style bomb


Drawings that I made with Watercolors 💙
P.S: I still waiting for the return of Jasper ಥ_ಥ

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I’m honestly sick to the stomach and so disgusted in reading that fans are disappointed in Liam and that they no longer support him due to the baby-bomb. Newsflash, it ain’t up to you decide how Liam (or any of the other boys for that matter) lives his life. He’s a grown-ass adult who knows what’s he’s doing. He’s happy, Cheryl’s happy, they’re happy and that’s all that matters. I’ve actually unfollowed a majority of fans because I’m so disappointed in the way they’re behaving. Liam deserves all the love and support in all the world because all he’s ever done is make fans happy.


Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)