i think that if crystal didn’t decided to leave we would’ve gotten a lot more stydia scenes in 3b. I think that Crystal leaving threw the writers off causing them to change the storyline to let crystal off. Also Adelaide leaving fucked a lot of shit up too because stora was supposed to be canon and there was supposed to be a love triangle between stydia and stora (which ended up being stalia and stydia instead). If Allison was in s4 she would’ve definitely called Lydia on not being with Stiles and pushing her to admit her feelings and we would’ve gotten canon/endgame two seasons earlier. this is just what i think this is only like 5% factual

This is for Hannagh’s lovely headcanon that we all wish was true :)

Stydia post 3b finale.


Stiles sighed, his head felt heavy but his body was beginning to regain its strength and balance since the Nogitsune was defeated nearly an hour ago. 

“You should go home. You look like you could use a goodnights sleep.” Scott attempted to joke, pulling his best friend into a hug. Stiles shook his head, unsure what to say or even do in a time like this. Scott had just lost the love of his life and Stiles couldn’t even begin to comprend the pain. The thought alone of losing his great love? Well, he would go out of his freaking mind. His eyes now moved to the strawberry blonde who had also lost such an important person today. Lydia was sitting on a nearby armchair in the McCall living room, her face stoic but her eyes glistened with tears. Scott nodded at Stiles to go ahead before he walked back to the rest of the gang in the kitchen. “Want me to bring you home?” Stiles asked Lydia when he arrived beside her. Lydia looked up, her face etched in pain, “Not really.” She rasped quietly. Stiles looked to his father in the kitchen who was watching them, his expression still full of concern for his son. Stiles nodded at him, hoping he’d understand that they’d talk later. Sheriff Stilinski smiled in response before resuming his conversation with Melissa. Stiles turned to Lydia again, knowing that there was only one thing he needed right now, “Want to stay at mine tonight?” Lydia didn’t even reply, instead she stood up and took his hand, awaiting his next move. Stiles smiled softly at the gesture before pulling them both towards the front door. XXXXX The knife slicing into Allison’s chest. Aiden’s lifeless body hitting the cold ground. The screams of all the victims. Chaos, Pain, Strife.  Stiles bolted up in his bed, his t-shirt plastered against his skin in a hot sweat. His chest heaved as his breath came out in shallow huffs. His nightmares felt like he was living through it all again. His body paralysed against the Nogitsunes' control. “Stiles?” Lydia arose from beside him. “I-had-a-” Stiles attempted to level his breathing, but his frantic eyes told Lydia all she needed to know. “Hey-shh it’s okay I’m here.” Lydia pushed herself closer to Stiles, resting one hand on his thigh whilst her left hand began to rub his shoulder, “I’m here Stiles, I’m here.” She whispered once again, her words soothing his anxiety. Stiles reached out to clasp the hand resting on his thigh, reveling in her warmth and presence. After a few minutes of sitting in silence as his mind settled Stiles looked up at Lydia. Her eyes had never left him, they stayed focused on Stiles as he worked through the demons and he felt his heart lift a bit at that realisation. She still had such a hold on him, something he hoped would never change. Lydia smiled at him, and Stiles worried for a moment that she could read his thoughts. Tugging on his shoulder she pulled them both down on the bed again until they were resting on their sides, hands intertwined between them. Lydia couldn’t pull her eyes away from Stiles, she finally had him beside her again. After days of separation she finally had her Stiles back and she never wanted to let him go.

“Oh, my God! An engineer could use a boiler room to blow up the whole school.” “We have to get them out of there.” “We have to get everyone out.” “How do we do that?” #*activates the fire alarm, and takes a earful from Coach*