Hiiiii guys! Ok so I thought I’d make a follow forever just to wish you all a happy holiday season and to thank you for making my dash a magical little hideaway from my pretty average life. I also recently hit 4k followers (which I most definitely do not deserve) so I also wanted to thank everyone who has chosen to follow me ily.

I’m almost certain I’ve forgotten people but here are some of the blogs that make me happy, and if you don’t follow them already you definitely should (if your name is in bold hover over it for a message) : 

dopecabello camilancabello  dinahslauren  norrmanikordei  useyourmelody  laurenjauresgui  neverevers  neurolingual  pizzavolk  sleighharmony  bows-n-beanies  whoregui  hercamz  cutebrads  stybellos  milasbello  normila  camilascabello  fifthtomatoes  laurenjaureguo  omglaurenjauregui  camilka2percent   korday  jadelust  thugcamila  normaniclaus  camz-cabello  laurenmjauregui  wilsheresdimples dinahjaen  injauregui  spariaswift  sleighkordei  frozenregui 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas,

Amy (mistletoejauregui) xx

Hii, so here is my follow forever and i just want to thank you all for being amazing people/blogs, i’m really glad i follow you! So, yeah, this is i appreciate you, i love you, you’re the best. Thank you for everything!

myfifthharmony; ftharmony; stybellos; fierceregui; whoregui; adorejauregui; korday; camz-cabello; zaynshell; dinajaneh; bows-n-beanies; worldoffeelings; jareugui; ineedcamren; kordei; younglovatic; useyourmelody; jaureguizer; charmonizer;


hey guys, so i recently hit 10k followers and wanted to do something to celebrate!!! i appreciate every person that follows me, so a huge thank you to all of y’all!! also, a big shout out to the people on this list: you guys make my dash nice with your quality posts and pretty edits!!! i hope all of you have a great day (:

#: 5horbust

A – I: absoluteares, alikriegers, allybrroke, alyciajasmins, amorkordei, aristyles (normanis), as-toldby-ginger, bows-n-beanies, brittanasbroposeycabellowing, camcabello, camiladorkable, camilancabello, camilascabellocamilcabellocamz-cabello, christennpress, christenppress, christenspressdaanielasm, dailyfifths, danielsharmans,     diannaagroner, dinahjaen, dinahjane97, dinahjanexo, elizabitchgillies, evelynembrochu, exarchoupoulos, fierceregui, fifthharmonys, fire1ord, goreskied, gvnnvlfsenhaimpress, hilaryerhard (stybellos), historiaymir, hknighter

J – Q: jauregayforcamila, jaureguisms, jaurmonekorday, kordei, kordeiscabello, laurenjaureguo, laurenmjauregui, laurenrsjauregui, laurensjauregui, laurinah, lifecamzlizshenstridge, lovesoptions, lynnpvrismaliatale, manikorbae, mcdougvll, mczaynmyfifthharmony, neurolingual, nkjauregui, nnormally, normanidefensesquad, officialcommanderlexa, ohmanisomglaurenjauregui, pansexualravenpetewentpizzavolk, pvrisjauregui, qsylumsqualitynerd, queergrounder

R – Z: sagaeharuki, salithewitchselenamg, shaymitchell, skytferreiras, sterek, stereobouquet, stilessstilinskistlinski, tatesmalia, tayloralisonswifts, taylorswifl, tracymccalls, tylerposesy, ughohara, useyourmelody, yonceknowles, zarrysus, zaytanmaliks,  zedmaliks,

hopefully i didn’t leave anyone out and thank you again!!


hi guys :) so i actually hit another thousand(yay jdshfkjdfds) so i decided to make this to thank you for making my dash such a nice place (if i didnt have nice things to reblog probably nobody would follow me so thank you ;). You make pretty edits and gifs and i never know what to say but i love all of your blogs ok <3. it means a lot to me when i see that one of you reblogged me i just klfskfldjfkdjfdsklfdsjkf. So thank you ;)

korday kayascodelar dinahjanes kordei myfifthharmony/zaynshell  
-allybrooke/tomlins dinahjine dinahjane97  l-aurmani  dopecabello  bows-n-beanies camz-cabello camilaandthecabellos  camilascabello camilacabellos camkordei fifthharmony jaureguisms dinahtwerkin omglaurenjauregui stybellos demilavats caminahscabello daily5thharmony normanikordei fifthtomatoes foxregui fierceregui harmoniousfive laurenjauregui laurenmjauregui laurenjaureguis laaurenjauregui lauren-dinah whoregui allysbrookes scarydinah crystalreed troyogletree lifecamz 5horbust 16yearsoldcamila 420normani fifthhoromony inpayne ohziall llirry zayniepaynie 

blogroll :)


yay! so i haven’t made a follow forever in forever and i’d promised one when i reached my last follower goal… so this is to celebrate the last month of summer and of course the usnwt’s world cup win! thank you all for making my dash a nice and happy place, whether you follow me or not - sorry if i forget anyone, ily all! (bolds are favs which are basically all of you)

#: 420normani 5harmosexual 5horbust 

a-e: alikriegers allybrroke allysbrookes bahlaurenza bows-n-beanies camilacabello camilascabello camz-cabello cawren coffeecaine dailyarianagifs debnamcabello dinahjaen dinahkorbae dinojauregui dopecabello dylansobriens

f-lfallingforlauren fifthharmonys fifthloves fifthtomatoes harmonizingyourdash hatescabello iguessyoucanjustcallmev jadelust jauregayforcamila jaureguisms jauguari justinsblackex kcbellos korday kordei kordei-pinnock kordeiscabello laurenholiday laurenjaurejui laurenjphotography laurensjauregui laurenjuaegui laurinah laurmanikordeixx lifecamz likesmariahs lovealexmorgan13

m-z: moviegeek120 myfifthharmony neurolingual nkjauregui nnormally norrmanikordei omglaurenjauregui pizzaoctavia pressjauregui pvrisjauregui skinnymani stybellos the1432 waake-my-dispositionn 



Hii, Gabriela here!!! SO, I woke up this morning and thought I should make my own FF and here is it: my very first follow forever. Last year I thought of doing one for christmas/new year but I was too lazy… SO LET’S DO THIS!!!  (better late than never huh?)

ps: you’re all wonderful people who make my dashboard so gorgeous. Thank u for being alive 。◕‿◕。

ps2: im sorry for the gifs quality

(#) a – j: 21hry allysbrookes a-warrior-movin-on binocularz brookekordei camilacabellus cawren camilascabello camilancabellocabiello chinajane cmlcabello camiladorkable dinahjhane dinahjaen dinahjanexodopecabello dinahlly fallingforlauren fierceregui fifthharmonys happally janedinah97jaureg jauguari jaureguisms jaurecute jxureguis janedinahs jensmalone 

k – z: kfcamila korday kordey kordei kcbelloskmilacabello laurinah laurensjaureguilaurenjauregui laurenjphotography laurenuregui laurenmjauregui laursmanilaurenjaureui ljauregui laurenjaureuqui laurencamillas lifecamz milasbellonormoani normani nkjauregui normanikordei nrmani ollebac okcaminah stybellostayjauregui xxlaurenjauregui

*if you’re bolded i probably love you more than i love myself

*if you’re NOT bolded i probably also love you more than i love myself


hiii okay, so i decided that with the year ending and probably due to the festivities going on around me, it’s resulted in me being in a merry mood, (you could say) and i wanted to make this holiday follow forever to show my appreciation for everyone that’s listed on this post, and to everyone else who is following me!!! thank you for brightening up my dash and making it oh so pretty (: merry christmas and have a wonderful holiday!!!!

#: 5hfans, 5horbust

A – I: adelaidekane, arcticsmonkeygifs, aristyles/normanis, bows-n-beanies, brittanas, cabellowing, camcabello, camilacabellos, camilcabello, caminahsjane, camz-cabello, comesclean/stybellos, cora-h, cora-hale, corafuckinghale, daanielasm, daily5thharmony, derrickhamilton, diannaagroner, dilaurentist, dinahjane97, donnaten, exarchoupoulos, fabledscott, hollsteins, htgawm-gifs, igetdrunkonsjealousy, injauregui, isaaclahye

J – Q: jaurmone, jingleposey, kordashians, korday, lauren-dinah, laurenjaureguo, laurenmjauregui, laurensjauregui, lawrencelloyd, lizshenstridge, maliatale, morrisonjens, myfifthharmony, neurolingual, niellhrn, normanikordayum, omglaurenjauregui, pizzavolk, putaregui, qualitynerd

R – Z: randomotaku, raven-clarke, sagaeharuki, selenamg, sleighkordei, softlycanthropy, sterek, stlinski, sydneyserota/chrissycostnza, thevampsoffical, turnersalexs, vampslamp, whoregui, yonceknowles, zedmaliks, zeymar

hopefully i didn’t forget anyone and if i didn’t put you on here i probably intended to but i also don’t put people i just followed recently so just remember that you’re all cool as heck!!!!!


helloo, i got bored and chose to make a short little follow forever to appreciate all the following blogs for mainly a) talking to me and/ or b) making perfect edits. thank you for putting up with me and my posts, and making my dash so pretty. i love you all and if you’re not on here, don’t take it personally i love you too and feel free to message me anytime :)

-allybrooke, 5h-perfection5harmosexualadorejauregui, argentally, bows-n-beaniescabelllos, camcabellocamila-cabellocamilancabello, camilascabellocamilasscabello, camilcabello, camz-cabello, camzhasmadskillzyo, cliffcrddinahtwerkin, eatmeoutkiranfckjauregui, fharmony, fierceregui, fifthharmoiny, fifthharmonyharmoniousfive, harmonizingyourdash, jareuguijauregucci, jaurmone, kordeilauren-jaureguilaurenjreguilaurenputaregui, michelemonteith, milazcabello, myfifthharmony, nkhamiltons, normanikordei, nrmanioneswish, screwcabello, shaymitchell, slayharrystybellos, supcamilacabello, teamfifthharmony, themikeinator, troyogletree, trulymadlyy-deeply, ughjauregui, useyourmelodywhoregui


Hi hello so i was gonna wait until i hit my next thousand (btw thank you for finding my blog worth following ily) to do a follow forever but i couldn’t wait lol so i decided to make my first -wooo- follow forever just to thank you all for being so awesome. I’ve had this blog for 2 years and I met so many amazing people here and i just wanna thank you guys for making my dash so amazing and for making Tumblr such a nice place. You’re all wonderful just like your blogs. Here we go:

Ps1: if you’re in bold hover over your blog (:

Ps2: if i forgot you im really sorry my memory sucks so bad but i still love you

jaureguisms dinahjine ☯ whoregui thugmilaa

les4lauren ☯ camilascabello ☯ omglaurenjauregui ☯

fifthtomatoes ☯ dinojauregui ☯ dinahjanes 

korday ☯ kordei☯ camliacabello97☯ jaureguijauregui ☯

afterzhocks ☯useyourmelody caminahscabello ☯

laurenmjaureguiqueenjaureguis ☯ ellendegenerates ☯

camilancabello ☯ kfcamila ☯ jaurehogui ☯ camz-cabello

fierceregui ☯ jauuregui ☯ stybellos ☯ pizzavolk ☯

acidcabello ☯ sunshinebello laaurenjauregui ☯ ohnocabello 


im mega bored and this happened, so yh. this is my summer follow forever, i love you all and i wouldn’t have as much fun on this website if it wasn’t for you guys. love, maisie x (ps graphic design is my passion)

literally went through my following list so in no particular order:

stopjesy2k15 normoani blackmagicaf clittlemix holendroden singlerichperrie fuckregui gayforzendaya sleighs perrieinla jadethirstwall norrmanikordei boobleigh katieheigls sebastiasnstan leighkink reflectiontour kordey nudejade zinahjane leighsbraids babysnormani pinncock pixeleigh blackgirlsvevo liammix zaynandpez wheresalbum3 jesysalute jadelust flopsyharry 5hsquad emojchic henderwall jauguari typicallystyles azexual perriemove pezzydrake isharrys dinahjaen zerrial perrielouise zeinmahlik jaurezayn zaurenjauregui withperrie dopecabello awperrie girlbandsrule thirls nnormani dopejade camilascabello camilasblake allybrroke godleigh leighandperrie bicepspayne jaureguisms jadelust jauregei leighade happally jadeawelia stybellos stardustcamila korday fallenforpayne littlemixtakes singleleigh2k15 milasbello margotrobbiesgf zaynhonestly dandeliams irishperrie gayforjade normanileigh gayfornormani harrymixer laurinah sunflowerleigh jesykordei fablirry glrlpower cockholmsyndrome woahlittlemix wowjesy perrieeele flreproofs pinnockalicious krlacabello withhazza paywnes


Happy Easter!! Thank you for being amazing and making my dash hilarious and beautiful! I love you and your blog!adorejauregui, adrencho, argentally, arianogrande, ariqrandes, camilacabellos, camilascabello, camliacabello, caminahz, dinahjane97, fallenforgrande/selmg, fierceregui, heyarigrande/kaydulay, jallbait, korday, kordei, legsopenforliz, liamopyne, lovinsit, ofdauntless, serfborts, shaymitchell, stybellos, tattoooedhearts, tinyari, trisprion, whoregui


Hi guys! I decided to make a follow forever in celebration of BO$$ and all the amazing bosses I follow!! Thank you for making my dash perfect and being the nicest people in the world! I love you all so much keep gettin’ them Oprah dollaz! (p.s. I follow from aristyles)

dinahjaen, camilascabello, lauren-dinah, camcabello, caminahz, fierceregui, -allybrooke, whoregui, kordei, stybellos, korday, argentally, cabelllos, myfifthharmony, adorejauregui, dinahjane97

hello hi yay a follow forever!!! basically i’m making this because it’s summer and i’m happy and bo$$ comes out soon ≧◉◡◉≦ aNd because i’m almost at 1,000 followers wow :-)))

basically, these first three were pretty much my first friends when i joined and we don’t talk much anymore sadface:( but hopefully we can now bc summer. anyways ily guys so much thanks for being rad (no particular order)

vanessa, eva, carla

and these people are people i see on my dash and reblog from a lot and i love them all even if i don’t talk to them (which should change pls) yayyaya ok (no particular order)

whoregui, dinahjane97, impossiblehero, socialcassualty, camilaslays, ofwhatevers, trashymalik, camilancabello-allybrooke, harmoniousfive, 420normani, troyogletree, dinahjaen, allren, stybellos, 5harmosexual, courall, kfcamila, camilascabello, camliacabello, putaregui, namila, fifthharmony, les4lauren, laurdinah, harmonyavenue

also here is my blogroll (i have other fandom side blogs so it’s v multi fandom in there)

**ps the blur app i used on my phone was a huge piece of shit and i just noticed i blurred a line through camila and im not going through the pain to fix it**

hiii so Holiday season is here and i just feel like I should thank a few people who helped making this year amazing. You all made me smile and laugh and you’re just overall awesome and ily. your blog fucking rocks and they make my dash so pretty (◡‿◡✿) Happy Holidays and may your wishes come true!! (i feel like im forgetting people im so sorry omg) (also tumblr new dimensions made my edit look shitty sorry for that as well)

Ps1: if you’re in bold hover over your blog (:

mistletoejauregui whoregui camilascabello 

neurolingual ✔caminahsjane✔ laurenjauresgui

fifthtomatoes malikjaureguis✔ injauregui ✔ korday  

sleighkordei  ✔ jaureguijauregui ✔ afterzhocks 

useyourmelody ✔ caminahscabello ✔ laurenmjauregui 

nkjauregui ✔ camilancabello ✔ kfcamila  ✔ jaureslay

camz-cabello ✔  fierceregui ✔ stybellos ✔ pizzavolk  

sunshinebello ✔ laaurenjauregui ✔ ohnocabello 

bows-n-beanies  ownreflections  ✔ hatescabello



hi so i haven’t made a follow forever in like 9 years (not really) and i feel like i should make one now because i wanted to let everyone know of my favorite blogs and because why not (sorry if i left you out i am genuinely so sorry omg but)

basketcaseirwin korday kordei derrickhamilton normanikordei allysbrookes dinahjanes dinahjine toowildemma lukesos stybellos camilacabellos camilascabello 5horbust whoregui lormilaz normanikourdei babysenoritaas troyogletree selenangomez selenamg xfifthharmony poppinmani 5hfans chloeslukasiak mixhaelclifford dinahjanen camicabellos michaelcliffords normanikirdei hoodthot btvs boomxkat roybnfenty normoani htmluke -allybrooke beyonseh serfborts 16yearsoldcamila mejicanas shaymitchell shereencuntkelvin zeysus 


Happy Summer Everyone! I hope you all have an amazing summer and thank you all so much for making my dash amazing! I love you and your blogs!!

heyarigrande/kaydulay, fallenforgrande/selmg, ariqrandes, camliacabello, legsopenforliz, ofdauntless, dinahjane97, adorejauregui, shallene, argentally, korday, lovinsit, arianogrande, stybellos, serfborts, tinyari, yoursttrulys, dinahjaen, camilascabello, camilasbellos, camilacabellos, caminahz, whoregui, kordei, fierceregui