My mom was one of the first people to hug me right after Retreat concluded and we were dismissed to our family. Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of myself in my ABUs, but I’ve got a bunch in my Blues to upload later, and a few blurry ones from when I was marching at Parade the day after that (we wore ABUs and IRS Parkas for that instead of our dress Blues because the weather was in the 20s/30s)

Well, shit, I accidentally deleted this picture when I was trying to put it under the ‘sturmme’ tag, so I’m going to re-upload it and we’re all going to pretend I wasn’t a dumbbutt and didn’t accidentally delete it in the first place.


Also I really miss that hair.

I had it for like four years, I loved it.

Also that jacket I’m pretty sure some chick I used to make out with has it now. For being denim it was actually pretty god damn comfortable.

This was right after I first cut my hair into whatever the hell it is now, after I’d had the mohawk for almost four years.

It worked for me, still does. Gets kind of ragged and messed up from time to time but whatever, I like it.

when i first got rid of the longer mohawk (before going back to a much shorter one) i experimented around with different haircuts and i don’t really remember it but apparently i’d thought this was a good look for me

what the hell