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willing | a critical role fan song

Music by Jake Smith ( @jakesmithsings )
Lyrics by Gina Smith ( @floatslikebricks )
Performance by Jake Smith

We have wanted to write a musical theater style tribute to Critical Role for quite some time.  ‘willing’ is based on the 44th episode, ‘The Sunken Tomb’, which was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and plot-rocking moments in the whole show.

Listen to the song on SoundCloud!


these are the only two amethyst character sheets i could find, and even here you can see how big the differences are.

whether or not you prefer the shows older or newer art, its pretty blatant that theyve had a style change- and it wasnt a small one.

Hey, you know what was cute? 

That time in the Shopping and Shipping episode when Tiberius was really excited to talk to Gilmore

Or that time when he was so happy that Kashaw said his name right

Or when he had his intelligence dropped to one and he was still so happy to see his friends (and Scanlan was happy to have Tibs back to normal)

Or how he went out of his way to get a sweet little pet, and how he was always sure to feed Lockheed and teach them tricks

Or how he called Keyleth princess and they were both so sweet and awkward together

Guys, I really miss Tiberius

Decided to learn how to draw proper chibis today, so I made a draw the squad thing. Hope I did ok. If you use it I’d love to be tagged in it so I can see your awesome work!~ 

3, 2, and 1 chibi versions under the cut! all are transparent! feel free to cut my sig out, just please don’t claim ownership of the drawing. reblogs > reposts, of the base alone I mean.

Go to town ^~^

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Series of Unfortunate Events AU

I’ve been rereading a Series of Unfortunate Events recently and I can’t help but think of Percy and Cassandra as the Baudelaire children and the Briarwoods as Count Olaf so here you go. Let me know if y’all want more of this AU because I have some stuff floating around in my head.

  • Percy took Cassandra out for a day to visit the library/museum in Whitestone, when they return, the entire castle is under quarantine. A few days later the rest of the De Rolo family is dead (no one knows how the disease started or even what disease it was, but no one suspected foul play at the time)
  • Because both siblings are still underage, Uriel appoints a temporary Lord over Whitestone, Percy will inherit the title once he comes of age
  • The De Rolo children are sent to live with Professor Anders, their tutor, first. It’s pleasant enough at first, but eventually the Briarwoods come to dinner. Professor Anders says that he is transferring custody of the children to them, Cassandra sees the Lady Briarwood passing him a bag of coins through a cracked door and the siblings know that Bad Things are happening
  • Through the use of Percy’s brilliant inventions and vast amount of knowledge and Cassandra’s daring nature and knack for being in the right place at the right time, they manage to escape the Briarwoods and are moved to a new house
  • Percy is 16, has a love for invention, great skill in crafting on the fly, and pulls down his creepy-ass bird mask when he thinks (the equivalent of Violet)
  • Cassandra is 12, can make a weapon out of almost anything, and has a more daring nature than Percy. She’s more likely to sneak around and take risks so that they can escape a bad situation
  • The Briarwoods are trying to get custody of the children to that they can have access to the legal titles to Whitestone and they can have somewhere to revive Vecna without being interupted. They each have dark black tattoos on their ankles that seem to spin when you look at them too long
  • Just imagine all of this in Lemony Snicket’s voice and style??? That dark, dry sense of humor just fits Percy’s personality so perfectly??
Day 31 and the final day of the Critical Role Inktober challenge!

It’s been an utter blast this year you guys! Interacting with the community on this website is so much fun and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

I hope you enjoyed everything I drew and though it got a little hectic near the end, I’m proud to have finally finished my first Inktober challenge! (I dropped out last year)

And without further ado, here is the last Inktober entry!

Now, I want to do a really badass shot. So Vex, you stand to the right, Pike in the middle, and Keyleth on the left. Now strike a pose! Oh very clever you guys! Now hold it right there and…

Oh brilliant! Absolutely stunning you three!

Now, lets move onto the boys.

Why don’t you stand there Vax, and-GROG DON’T PICK HIM UP!

*sigh* yeah that looks good Scanlan. Percy, could you at least try to look interested? No? Ok then, here we go…

I swear to Sarenrae.

Just as a note, I have to give full credit to the design of Vex’s costume to @boaillustration 

She is the one who drew it, I merely borrowed the design it for a bit of a change up in Vex’s usual gear. Go check her out.

(I swear by all gods if I didn’t credit you properly let me know and I’ll change it immediately. I keep second guessing myself here.)

Sure, Keyleth and Grog are the kind of bosses you wouldn’t want to run into in the wild, and are easily the toughest party members to take down.

But if we’re going full video game boss here, may I propose the following:


In a lair he gets to design himself.