style freaks


There is no denying Dean Winchester is a badass. He spent a year in purgatory covered in the blood and guts of his enemies. However, being a complex man, he is also an adorable neat freak, and a bit of a germaphobe. This compilation attempts to highlight this adorable quirk!

more quick doodles since i really shouldn’t be drawing right now;; this time the characters from carry on! just getting a feel on their designs cause i wanna draw them for realsies sometime.


so some people might get offended by this but i think it needs to be said… we are all so proud of harry we are excited and nervous and i know most of us are going to go see the movie in cinemas… i know this is his first acting role, but remember there are many other actors in this film that other people, who dont know or arent a fan of harry, are wanting to see or they are just wanting to watch another masterpiece that is a christopher nolan film… i want to ask that when harry first appears on that screen PLEASE DO NOT SCREAM OR CLAP OR DISRUPT THE MOVIE FOR OTHERS!!!!!! i know it will be hard as we are so used to being able to express our emotions when we have seen the boys at concerts, but this is different. this is a movie, a movie that many people are going to go watch and i dont want their opinion of harry acting to be tainted by people screaming every time he is on screen i honestly think it could damage his reputation of wanting to be seen as a serious actor and not been cast to draw the one direction fans. by all means be excited and happy to see him in a film, i know i am freaking out right now, but when you are watching the movie just remember we want people to appreciate harrys talent and not dislike him because there were fans who screamed and clapped when he appeared on screen… 

ok, i hope this doesnt make anyone feel attacked, i just think this is a message we should spread around before dunkirk hits cinemas. feel free to disagree and disregard this, but i do think it is important!


I drew the Pokemon Sun and Moon squad: Cinnamon Roll, Sinammon Roll, Ray of Sunshine and Edgelord.

No but seriously, the trainers smile in such a creepy way when making the “smash” gesture while using tapunium-z