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I miss them so freakin’ much. I am watching the video and I see Niall smiling from ear to ear, Liam dancing happily like a lunatic (later being goofy with Louis), Harry singing loud and Louis can’t even stop singing along the other boys lines, smiling so hard, singing so loud, proud, pointing, looking at everyone, making sure we see how much they enjoyed performing it. 

What an amazing moment I got to witness, what an amazing moment we all got to witness (even every who wasn’t there) in this fandom. The whole stadium sang it so loud and happy. The feeling was so intense. My heart bursted from pride that day.

I want them back on tour, want them back performing. 

Tragedy of Ignis

I feel like I already have a post like that. Well I’ll have two then. But you know what’s really sad? Ignis is a function character. It’s not me shitting on the story, there are actual real life people who live like that, molding all their lives around someone else. Typical thing for mothers, maybe that’s one of the reasons why fandom thinks about him as a mom-friend despite the fact that he is adventurous pun master dork. But really all his life since the early childhood was dedicated sorely to Noctis. There are Gladio and Luna who are quite literally live for Noctis to fulfill his role but still, Luna has her oracle shebang, Gladio expresses characteristics that has nothing to do to Noctis: he loves his sister, likes reading, hiking, getting stronger, even those cup noodles. 

Every habit or quality Ignis exhibits is there for Noctis. He may enjoy cooking but he got into it to lift the prince’s spirits after the Tenebrae attack. His knowledge, his manners, his skills at fight all were developed to guide a young king to his fullest potential. And not once he shows even a trace of resentment toward Noct, even having every right, even after this quest leaves him fucking blind. The depth of his devotion and selflessness is truly mind-boggling. 

And the saddest part? It’s all for nothing. He dedicated every second of his life to make Noctis a perfect ruler he never meant to be. 

King Regis never pressed his son to be a great leader because he won’t be, it was good enough if he lived happily for those short years he had. But Ignis didn’t get the memo so he kept on trying.  

I mean even the fact that each bro gets an episode to dive into their character, lives and motivations exclude Ignis. Because “his” episode is still emotionally Noct’s story of coming to terms with his father’s mortality and his own role as an heir.     


Meet Toya, the world’s first Jamaican Patois-speaking doll

When Saffron Jackson went to buy her daughter a doll, she was frustrated at the dearth of options for black girls. So Jackson, a 38-year-old Jamaican teacher who resides in the United Kingdom, decided to make her own: Toya, the first Jamaican Patois-speaking doll on the market and the first of Jackson’s Zuree Doll line. 

“The idea behind this is to show little girls that regardless of their skin tone or hair texture, they’re indeed beautiful,” she told the Jamaica Star. “Hence, the name Zuree. It come from Swahili, and it means beautiful.” Read more.