style and fashion zine

Here it is, my full piece for the @mp100fashionzine!!! The dads are trying on fancy suits <33 There are so many cool designs and outfits in this zine, i’m happy i was able to be a part of it :’D

Preview of 2 photo cards for the @bnha-popzine.

Pre-orders open until SEP 5. 
One random photo card, either one of mine or one of the other contributors’, will be included in all physical orders.

Please consider supporting it if you can and would like to !! 

All bundle types and related purchasing info at @bnha-popzine, store link at !


Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Style Zine pre-orders are open! We apologize again for the long wait, and thank you so much for your patience!

  Pre orders here!  

Psychic Style is a Mob Psycho 100 zine centered around the world of fashion! This booklet includes 25 wonderful illustration artists, 2 comic artists, and 6 merch artists!

Bundles include :

Bundle 1: Casual Esper - $12

Bundle 2: Ready to Bend - $20

Bundle 3: Independent Claw - $29

Bundle 4: Designer Spoons - $35

Bundle 5: ???% Couture - $50

“allura! earth culture is, like, totally funky my dude!”

another ‘90s altean Lance cause i couldn’t help it! he probably learned about earth from a few outdated american magazines…

My full piece for the Super Sonic Style Fashion Zine on Twitter! ☆
I was inspired by sailor and idol uniforms, and went with a Sonic Adventure theme!


Hello there :) 

This poodle is looking for agender / queer / gender fluid / gender non-conforming people to contribute to a zine on daily personal style / fashion / looks and clothes modifications. 

The aim is to compile items from these people, it could be photos, poetry, writing or whatever can go in a zine and make a cultural contribution!

Message me if you’re interested :D

I should probably mention the zine is going to be free to download online or take from my local zine fairs so no money will be made from this.