Spirk Fic Rec List: 16 Spirk FanFics I Enjoyed

Most of them are based on the AOS universe, and the ones that are based on the TOS universe can be read as AOS universe. Make sure to read the summary and author’s notes before reading!

AU - Different first meetings

Kirk and Spock meet because Spock’s phone number gets written on a toilet cubicle wall in Starfleet Academy and Kirk starts sending him text messages!! This was so cute to read.

Ok so Spock wants to stop his Starfleet carreer and go back to Vulcan, until he meets Kirk and gets the BIGGEST crush on him.

Basically to keep the Enterprise, Kirk has to have a fake relationship with someone to show Starfleet that he is actually capable of being in a serious relationship. (It’s better explained in the fic where it actually makes sense.)

Warning: At first Jim is against the idea of him being gay because he’s so convinced that he’s straight. But throughout the fic he finds himself beginning to understand that he’s actually bisexual. It may look like a ‘straight with an exception’ fic at first but it’s really not! He just takes his time discovering his bisexuality.

Canon compliant

This fic totally fits in the AOS canon timeline, now Kirk is just sercretly a astrophysics genius who publishes under a pseudonym (Dr. Kirkpatrick I MEAN) and Spock has the HUGEST crush on him. This was so fucking fun to read. Spock is SO obvious in this fic.

After the mind meld with Spock Prime, Kirk starts to feel cold. It’s like he can’t live without melding with Spock… this was so good.

Spock and Kirk are together but Spock doesn’t really touch Kirk’s hands. So immediately Jim thinks he’s doing something wrong but the reality is that Spock gets SUPER horny from touching hands.

Basically they swap bodies and end up fucking each other like that… this was oddly good.

Spock is REALLY good at giving back rubs. You know how this is gonna end.

Again ‘Spock is REALLY good at giving massages. You know how this is gonna end.’ because? Spock is just amazing at massages apparently.

Kirk gives Spock a kitten and Spock with a kitten is just the cutest shit in the whole universe. 

It’s cold on the Enterprise and Kirk starts standing closer and closer next to Spock. For body heat of course.

Spock can’t contain his feelings for his captain anymore and starts stealing Vulcan kisses.

Warning: Some can consider this dub/con since Spock basically gives Kirk Vulcan kisses without asking him first.

On a hive mind planet (like in Beyond) the crew ends up sharing their thoughts and memories for a night.

Warning: Mentions of Chekov and Bones being in love.

Spock and Kirk are imprisoned and basically Kirk ends up almost dying. SO MUCH ANGST.

Warning: Mentions of torture.

They end up on a planet inhabited by a nudist colony. Kirk has no problem adjusting to their lifestyle. Also pubic hair gets dyed.

Warning: Might be a little OOC since I have no idea if Kirk would actually go totally nude just because the colony on the planet does it. Also Uhura might seem a bit OOC as well since she ends up going nude as well (though not as extreme as Kirk).

Spock starts asking Kirk about his previous sexual encounters with men. Spock is very insecure and just wants Kirk to love him ok??

Warning: Mentions of previous sexual assault and child abuse.

Can we talk about how, in Into Darkness, when Kirk and Scotty are hanging from the railing and Chekov catches them, Chekov was only there because he disobeyed the order to evacuate?

This kid has been Chief Engineer for less than a day. And it has been the shittiest day ever–getting blamed for all this stuff that isn’t his fault, that isn’t even supposed to be his job. But when the warp core goes offline and the ship starts to crash and everyone else in Engineering evacuates, Chekov stays behind to try to fix it.

Because Kirk gave him a job to do. Kirk trusted Chekov to look after this ship, and Chekov is going to do that, or he’s going to die trying.

I would just like to point out that as part of Khan’s background, Marcus included that he was one of the nine survivors from Tarsus IV.  Now, that would be really weird considering it was acknowledged that there were nine survivors before Khan had his fake background as John Harrison.  But, what if Marcus took advantage of someone deleting their background on Tarsus in his medical file; it doesn’t say he was there so Marcus took the opportunity and gave the deleted information to Harrison.  But who would be smart enough to hack into a Starfleet database?  Who would be desperate enough to want to erase that part of his memory from official records?  It never happen… at least not to him.

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