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I don't get people who complain that tracer being gay but not showing it in gameplay is cheap?

She’s the COVER of the game.

Having a lesbian be, like, the first character associated with the game is great.

Plus it’s a game where you supposed to shoot and kill the other team.

Where the hell was tracer supposed to be gay?

Like did you want her to hit on female characters in the game?? She’s dating someone, why would she do that?

  • Aries & Aquarius: Weird dweebs who make nacho baked potatoes while playing final fantasy, they act like friends.
  • Taurus & Pisces : "we are just friends" YA OK, and I'm the president of the universe.
  • Gemini & Aries: sporty cute couple where u use half of their names and refer to them both as such.
  • Cancer & Taurus: they are still your friend, they just don't leave the house, like ever, thanks to amazon.
  • Leo & Gemini: beautiful socialite power couple who knows everyone's secrets. Every. Ones.
  • Virgo & Cancer: the whole relationship is a battle of who can spoil the other more.its sweet, it makes you sick to ur stomach.
  • Libra & Leo: the beautiful socialite couple that talks shit about everyone. Not even their mothers are safe.
  • Scorpio & Virgo: one criticized your outfit and style, one criticized your soul. Then. They traded. You're traumatized but they seem happy.
  • Sagittarius & Libra: they ditch plans together and communicate exclusively with memes. Goals?
  • Capricorn & Scorpio: they will be our Supreme Overlords™ one day, but today they make oogley eyes at each other over sushi dates
  • Aquarius & Sagittarius: super casual but yet they are always together.
  • Pisces & Capricorn: classic dreamer/realist vibes, plot twist tho. Pisces is the realist and Capricorn is the dreamer.

willing | a critical role fan song

Music by Jake Smith ( @jakesmithsings )
Lyrics by Gina Smith ( @floatslikebricks )
Performance by Jake Smith

We have wanted to write a musical theater style tribute to Critical Role for quite some time.  ‘willing’ is based on the 44th episode, ‘The Sunken Tomb’, which was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and plot-rocking moments in the whole show.

Listen to the song on SoundCloud!

Decided to learn how to draw proper chibis today, so I made a draw the squad thing. Hope I did ok. If you use it I’d love to be tagged in it so I can see your awesome work!~ 

3, 2, and 1 chibi versions under the cut! all are transparent! feel free to cut my sig out, just please don’t claim ownership of the drawing. reblogs > reposts, of the base alone I mean.

Go to town ^~^

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Every season of gbbo
  • Student balancing exams AND baking!? HOW will they manage?? The stress????
  • That one person that never properly finishes their bakes
  • Contestant who is barely able to contain their unbridled ambition. No, it doesn’t matter they didn’t get star baker or had a bad judging, they’re just happy to be here *forced smile* 
  • Stay at home mom who just doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, oh no she’s crying now and your heart is broken
  • Grandparent just looking for something to occupy themselves
  • Someone bringing in home-grown produce
  • A young, pretty woman who inevitably gets dragged over hot coals online if she’s even mildly successful
  • A large, beautiful man that you have at least one (1) sex dream about
  • Smol cinnamon roll, must be protected, always 5 seconds away from crying
  • Engineer or scientist that shows off their science skillz 
  • Person with a design-oriented job that gets criticized for “style over substance”
  • Person who cops an attitude during the judging
  • World’s Best Dad ™ whose bio clips are full of them parenting

these are the only two amethyst character sheets i could find, and even here you can see how big the differences are.

whether or not you prefer the shows older or newer art, its pretty blatant that theyve had a style change- and it wasnt a small one.

eyesthatseeindarkness  asked:

Since most of the messages are in the form and shitposting/trolling, I'm going to make an effort to be constructively critical. Your art is good, drawing wise at least, but the face(s) could DEFINITELY use work style wise. The faces are either too round for the character and throws off the features, while noses are too big and/or round. I think you're trying to go for a realistic style but it clashes with the rest of the art style which makes it comes off as...uncanny.

  • Me: *Creates a fanart just for fun and share it online also just for fun*
  • Some random person: *reblogs* I think that doesnt look like the character, you should do the eyes smaller, the color brighter, the hair bigger, the face rounder, the eyes darker and that light is so awful imao...
  • Me: A good tip for you would be asking if the artist would appreciate if you criticize their work.
  • The random person: Do you want more of my opinions?
  • Me: no

I ended up starting off with stevonnie!

 I personally thought it was a little odd how when steven and connie fused to make someone a little too revealing and curvy to me for what should be two children.

So! I made them shorter and gave them a more chubby appearance. I also thought the lack of shoes and, glasses was lazy on their end, so I gave them those things back, and over all changed their outfit!

Hey, you know what was cute? 

That time in the Shopping and Shipping episode when Tiberius was really excited to talk to Gilmore

Or that time when he was so happy that Kashaw said his name right

Or when he had his intelligence dropped to one and he was still so happy to see his friends (and Scanlan was happy to have Tibs back to normal)

Or how he went out of his way to get a sweet little pet, and how he was always sure to feed Lockheed and teach them tricks

Or how he called Keyleth princess and they were both so sweet and awkward together

Guys, I really miss Tiberius