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Gaara Week Day 1: Cacti 

  ❤ little cacti sanctuary ❤

Special Commissions!

I could use a little extra cash, so I’m offering a handful of commissions in styles I don’t normally provide as an option because they require a little bit of an explanation.

Style 1: Semi-realistic digital portraits - $15

For these, you can either have me draw a real person, or send me a pic of a real person and a description of/reference for a fictional character and I’ll draw that character with the person’s facial features. (this is great for RP faceclaims)

Style 2: Half-body ink drawings w/ some shading - $20

Ideally, these are supposed to be self-contained by being cut off at the bottom by some sort of accessory, garment, or body part, but if you’re not into that, that’s cool too.

Style 3: Gouache splatter drawing - $25 for half-body and $35 for full

Basically, what I do is I lay down a random splash of paint in colors of your choice, then draw the character somewhere inside and fill all remaining space with imagery that fits the character (plants, crystals, rubber ducks, pretty much anything you like).

I’m currently only opening five slots for these! IM me if you’re interested.

  1. @blackshucksighted
  2. OPEN
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  5. OPEN

See my normal commission information for guidelines and payment info.


Day 387 - Butterfree | バタフリー (Strange Moves Week 05 / 07)

Butterfree used Electroweb!

Butterfree tests its wings after evolving from Trancell. Their wings are large and iridescent in the late afternoon sunlight. Butterfree evolves very quickly, so people of Kanto are accustomed to seeing wild ones float by whilst running errands.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day. Commissions open!

(012 / 721)

My attempt at drawing me and my poke team in the art style of gen 1 ken sugimori. Pretty happy with results :) Love the classic poke style 😍😍😍😍

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4 hours of work later….

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and so here it is. my commissions, finally, reopened, with no slots to fill. its a free for all. come and buy if u may.
anyways, really quick, just to elaborate, digital 1 and 2 are just different style of painting digitally. 1 is more copic styled and 2 is more acrylic styled. feel free to ask for more references of each option if the ones shown arent enough xoxo
i also added a lot more options now that i’ve gotten better at x style added so im more confident in selling u these new options <3

Extended Info:
  • Base prices
    digtial 1 $30 +$5 for an additional character
    digital 2 b/w $35 +5 for an additional character
    digital 2 $40 +$5 for an additional character
    ink $50+5 for an additional character
    watercolor $60 +$10 for an additional character
    copic $70 +15 for an additional character
  • tips are always appreciated and encouraged.
  • NSFW/Gore is allowed.
  • Payment is via paypal only. Payment will be made once the initial sketch is drawn and won’t progress any further until received.
  • Please provide as many references as you can! It’ll be easier on me to make your character look just the way you imagine them to look. please….please no commissions with a description of how ur character looks. i’ve done three like that now and its really stressful for me and theres a lot to read and honestly i should charge more if u decide to do that…im so sorry but i cant do it anymore.
  • Frequent correspondence is encouraged. Once the work has started, I’ll check in and show you the drawing, ask for feedback and if any changes are required at each stage.
  • Please check my art tag for examples! or ask me to send examples to you.
  • if you commission a physical piece, i can mail it to you. shipping charges may apply.
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