style cage

  • *the scene where Danny Rand is tied up in the warehouse*
  • Jessica: Me and Matt will investigate the architect's house.
  • Luke: I guess I have guard duty.
  • Matt: Sounds good.
  • Luke: You could say that I've been placed on...Luke-out duty.
  • Jessica and Matt: *sighs deeply*
  • Luke: I sense that my jokes have a...Luke-warm...reception with you guys.
  • Jessica: Nah, you think?
  • Danny: *groggily wakes up* Guys...I'm hungry. Get some chicken on the way back.
  • Matt: Uh...sure. What style?
  • Danny: *suddenly fully awake* Cage-un style! WOO!
  • Luke: Ayyyeeee! Heroes for Hire represent!
  • Matt and Jessica: *sighs even deeper and nods head disapprovingly*

i dont necessarily think my style is. boring? but its very restrictive and…………… getting boring. so i decided to push it a few times feat. the usual Very Fast Awooo Running At Incredibly Hihg Speed

and slog

there was too much free space

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