style challenge

ok so first of all…I am truly sorry if I ruined your style ;-; I already tried my best to draw it as accurate as the original ;-; RIP

I made the boxes myself so that’s why there are 10 box instead of 9. The funny thing is the first five row is people from instagram while another five is from tumbr XD just wow XDD I used my persona, Mystery for the challenge and I redesigned her because a) I don’t like the first design b) she has been hit by a lot of stuff like stress, school, homework, tuitions, exam, project and more :D 

first- @drago.piuma on ig

second- @teap.tap on ig

third- @cjlullaby on ig

forth- @najikoop on ig

fifth- @mikicat-fs on ig

sixth- @nvart1 

seventh- @mscheckacheck

eighth- @ardents-imagination

ninth- @cherrub1412

tenth- @squealqueen

30 Days of BIAS

Day 7: Airport Fashion

The pictures speak for themselves. This man got this. He has made the airport his won catwalk teaching us how it’s done. I am mesmerized by him once again.

7/30 days of Bias


Different Cartoon styles 2.0!! 

A couple of years ago I drew myself in 10 different cartoon styles
But that is a long time ago, and my looks changed a lot, so I figured that it was time do do a version 2.0 :)

This time I also included one in my own style for comparison ;)

happy april! i added to my artist style challenge 8)

ft. the styles of @lozeyart, @crowbalt, @stellaisgay, @majorlaurens, @lamsbur, @spibbles, @halpdevon, @bunblevee, @yrobdtservt, @eightmonkeys, @linmnuel, @midnigtartist, @stonerjohnlaurens, @narwq, @johnlaurensprotectionsquad, @kei-pai, @mehringguie, @epherall, @cleholden

(please don’t requests artists for me to do, i am only doing mutuals :0..)

Decided to try out the Style Challenge–where you do your portrait in styles of artists you admire–decided first to go for a Tracy Butler (of Lackadaisy) vibe. From what I’ve read from her tutorials, she usually does the first pass in pencil, scans it in, and then photoshops over, but I was so excited by the realistic pecil brushes I just bought, I decided to do it all digitally–which I think took longer than just pulling out a pencil.

I would have gone more into detail with the 20′s outfit since she’s known for a crazy amount of detail but mm this style gives me carpal tunnel. So many little pencil movements! I like how it came out though. I learned something today, which is what this challenge is about.


I did a style challenge! I drew Hercules Mulligan from Hamilton as my character of basis ah

I would like to say that I copied these artists’ styles as an exercise and in no way take credit for developing these styles or owning them or calling them mine or anything. I only claim that I was the one to draw each of these pieces- not that the ideas and styles I based them on were mine. 

I had quite a bit of fun with this, and it really helped me learn a lot!

the first one is my style, even though my style changes all the time fhdskjafd

@crashandburrnart is the second one, and I love !?!? their style so much!?!? its so unique and beautiful and im emo the colors are always so well done and I love the trademark over-the-eyes

@terror-in-the-dream is the third one, and just golly im literally so gay for this style?? YOu have such a good grasp of colors and it was an honor to try and just replicate it fhghjgzy

@raythrill is the fourth one, and this was probably the most challenging style for me to replicate. Your art looks so good despite the fact that it seems you don’t use guidelines and I”m just like,,? HOW

@halpdevon is the fifth one, you are such a doll and your art is incredible and jeez im just gay for you in general , stay beautiful and hydrated love

@spibbles is the sixth one, HI YES I LOVEyou r art you’re so talented and you get a lot of shit here on tumblr and no we’ve never met before but you’re such an inspiration to me and I love your art and I love your animatics and I hope that you stay healthy and that you are happy in life and - anyways herc is so cute in your style but your style is cute in general so 

@eightmonkeys is the final seventh piece. I love your art so much, it’s so flowing and like,, you have a really good grasp of shapes and I love the way you draw freckles and I love the way you can maintain consistency and ALSO HIT ME up about Daveed Diggs and clipping. cause I love talking about. that. and nobody else seems to like it rip me