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In The Wake of The Goddess

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Thank you to the lovely @txhohood and @permanentcross for putting up with me as I constantly sent them parts of this because I was so excited.

The first night he tried to find a beautiful woman who was almost entirely the opposite of Y/N and then see if that would get her out of his mind. Her name had been a season or a month or something like that, he couldn’t entirely remember, and he couldn’t even manage to get it up at first. It wasn’t until he started thinking about the way Y/N’s lips looked wrapped around his cock, the way her lipstick would stain his skin as she went on and the little thing she would do with her tongue that he was finally able to muster up an erection for the girl lying right in front of him. She was pretty, she was tight, she was everything that he used to go for, yet she couldn’t get him off. He could only achieve sweet release when he closed his eyes and imagined the way that Y/N would pant and moan beneath him.


Y/N is back home and Harry can’t stand being without her. 

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anonymous asked:

vivian my best friend's birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get her. she loves memes and can identify any memes from a mile away. what would you recommend?

I saw this product on tumblr the other day called the holy meme bath bomb or something

they basically make lush style bath bombs but in shapes or color of the meme 

here are the two that i bought!

If your friend loves memes, I would definitely get it for her 😊