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i grew up
in a whitewashed country
with whitewashed children
with their minds wired
to make racist comments 

they tell me
to appreciate
the stereotypes laid out for me
(you’re a model minority, they say)
and the bullshit they spew in my face

but they also tell me
my eyes are too small
and they grab their eyes
and slant them upward
while mocking my language

my language
can i even call it that?
i can barely speak it
i am an imposter, a fake
they ask me where im from
and i dont know what to say
(i was raised in an orphanage
for the first two years of my life)
(i am from america)
(i am from china)
(i am from nowhere)

they reduce this beautiful language
to sounds and ching-chongs
and they ask me if i eat cats
(she’ll eat your dog, too)
they tell me all chinese people have bad teeth
and the one language they know about
is nothing but sounds
(i wish i could swallow my hatred
and bitterness
but i can only let it spill out) 

dont they know?
there are tones
characters are not symbols
simplified vs traditional
it is mandarin chinese
there are hundreds of dialects
this language is beautiful
(i fell in love with it
i cannot speak it well
i am ashamed)
but america lets its children
turn it into sounds and jokes and
songs mocking the language
they don’t know anything about 

they laugh at me
for telling them to stop
(the asian can talk)
(the asian isn’t submissive after all)
(aren’t asians socially awkward?)

they sexualize the women
(asian girls are hot)
and desexualize the men
(asian men have small penises)
why am i so terrified
of white men looking at me?
i am nothing i am no one i am sick of being sexualized
why am i a part of your asian fetish daydreams? 

they turn my culture
into aesthetics and anime
and into fashion styles

they pronounce the cities wrong
open fortune cookies and congratulate
themselves for using chopsticks
they call me their token asian friend

every a+ i get
its because of my black hair
and my small eyes
and the country i was born in
(all asians are smart)

they look at the words
“made in china”
and crack a joke
about my country
i grind my teeth

they ask me
to speak the language
the beautiful language that they mock
and i want to say
in english
and boldly
but i am quiet (not because i am chinese)
and i keep my mouth shut (because i will be laughed at, because i am chinese)

i am asked
where am i ACTUALLY from
and i want to scream
because no one 
actually gives
a shit

they tell me
there is no such thing
as discrimination / prejudice / racism
against asians because
our usual stereotypes are positive
we are smart
we are successful
we are good at math

these words dont make me feel
or successful
and i was never good at math anyway
these words make me want to
scream and
crush their insults in my fists

they tell me to appreciate this
but i can only hate it
and keep myself silent
because no one cares
it’s just a joke, of course

—  one day i will learn to love the things they laugh at / j.m (via ghaffas)

anonymous asked:

Do you think Westeros would be able to function if Dany tried to reorganize the government into a republic like Rome

Dany would never reorganize Westeros into a republic, as she believes in rule via an absolute central monarchy. She has no experience or understanding of rule by republic either in the fashion of the ancient Valyrian Freehold or in the oligarchic, plutocratic style of the Free Cities, so expecting her to rearrange the very nature of the government to a Late Middle Age/Early Renaissance republic is unlikely.

In fact, given her experiences with people such as Illyrio, Xaro, and the Masters of Slaver’s Bay, I don’t think Daenerys would look too fondly at giving the wealthy landholders of Westeros, especially those who ousted her family from power (which was half of the most powerful houses of Westeros), the chance to place checks on her authority, set policy direction, to say nothing about giving them the chance to oust her from power. From a political standpoint, Daenerys wishes to reassert the authority of House Targaryen and set herself as the sole head of state, as the previous time she made concessions, she saw much of her anti-slavery efforts in Meereen get quietly undone. She would much rather prefer a much more centralized ruling structure to better enforce her vision.

Given the limited state of administration, bureaucracy, logistics, communication, finance, and all of the other limitations of medieval governments, I’d say that adopting a single Westeros-wide republic is nigh-on impossible. Arguably one of the reasons why Aegon I went with a weak feudal monarchy model of government for Westeros is how freaking huge it is. The principal vassals of the Iron Throne enjoy much autonomy and power in their own respective regions, as we find out when Eddard Stark thinks as such in the difference in his power between being Lord of Winterfell in the North versus in King’s Landing. He’s not wrong about that, either, it’s just that he’s not considering all the circumstances, since the Handship gives him such broad-reaching and significant powers. Eddard might also be wrong in that power in feudalism depends largely on the ear of the king, and as Robert’s BFF, Eddard can get Robert to listen to him.

In our own history, the growth of republics out of the system of the Middle Ages was varied. In the city-states of Italy like Venice and Genoa, arguably the most famous of the merchant republics, the rising merchant class, sidelined from power by traditional feudal forms of feudal government. The weak central authority combined with the financial and human power of the city and the merchant class to become independent city states. That’s at odds with Dany’s vision of greater central powers.

These republics hardly had universal suffrage, and voting was typically dominated by an elite caste determined by property holdings (as property taxes were one of the few taxes assessed), guild membership, or by having a council seat and appointing a successor directly.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King