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Wizard101 Academy Headcanons:

•Ravenwood Academy is the oldest magic school in the Spiral, and by extension the most traditional.
Ravenwood students learn the tried-and-true methods of magic that have been passed down for generations. The wizards Ravenwood produces are more practical than the rival schools; most go on to live successful lives (especially the skilled duelists the school is known for). However, the stagnant nature of coursework has lead some to become bored with the lack of innovation. Students who push boundaries are often disciplined; it is only in rare cases that wizards of Ravenwood are allowed to preform non-traditional magics. In general, Ravenwood produces the highest number of decent wizards, though truly exceptional students are a rare commodity.
While never putting its head where it doesn’t belong, Ravenwood is notoriously considerate when it comes to cleaning up its own messes. People around the spiral react better to Ravenwood wizards than any of their competitors, simply because of the old adage, “A Ravenwood wizard finishes what they started.”
When Malistare caused havoc across several worlds, many wizard agents were sent into his wake to apprehend him and correct damage he had done. Morganthe posed a more considerable threat to the spiral, so the school slipped into a more militaristic style- dispatching squadrons of wizards into high-risk areas to fend off the umbra legion. As stakes grew higher and the death count skyrocketed, public opinion of the school dropped. After Morgathe’s defeat in Khrysalis, nearly a third of the graduating class had been killed in the conflict. Travel restrictions are being pushed by many governments for Ravenwood wizards; chaos sure seems to follow wherever we go, doesn’t it?
•Pigswick Academy is the more expensive alternative to Ravenwood, which explains why its average class size is two to three times smaller. Pigswick students are known to be rather poor fighters; very few are ever skilled enough to travel to other Spiral worlds unaccompanied. In fact, Pigswick students are known to be rather lax in almost everything; all classes have optional attendance and outside hobbies are encouraged. Many students are prospective wizards who failed the aptitude test for Ravenwood- the entrance requirements for Pigswick are very accepting. However, the myth that the wizards of Pigswick are rich wannabes is not entirely true. Surprisingly, the bulk of new developments in wizardry come from this institution. While few are proficient at spellcasting, magical theory is a widely discussed topic at Pigswick and vast amounts of academia is written by its students. The extensive library, larger than any other in the Spiral, is known for covering all topics- not just the ones that are approved of by the Headmaster. It’s the Pigswick philosophy that the most important part of magicraft is understanding and experimentation.
No magics are off limits at Pigswick. While the poorly trained student body does have a propensity for getting into bloody accidents, several new spells are designed at Pigswick every year and without their contribution, wizards everywhere would be less knowledgeable.
•Dragonspyre Academy, the ruined and desolate world, is mostly full of ghosts. But in its glory days, it was not only the most exclusive magic school but also a major military power. It’s students trained mostly in battlemagic; subjects like magical gardening and animal breeding would be laughed at. While all of its wizards were known for being fierce battlefield contenders, in particular the pyromancers and necromancers showed extreme promise.
The school’s dragon-breeding program was one of a kind and, to this day, has not been replicated by any other school.
The specific type of magic taught at Dragonsypre was similarly unique; crystalline magic is simply a footnote at Ravenwood, while it was the main focus of study here. Students learned to channel mana into pre-prepared crystals and summon monsters that way. With this system, powerful spells could be deployed in quick succession and distributed among wizards on the battlefield for maximum effect.
Dragonspyre maintained an active military force up until its destruction by the Dragon Titan. Dragonspyrean wizards were deployed to areas around the spiral to try and maintain the world’s political influence. The school functioned much like an army operation, a system that Ravenwood borrows elements of today.

Christmas may have came early for wwe fans

“WWE released James Ellsworth, the company announced Wednesday.

Most recently, Ellsworth lost to Becky Lynch on the Nov. 7 taping of SmackDown Live from the United Kingdom.

Ellsworth became a cult hero among WWE fans when he lost in a squash match to Braun Strowman in July 2016.

He entered the spotlight again as Dean Ambrose was feuding with AJ Styles on SmackDown Live throughout the fall in 2016. Ellsworth picked up the biggest win of his WWE career when he defeated Styles—with a lot of help from Dean Ambrose—on Nov. 22, 2016, to win a contract with SmackDown Live.

Ellsworth, however, turned on Ambrose at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2016 when he helped Styles retain the WWE Championship.

Ellsworth had a title shot against Styles last December, and Styles dispatched him in less than a minute.

From there, Ellsworth joined forces with Carmella as she pursued the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. Somewhat controversially, Ellsworth retrieved the Money in the Bank briefcase at the pay-per-view of the same name and gave the briefcase to Carmella.

The Princess of Staten Island subsequently retained the MITB briefcase in rematch.”

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. Luke sees the image of the Star Destroyer as the "Skywalker Family Bus" and decides to pull a prank of the fans of the meme. With the help of Vader, Piett, the Rogues, the Sabers, and a few (dozen) other friends, "Skywalker Family Bus" is painted on the side of the Executor. And then they stage a Skywalker dispatch-style vid "tour" of the ship. It ends with Luke and those who helped all going "You've just been pranked!" and cheering.

Considering Mark Hamill dressed up as a stormtrooper and ran around unrecognized before TFA came out, and considering I based the meme thing on Mark Hamill’s Twitter, Luke probably has done this at least once

The Yunho-BoA friendship.

Since I’m currently watching The Time We Were Not In Love, I can’t help but think about the friendship of the artists who influenced me to Kpop since I was in 6th grade, the legends, TVXQ’s Yunho and BoA.

Browsing through their pictures, I was in AWE how their styles are somehow similar. I decided to make a compilation. Yes, I ship them but I don’t want to force that they’re real or what since none of my ships became REAL (LOL!) & I don’t want haters flooding my dash.

So..Let’s just appreciate how cute these two are, how gorgeous they look & hope that their friendship will last for a long time..[I know their outfits are sponsored or whatsoever, I just admire how similar it looks, kay? I don’t have a sense of fashion too, so please no hate? :) ]

Lovin’ their trenchcoats as airport fashion..

Stripes & Bonnets for comfort..

Caps & Masks, Whites, Artsy Shirts, Greys & Sunglasses, Greens..whatever it is, they’re rocking it!

Styled in comfy tops & shoes, blazers and printed tops…looking great, BFFs :)

Black & White, neutral at its finest..

Plus, they have similar tops adorable..

No one can deny their closeness & chemistry, these two talented artists will forever be my faves..

Their genuine friendship is truly evident.

We, fans, and Yunho’s friends including best buddy BoA must be missing him since he went to the military already. Yunho Fighting!!

Yunho-BoA hwaiting!!! ;)

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[STARCAST]140915 “Shall we list him in the Guinness Book of World Records?”… Kyuhyun, rich of nicknames we didn’t know

Nickname is a name which we call by other than the real name. It is a name made by others with accordance with the person’s appearance or personality.
Everyone has a nickname from 1~2, if many then 5. But there is the best rich of nicknames among idol stars.
His nickname is infinity. It takes 13 minutes to read out his nickname without pausing. His nicknames are hard to count.
His nicknames can be made tens of times at once. Who is he?

He is ‘SuperJunior’s Kyuhyun. It is easy to make nicknames of him. When putting ‘Kyu’ in front or behind a word, then it is made. For example, ‘Perfect smile-Kyu’(완소규), ‘Game-Kyu’(겜규), and ‘Kyu-smile’ (규마일). Drama parody can be done such like ‘Kyu-ul Story’ (규을동화), and ‘Kyu-ul Sonata’ (규을연가). Isn’t it easy?

There is a reason why he became the rich of nicknames among idols. It is because he’s good at singing, entertainment, and musical. He’s good at appearance, acting weirdly and earnestly.
Then shall we investigate ‘rich of nicknames’ Kyuhyun’s charm?

▶ Good looking-Kyu (미남규)

His first charm is his good-looking appearance. He is also confident at his appearance himself too. He replied at an interview, ‘the reason why SuperJunior is getting loved is due to the good-looking appearance’.

What’s his appearance ranking among the good-looking group? He picked himself as the 4th ranking. The 1st is Siwon, 2nd is Donghae, and the 3rd is Heechul. Do all of you agree with the good-looking ranking of ‘SuperJunior’?

“Greeting-Kyu” (인사규)

“Bright-Kyu” (해맑규)

“Clear-Kyu” (맑규)

▶ Kyu-sical (규지컬)

He is really good at singing too. He shows potential in musical other than SuperJunior’s activity. He continuously challenged in doing musical since 2010. He had appeared in musical ‘The Three Musketeers’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’, and ‘SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN’. He has recently been casted in ‘The Days’. He fits well at anywhere.

“Kyu Embracing the Sun” (해품규)

“Kyu in the rain” (비맞규)

“Dancing-Kyu” (댄싱규)

▶ Dressed up-Kyu (분장규)

Kyuhyun’s different charm was at the unexpectedness. He didn’t feel scared at being messed up. He was smarter being brave. He maintained his poker face whenever he dressed up or transformed into something.

Especially he drove fans mad by dressing up like a girl at the SM concert recently. Some fans got frustrated at his appearance prettier than a girl.

“Pretty-Kyu” (규예쁨)

“Outstanding-Kyu” (튄다규)

“Real man-Kyu” (상남규)

“Loki Kyu” (로규)

“Hiddle-Kyu” (히들규)

“Serious-Kyu” (근엄규)

▶ Twist-Kyu (반전규)

Kyuhyun is emceeing actively in MBC-TV ‘Golden Fishery Radio Star’. His charm is saying awkward announcement which Kim Gu Ra, Kim Gook Jin, and Yoon Jong Shin picks.

He lives in a unique world compared to others. Is it due to that? He makes a surprise attack. He gives clumsy charm and gives laughter.

“Ordinary-Kyu” (평범규)

“Folder-Kyu” (폴더규)

“Good looking-Gyu” (잘생규)

“Kyu-kate” (규케이트)

“Korean mask dance-Kyu” (탈춤규)

▶ Kyu-nus (규너스~)

We have looked into charms of the ‘rich of nicknames’ Kyuhyun. It’s sad to finish here, right? So we have prepared bonus pictures of ‘eating-Kyu’ (먹방규) & ‘vivid-Kyu’ (발랄규). Save Kyu~

“Kyu-eating lunch box” (규시락)

“Kim-Gyu” (김규)

“Seeing-Gyu” (보규)

“Seeing-Gyu” (보규)

“Brushing-Kyu” (닦규)

“Good teeth-Gyu” (규건치)

“Cheese-Gyu” (치즈규)

cr: Naver; Dispatch |Writing: Kim Hye Won (Dispatch)

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Logically, the only reason to build up Beth so much over this second half wasn't to kill her, but to push her into leading lady status because a current leading lady (Michonne, Maggie, or Carol) isn't going to make it to next season. Otherwise, she was such a minor character that they could have gotten away with an Axel style sendoff that dispatched her dramatically. Looks like the kidnapping is to make people like her more when she gets out of it &/or push Daryl into fast-tracking the romance.