style earrings


Haircut and beard trim to go with the new pierced ears. 😎

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Honestly my first time drawing a furry..?
this is my first attempt at drawing my fursona, I don’t know how fur works but I’m kinda proud, regardless
They are warm, kind, and whimsical. Eats too much candy when stressed. Always smells like a vanilla bean latte. Collects shiny things to hang off their antlers, which they usually get their ears tangled in.

I blame @goramidiot for this, but have no regret about introducing omegaverse to her ;) 
German shepherd Shiro(Ω) / Red Fox Keith(α) / Abyssinian cat Lance(β)
Kemonomimi AU which Shiro and Lance are together for a long time, while one day Shiro meets his soulmate whose name is Keith…..drama begins.

Also a self-indulgent doodle down there. Nothing to do with the story, I just NEED to(???

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