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12 Days of Teen Wolf: Day 2 - favourite season

“My Japanese isn’t great… but, it appears to say that one method of expelling a nogitsune is to change the body of the host.”

Season 3B


Notable: Stiles’ attention drawn to that Chess board.

- Maybe Stiles just knows chess/the game, he did have a chess board in his room afterall so its likely he’d play for pleasure when he was young.

- Maybe the director just used it as an action to get Coach out of his pretend funk/it meant nothing

-Maybe deep down stiles still has some 3B/void left in him that draws him to the board so quickly (the game/ board had a significant role in 3B/VS)

Okay but imagine what happens when they finally get Stiles back, after all the hugs and the tears and the proclamations of love and whatnot

Stiles goes to his Jeep, and notices something. Duct tape. Keeping Roscoe’s drivers side door shut. He turns to his friends, doing that little one-eye-twitchy thing where one eye gets super narrow in, in this case, disbelief.

“What happened to my Jeep?”

He peels the duct tape off, and the door comes swinging open, the handle broken. “I, uh–” Scott starts, and sort of smiles apologetically. “I might’ve had to break in, the first time you tried communicating with us? You know - through the Jeep’s radio. We didn’t have the keys yet.”

Stiles’ eyes narrow further. “You broke my Jeep, Scott? On purpose?”

Scott’s eyes widen and he lifts his hands in a gesture of harmlessness. “Lydia told me to.”

Stiles gestures grandly, his hands flailing with his words. “That does not mean you had to do it! You could’ve said no! You’re the alpha, aren’t you supposed to call the shots?”

“Yeah, okay - coming from the guy who hasn’t ever said no to Lydia Martin in his life.”

“Hey, she - she intimidated me, okay? You know this.”

“Which is why only now you worked up the actual courage to tell her you’ve been in love with her for like, ten years.”

Stiles looks at him for a second, before rolling his eyes. “Just get in the car, Scotty. We’ll talk about this later.”

“I’m totally gonna pay for that Lydia jab, aren’t I?”

Stiles sighs, clapping a hand on his best friend’s shoulder. “Yes, yes you are.”

Scott sighs, turning and crossing over towards the passenger side door. “Great.”

“Hey, you missed me and you know it.”

Scott freezes then, the door half open as Stiles slides into the driver’s seat. He looks at his best friend for a second longer before sliding in and closing his door.

“Yeah, I did.”

“I know.” He sticks the key in the ignition, but hesitates before turning it. “You know, I missed you guys too.”

Scott grins at him, so happy to have his best friend back, nodding as Stiles finally turns the key and the engine sputters painfully to life.

“Yeah, I know.”


The Stydia kiss was gross?!? Have you actually seen it? You guys are so hateful. If I have to say what I think, the Stalia kisses in season 5 were way more terrible, and I’m saying it as a person that never hated Stiles and Malia together, even though I’m a Stydia shipper since the very beginning. It’s just that the kisses were not passionate and it was so obvious that the actors were just kissing for work, not feeling anything… they were not into the character, and it’s not supposed to be like that. You should be able to feel the characters’ feelings. And the Stydia kiss…. that was all another level. Their faces were so desperate, it was clear that they wanted to kiss so bad, they had wanted it for so long… there’s a moment in that kiss scene, where we see Lydia’s expression, it looks like she’s crying. But she’s crying because she’s so happy, she can’t believe he’s actually there, kissing her, finally. She finally feels loved by someone who can give her the world and make her feel appreciated, and she finally feels what we call love, after a LONG time. Why can’t you just admit the beauty of this desperate, passionate and real kiss? I mean c'mon. I guess all those people who say that this kiss is ugly and that Dylan and Holland expressions are irritated or any other shit (I think they were so into the scene that they connected in an extraordinary way) have never seen two people kissing after all the time that they wanted to but they couldn’t. I bet you’ve never seen two people that are so fucking in love with each other kiss for the first time. Well I did, and I also know what it feels like personally. I’m sorry that you don’t want to understand how beautiful that scene is, I really am.


So let me get this straight! 

1) Malia is wearing Stiles clothes - obviously & nobody can convince me otherwise. She did it in episode 1 and she’ll be wearing another Hoodie! The one he was wearing as Void!Stiles in the hospital! There will be probably a lot more of his clothes!

2) AFTER Stiles is being erased from her mind… she is cuddling - no not cuddling - SPOONING a new guy JUST like she did it with Stiles. 

3) She remembers/feels that the one who calmed her down is missing! 

4) They were arguing like an old married couple in the first episode… or at least like they are still in a realtionship. 

And you really want me to believe that they are done for good? FUCK… I think she does all those things (clothes, spooning, etc) because it reminds her of something but she can’t tell what. I s2g what if Jeff is tricking all of us. WHAT THE FUCK. What if Lydia forgets and Malia is the one getting him back because she’s still acting like he’s around without even knowing him. 

Oh god. I don’t even know anymore. I just have to wait and see I guess. 

Fact is just that St*dia can’t even happen… same goes for Stalia. Why? Because they are already filming 3.15 or something and Dylan is still not back on set. He’s in Italy if I’m not wrong… At least he’s filming AA. There is no Stiles for any ships. That is also why I think they will kill him off. So that Dylan doesn’t have to stress himself… especially after the whole accident. 

I just want my Babies back.