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Took me 4 hours but I’m done! My first official Kaider fanart from The Lunar Chronicles! I just started reading and I’m at Scarlet now. So far I LOVED IT! I SHIP KAIDER SO MUCH! Also, I know Marissa Meyer loves Sailor Moon and the series nods to it, so there! I put them together in a fanart! Cinder and Kai as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. :3

Sort of Disney style.


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Throwback Thursday Styling Tip this week will be focused on how to create custom glued hairline on a wig from scratch. Now, I know there are tons of glued hairline tutorials out there, but I do it a little differently and I found it to produce a pretty realistic result without the hairline “floating” problem. The wig in this pic is a cheap wig I bought to style into a Kurogane (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) wig. I used the same hairline technique to create extremely unique-shaped hairlines for the Vegeta (DBZ) wig and Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho) wig as well. Using this technique is easier to get accurate custom hairline which is very difficult to replicate with a lacefront wig, especially if you don’t know how to hand-ventilate hair.
- On the inside of the wig, glue a strip of clear vinyl fabric on with Fabri-Tac glue. Hold until it completely dries. I chose to use clear vinyl because it’s waterproof and can be shaped with heat from the hairdryer if need to. Since it’s waterproof, when you wear the wig and apply spirit gum to glue down the inside of the hairline to your forehead area, it will stick better and is easier to clean off the residue later.
- Pin the wig on a foam head. Use a marker that’s close in color to your wig and mark the hairline shape you want. You may want to do the marking while trying the wig on to make sure it works for your forehead shape. Cut off the excess vinyl outside the marked area. If you need the vinyl to be larger for more extreme hairline, you can cut in darts and Fabri-Tac glue it so it’s more curved to your forehead shape, and not pointing out straight.
- Mix craft glue and water in a cup. I used Elmer’s clear glue. You can use regular Elmer’s glue or school glue, but I find the clear Elmer’s glue to be best for dark colored wigs. Mixing ratio of glue to water is 3:1. Make sure to not use too much water, you want a syrup-like texture after you mix it with a paint brush.
- Cut a small piece of hair from loose wefts. Point-cut into the tip of the hair piece to create varying points and thin out the tip.
- Brush on the water-downed glue to the tip of the hair piece on both sides. I don’t go above one inch from the tip. Use your finger to squeeze the glue on the hair to help spread it through all layers and to help flatten the piece.
- It should look flat and pointy after it dries. You can make a lot of pieces like this and set them to dry on a big plastic bag. I make about 30-40 of these hair pieces for a normal wig’s hairline. It is time-consuming but the result is worth it!
- Next, put a thin layer of Fabri-Tac glue on the back of the hair piece. Press down the hair piece to the clear vinyl in the center. Fabri-Tac takes longer to dry than hot glue but it’s more permanent and won’t cause the hair piece to be bulky.
- Continue the same step as the last. Make sure to position the hair piece so that the tips go a bit past the clear vinyl. This will help cover the seams and hide the vinyl in the process.
- And you’re done! Enjoy fabulous hairline. Make sure to research how to apply and remove spirit gum before wearing the wig.

What’s up, party people? I tell ya’, I always had a hunch Barry saw me as a potential best man – or best mate, as Julian would say – but now it’s official.   When he and Iris tie the knot I’ll be there ready to rock the most epic best man speech ever heard on any Earth! This promises to be some high level adulting and I have to make sure I look the part.  Even though, the couple hasn’t set the date, I found myself looking into the mirror – fantasizing about the occasion – and decided your boy needed to step up his fashion game.  To put it simply, it was time to dress like “a real grown up” as Harry would say. So I cracked open my limited edition Green Arrow piggy bank and hit up the Central City Mall to buy some new threads. 

It’s been a hot minute since I hung around the mall, and I was bombarded by youths, elderly mall walkers (gotta get that heart rate up!), and pushy bargain hunters.  It reminded me of the classic zombie mall sequence from Dawn of the Dead (freak-ay!)  But I then spotted some kids hanging by the food court, goofing off.  They made me nostalgic for my old mallrat days.  Ah, the memories. I resisted the urge to hit up the video game store and headed straight for some upscale clothing shops.  Before I knew it I was in my own Pretty Woman montage of trying on baller outfits.  Slacks and new leather shoes? Check. Check.  Silk buttoned down shirt? For days.  Suave sports coat? You know it.  Suddenly I was strutting the mall, turning heads left and right.  I stopped at a storefront and looked at the fashionable man before me. Turns out I clean up real nice until…

Two kids from the food court ran past me, scuffing my shiny new leather loafers.  I turned to see a security guard chasing after them.  I ducked down a hallway where no one could see and opened a quick breach and popped out right in front of the kids.  I told them to slow their rolls and asked why they were being chased.  The kids looked scared and pleaded that they weren’t doing anything wrong – they were pretending they were Flash and Kid Flash on the hunt for a meta.  I have to say, I was touched, just the security guard caught up to us.  He barked at the kids – “no running allowed!”

When I told the guard they were only emulating the heroics of The Flash and Kid Flash, the security guard softened.  Turns out, he was also a big fan and let the kids off win a warning.  The kids thanked me and said they never expected a grown up to be so cool.  They disappeared into the mall, probably to hit up a Spencer’s Gifts like I did back in the day.

On my way out, I caught a glimpse of myself in a storefront window.  I saw the reflection of a sharp-dressed, serious man and realized I was kidding myself. This is isn’t me.  I’m fine at being an adult, but in my own way, going by my own rules. So I returned all the clothes and stopped at the food court’s Big Belly Burger for fries and a shake, in my Cisco-approved wardrobe.  And Barry and Iris will be cool with whatever threads I decide to rock on the big day.


“When I think that when the sentence of the Cold Peace was passed, there was someone a thousand miles away from Idris, someone who had never met me but who cried for a boy who had been abandoned…”
“I said I didn’t cry.” Cristina’s voice hitched.
Mark’s hand was a pale blur. She felt his fingers against face. They came away wet, shining in the mist-light. “You’re crying now,” he said.


Sketch dump … yes, another one. :P I’m still trying to figure out styles and techniques (as you can see, I have no consistent art style), so no artwork for now, just practice. 

First row: Young Cress during her time in the satellite, Cress again

Second row: Cinder in casual clothing and smiling (because @lovelunarchron - rightfully- noted, I always draw her looking angry), young Princess Winter

Third row: Cinder and Cress from my “Lunar Investigations” story idea

Fourth row: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from PJO

Fifth row: Hazel Levesque (PJO) in both, I’m not quite sure how I want to draw her, so these are face and colour studies.

Need a Jack to detox after a hectic weekend/monday before bed =A=

And bah you guys can conclude on your own who he got the hickies from <3