sturtevent falls

Day 1 : Part 1

Our first day on our crazy adventure. We were supposed to go to Devore Camp with a stop at Sturtevant Falls. 4 Miles out we were getting eaten alive by horseflies and mosquitos. We couldn’t even stop to take a break without the hoards dropping in on us. I hoped climbing up and out of the canyon would help us escape. So we kept hiking. 8 Miles from the trailhead we ran into some other people coming down who told us it was even worse at Devore Camp.

So we decided to bail. We hiked down to Sturtevant Camp, pitched the tent to escape the bugs and take a nap. Then hiked out of there and went on a search for food. My sister is a champ for her second backpacking trip ever, and her first one in a long long time. We didn’t even backpack overnight the first night.

PS: I was under the assumption I could put my hat in my pack and it would bounce back to normal after. It didn’t.


ok, look, a house!

i’m obsessed with these little cabins in the angeles national forest (which is why i’ve posted them before). and i don’t really want to know much about them, as i prefer to think of them as abandoned hobbit houses.
or something.

there are around 50 of them, perched over and next to the river that might or might not have a name and that runs through sturtevant falls. sturtevant river?

and at present they’re all boarded up and kind of ominous.
but pretty.
and ominous.
and without electricity.
just waiting for their hobbits.

oh, and they’re also in los angeles. i mean, i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it many times again in the future, tautologically, but we live in a very odd city county place.

if you live in, say, new york.  or brussels.  or berlin.  or tokyo.  you might be asking yourself, legitimately, ‘how is this a city?’
but yes, it is.
and/or county.
urban semantics.
with hobbits.