style for shorter guys

Imagine baking some desserts in the kitchen with Woozi when a food fight breaks out between the two of you. Handfuls of flour start flying in the air as the you two attack each other with the ingredient, creating a huge mess. After tiring each other out, you and Woozi take a look around and simultaneously gasped at the condition of the kitchen. You then looked at each other and started laughing at your childish actions, before getting up to clean yourselves as well as the kitchen.

The truth about Willa is that her real name is actually Wilhelmina, but no one’s allowed to call her that but her nan. The truth about Willa is that she’s actually a terrible painter, but you probably already knew that. The truth about Willa is that she’s told her parents she’s planning on going to law school, but really, she’d never, ever do such a thing. The truth about Willa is that she may or may not be falling for her friend Harry, someone who sees her as just that–a friend. The truth about Willa is that she can stand in a crowded room full of the people she knows she’s meant to call friends, but still feel lonely.

Or maybe, just maybe, the truth about Willa is that she hasn’t been truthful with anyone, or herself for that matter, in a long time.

A story about tea versus coffee, exchange students, trashy romance novels, and focusing too much on what you want, but forgetting what you need.

Or, a uni AU where Harry’s an art student and Willa has no idea what she’s doing.

the truth about willa - coming this summer to 1dff and tumblr