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Hello! What do you of Bleyton/Paine?

Hi! I kinda love them, which is one of the reasons why I followed you back: it’s so awesome and rare to come across a fellow Peyton/Blaine shipper! I’ve only seen the first two seasons, though, and am trying to avoid S3 spoilers until I catch up. If you check out the AO3 link on my sidebar, I started a hiatus fic for them; the next chapter will go up once my Camp Nanowrimo madness ends. :)

My more specific thoughts: I adore him, he was a very upfront villain who didn’t fancy himself any better than his actions, and she came back to face her fears and rejoin her family…and I honestly think that when they first met and he didn’t know her connection to Liv, he just enjoyed her, and enjoyed being human again, and got blamed for way more scheming than he actually intended. Amnesia!Blaine gives me all the feelings and I look forward to finding out how much of his past Peyton feels she can justify holding against him when he isn’t who he was because he doesn’t know who he is. Plus the rescue! :D


This is my new favorite thing

Literally please please don’t interrupt people who have speech impediments to correct or rush them.

That includes not interrupting:

• Stuttering

• Really slow speech / lots of pauses or ums

• People who have difficulty being concise because thats really common for autism/adhd/other nd brains

• People with lisps/slurred speech due to a natural impediment

• People who repeat themselves without meaning to (another nd brain thing)

We KNOW that our speech isn’t typical, and a lot of us (though not speaking (yes that was a pun) for all of us) are pretty sensitive about it.

By interrupting you disrupt our train of thought, and in some cases we will literally forget everything about what we were going to say.

Also noah fence but if you interrupt to mock, laugh at, or get angry at us for our speech I hope you have a bad day and step on a lego.