I’m posting these cuz they actually look pretty cool on my opinion. 
In the Art Museum of Stuttgart was an exhibition and there were a few portaits about fan communities and one of them was Iron Maiden so the teacher took a few pics with me and that portait :Dd


Triadisches Ballett (Triadic Ballet) is a ballet developed by Oskar Schlemmer. It premiered in Stuttgart, on 30 September 1922, with music composed by Paul Hindemith and with the performers Elsa Hotzel and Albert Burger. The ballet became the most widely performed avant-garde artistic dance and while Schlemmer was at the Bauhaus from 1921 to 1929, the ballet toured, helping to spread the ethos of the Bauhaus”- Wikipedia Link

Filmed version of this ballet (30 minutes) is available for viewing here.


Stuttgart, Germany (by DelightTurkish)