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MILLIE BOBBY BROWN - photography: Mikael Jansson - styling: Karl Templer - hair: Duffy - makeup: Diane Kendal - manicure: Jenny Longworth - Interview November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Simone Rocha - Miu Miu - Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs - Gucci

THE REVENANT - model: Wouter Peelen - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - stylist: Miguel Arnau - grooming: Andrew Guida -GQ Spain November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Ralph Lauren - Emporia Armani - Gucci - Valentino - Ermenegildo Zegna - Dries Van Noten - Hackett - Bottega Veneta - Marni - Prada - Loewe

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1d as gym teachers

I have to thank @harry-es for this one because I was stumped for a long timejhfdsj

Niall: makes people run laps & run up and down the bleachers while yelling out half-hearted encouragements; eats a chocolate bar the entire time and when students ask for some, he says “what do you think this is? lunch?”; blasts country music from the speakers

Liam: everyones least favorite coach because he actually makes them work hard; always wearing gym shorts; runs laps with the students and always ends up passing all of them; makes them do the FitnessGram Pacer Test at the end of every semester 

Harry: has a yoga warm-up session everyday before they get to the activities; wears legwarmers; plays Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones through the speakers one day and Panic! At The Disco and Katy Perry the next; doing pirouettes at any given time; easily distracted by Coach Tomlinson

Louis: everyones favorite gym because he doesn’t actually make you do anything; sits back in his chair and chats with students; plays the Popular Songs; cheers students on when they go behind the bleachers to make out but strictly says theyve crossed the line when he sees them with cigaretts; melts when he sees puppies or babies; pulls pranks on Coach Payno; would much rather be watching Coach Styles do his yoga warm-up