CCEE Day Two

Pulled out the ol’ Stuttgart Loki because it was snowing (see photo 2, where Loki becomes one with the snow) and this costume involves wearing my actual winter coat.  Met up with the wonderful teadrunktailor as well as a few other awesome Loki cosplayers.

**Note 1: Loki cosplayers are drawn to the Weta booth.  Photos 4 and 5 were taken beside the Weta booth, and 6 was in the hallway just outside the doors by the Weta booth.  So if you go to the Calgary Expo and want to see Lokis, just hang out by the Weta booth.  All Lokis will eventually find their way to Weta.**

**Note 2: the reptile booth was beside the Weta booth.  Maybe Lokis are there to handle lizards?**

If you know any of the cosplayers in the bottom three photos, please let me know and I’ll credit them!  EDIT: photo 5 is bambistark.


I said, KNEEL!  Best of all of the Loki’s: Anime Banzai 2012

Pictured here, basically all of the Loki’s that attended Anime Banzai.  I, Thor, gathered them into my large man-arms at all opportunities.  We engulfed Stuttgart and Horns (my nicknames) into our already-established group and it was glorious.

The only variation of Loki that’s missing is Liesmith-Loki’s Jotun look, as shown below and in that link.

THOR: Thundering-God

AVENGERS LOKI (muzzle/one-pauldron): Liesmith-Loki

KID LOKI: Volatile-Self-Obsessed


AVENGERS LOKI (helmet/formal armor): Damien, aka Horns

AVENGERS LOKI (one-pauldron): Lokis-Lies


Femme Stuttgart Loki Cosplay - Update

Here is a little update of my completed Cane for my Loki Cosplay.

I took an old hollow clothes rail pole, a Flash Bleach Spray Bottle, a Milk Bottle, some craft foam and a Glue Gun and got to work!

I cut to top off the Bleach Spray Bottle and cut out the shape (very neatly already contoured into the bottle) of the window for the Cosmicy Glow.

I then padded it out with Craft Foam and glued it to the top of cane working with a few layers of Craft Foam I cut out templates for based on images of the original cane in helpful screen caps as the ones below!

I glued these on carefully piece by piece and added detailing in the form of thin strips of Craft Foam - those were damm hard to do!

I glued some Bracelet Gemstones to the inside of the Bleach Spray Bottle so any light from the LED is reflected back out of the cane.

I then cut a piece of Milk Bottle plastic to slip inside and made a window to place the LED inside.

I sealed the top of the hollow pole so the LED wouldn’t drop through and the bottom with a handy Bottle Cork which had a nice shaped cap to it!

I used the rest of the Bleach Spray Bottle to cut out a lid which I attached to the base with elastic glue gunned in place so I can have access to the LED at all times in case if fails, so I may replace it, or shifts to “off”, so I can sort it.

Finally I added craft foam to the top of the cane to give it a uniform texture and base for painting onto and then covered the window in masking tape ready for spray painting.

The first can of Spray Paint did less than 2 coats. So after the first layers I had to buy 2 more cans.

I added another 2 layers the next day and unfortunately overnight the paint had cracked. Still unsure if I did the layers too thick, if it was too cold where I left it overnight and that affected it or a combination of the both.

So the next day I added 2 more layers using hairspray in between (as suggested by a friend) to help lessen the effect of the cracks and finally tacked the lid down using white tack (as I ran out of the velcro I wanted to use to my dismay)

Overall - I am happy with my first ever attempt at a cosplay prop / weapon and know for next time things to avoid doing and hopefully my future projects will be even better!

Previous post including the outfit so far can be found >> here <<

Cosplay So Far :

  • Skirt - eBay - £3.24
  • Waistcoat - eBay - £4.52
  • Tie - Charity Shop - £0.99
  • Dress Coat - eBay - £11.50
  • Scarf - eBay - £2.12
  • Ribbon - Local Market - £2.00
  • Shoes - eBay - £3.99
  • Pretty Earrings - A gift from a wonderful friend many moons ago
  • LED for Cane x3 (Not Pictured) - eBay - £2.97
  • Back Seam Tights (Not Pictured) - Local Market - Already had purchased these

Awaiting :

  • White Long Sleeve Button up Collar Blouse

Still to do :

  • Sew remaining Tassles onto Scarf (Half Done - Not pictured)
  • Work out how to style hair.
  • Paint Nails on the day.
  • Do some light Make up on the day.

I have a green bag borrowed from my Mum to carry all my tickets and other paraphernalia which I feel is in keeping with Femme Loki and I am super excited and super nervous for my time at MCM Birmingham Comic Con :D