style crossover


Listen…I love Psychonauts and I love Mob, so here’s some crossover doodles and concept ideas for a level inside Mob’s mind that I put way too much thought into.

I could talk about this concept all day.

I’ve spend too much time on this stupid joke (…Well, if you played the game you know this WAS an epic punch…) But on the other hand, it’s always a good practice to try something new in Photoshop. I guess..


This took longer than expected 

Song lyrics from “love like you” (I skipped the beginning part cuz I was having issues drawing it)

Me and @sweet-her0 were having issues on what ship we liked, and after a small debate we decided on sheith. We still like all the other ships this one is just in the top.

Aaaaaaaayyyyyyy made another comic again! XD this time it’s a longer one ;u; ….well this one was made on my mind so I draw it XDDDD plus there’s a crossover here Dexter’s Laboratory and PPG!! Since my ship ( otp ) has rivals I wanna make it on my own AU! XD

Note: I was trying bleedman style but I failed so I made one of my designs sorry for the bad English if there are wrong grammars pls. don’t mind them I’m bad st English you know :‘3

Anyway Credits!!

Brick , Butch , Boomer © CMcC
Humanoid , Clothe and other designs plus the comic by me!!!

Reblogs Appreciated!!