finally locate Laurel on the roof of their hotel.

The ladies manage to get back just in time for the wedding rehearsal, the bride a little sunburnt, and all agree to never speak of what just happened in Vegas.