ToZ The X #25 - Final

Okay. I actually say something I never thought I would: I really like the ending of ToZ The X (apart from the way Sorey goes into his “slumber” and Alisha suddenly becoming Queen - that just seems weird to me). 

  • The people are trying to honor the seraphs again
  • Lailah is guiding the next shepherd
  • Eizen is slowly returning to normal, w. Edna & Zaveid watching over him
  • Rose has long hair (super pretty)
  • Alisha and Rose are totally being into each other
  • EpiLeo (so god damn beautiful)
  • Sorey and Mikleo’s reunion
  • Heldalf getting a second chance
  • Water Armatus until the end

But at the end of the day, I still like the game a whole lot more than the anime ‘cause the anime just isn’t that good, aside from the ending.

Lucas still has feelings for Riley but he’s dating Maya. Riley still has feelings for Lucas but insists Lucas and Maya date. Maya dates Lucas but can tell he still likes Riley. And Charlie is clinging to any attention Riley will give. Can these characters chill for a minute?

anonymous asked:

All time favourite new girl episode? You can only pick one!!! PS I need to tell you how much I love your blog way more than i do... it's a real 10/10 😂

THANK YOU! :) 10/10, that’s pretty damn good. You sure you haven’t clicked on the wrong blog?


Easy. I have a lot of close joint seconds and thirds but my number one spot definitely goes to Elaine’s Big Day, and it probably always will be Elaine’s Big Day. And I am very okay with that.

Not only does it deliver the emotions, but it delivers the laughs. And the kiss at the end is damn near magical, what with the streetlights in the night shining, and the blurred focus on the background, laughing, and a newfound potential for the future. 

Let me tell you this: I am not a fan of big romantic speeches. I’m just not. They’re too icky for me, a person declaring their so-called all-compassing love for a person just before they leave forever, listing all the things they love about them and being all perfect and polished and charming and crap. Then the other person obviously is all, ‘Oh my god the person was right here in front of me all along and oh look they happen to be a perfect match for me’ and they share a kiss while promising never to be apart again. They have a happy ever after and buy a house with a picket fence and have two perfect kids, one boy and one girl. There ain’t ever a weed on that lawn.

I loved that speech. I loved the hesitancy and vagueness of it. It wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t a big declaration of love; that would have been out of character. It wasn’t Jess listing why she liked Nick and how she did so, so much. 

It was a woman — who had just escaped from a dickish badger — asking for another chance at a relationship with her best friend because she thought they had something. And she didn’t know what that something was, but it was something. And you know that if Nick had said no — of course he never would have, just bear with me — she would have continued to be his best friend no matter what even if it was painful as hell.

Nick doesn’t need to form a reply. Actions speak louder than words, and from the way he just kisses her, his thoughts are clear as Day without a syllable from his mouth.

They drive off into the night, bickering, and everything seems like it really could be all alright.


These characters are inherently flawed. I love that, and I love how the episode/show doesn’t gloss over that and instead uses these to make them more captivating. The funny imperfections are what make me want to root for Nick and Jess, and for all the characters, in fact. They are what make these characters seem real, and therefore, in a way, they are real to us.

I’ve watched the ending so much that It’s Always You by The Vaccines has become one of my favourite songs of all time.

TLDR: Elaine’s Big Day. It’s cool.