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honestly BLESS the fact that sam can't seem to close his beautiful, pretty pink mouth like EVER. bless his confused!open mouth, his in-pain!open mouth, his scared!open mouth, his surprised!open mouth, his shocked!open mouth, his angry!open mouth, his huffy!open mouth, his-

—not-always-open-mouths like his sturgeon face!mouth and his oh-damn!mouth and his not-impressed!mouth and his yikes!mouth and all the WTFery he is capable of expressing. Hnngh yes honestly bless Sam Winchester’s mouth in its expressiveness and loveliness and hilarity. (And bless this ask.)

And, of course, bless his radiant-smiling!mouth.

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Mirror, Mirror: Chapter 2

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stefan x reader
word count: 2,137

authors note: i finally made a playlist for this series. you can either find it here, or on the index page for this story! :) 

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playlist series

summary: delia finally meets stefan, but he remains distant. kol plans a frat party and delia and willow find something suspicious in an old scrapbook. 

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The Good Neighbor (Part 3)

Prompt: A series of unfortunate events lead to you being in a journey with a total stranger.
Inspired by the prompt #11 on Kait’s 5k milestone AU writing challenge. “Why do you keep trying to mow the lawn while I’m sleeping? Fuck you!”

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Sickness, swearing, feeling uncomfortable…
*If you do feel triggered by anything else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 1,348

Author’s Note: What about some backstories??
As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1  —  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The car came to a stop on the parking lot of a little restaurant, Steve had clearly parked as close from the entrance as he could. You heard him get off the car and took a deep breath before opening your door and getting out.

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You’ve Gotta Let Me Fight [1]

Title: You’ve Gotta Let Me Fight

Characters: Winchester brothers, Winchester!reader

Words: 1600

[Angst, blood]

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You walked towards the front door of Bobby’s worn house. You’ve been there so many times in your life that you knew the way automatically. As you reached the hall, you grabbed a coat that was hanging on a metal hook on the wall, as it was cold out. Then you grasped the handle, and opened the door to greet the gesture that was waiting by the end of the porch, the one you had spotted through one of the dirty windows.

At first you didn’t remember why you were here, but by now you had figured it out. It all started this morning, or at least you thought it was earlier the same day.

You shut the door of the Impala after you had seated yourself in the backseat. The car dipped down on both sides as your older brothers sat down in the front seat, Dean behind the wheel and Sam shotgun, you all sat where you always did.

”Okay, listen up guys,” Dean began as he turned on the engine and the Impala came to life with a growl. ”This is way beyond our usual stuff. It’s gonna be fugly.”

”I’m pretty sure that’s not how you use fugly…” You spoke up, snickering. You knew he had serious stuff to say, but you weren’t really in the mood for listening to it.

”Shut up.” Dean retorted as he rolled his eyes. ”What I was going to say before you rudely interrupted me, was that we gotta be careful. There’s going to be a helluva lot of nasty demons there, so watch out.”

”Yeah, sure,” Sam nodded as Dean pulled out of the parking lot.

Then Sam looked back at you, in a questionable matter, as if he was waiting for your response.

”When am I ever not careful?” You asked as you raised one of your eyebrows.

Sam made the sturgeon face, and you scoffed.

What they didn’t know was that you, only an hour earlier, had discovered something. A spell, enchantment, exorcism, whatever you want to call it. What for? That’s right, demons. Supposedly you just need a crucifix, your own blood and then to say some words in latin, simple as that. According to the old dusty book you had found, it could exorcise and kill every demon in up to a 100 feet radius. The catch, because there’s always one, was that it was very powerful and therefore dangerous to use. The thing was that it used your energy to fuel the exorcism. Allegedly. So, preferably, you wouldn’t have to use it but if it came to that point, you would absolutely try. You promised yourself that.

You didn’t exactly know why you hadn’t told Sam and Dean. Maybe because it wasn’t safest and most reliable plan. To sum it up, they wouldn’t have let you use it. Or, they would have wanted to use it themselves instead. But just like you imagined them not wanting you to risk your welfare to do it, you didn’t want them to risk their safety.

About 40 minutes later you found yourself in a hotel lobby, of all places. A metallic smell with a touch of sulfur filled your nose, while grunting, gasping and screaming filled your ears. The white walls were splattered with crimson and a few dead bodies lied on the checkered floor in pools of blood. Some had been part of the hostage, three of them were demons. You didn’t spend much time thinking about it in the moment, you felt bad enough.

A slam was heard as Sam was thrown into a wall to your right. Further into the room, Dean was fist fighting a blacked eyed mo-fo. The remaining hostage screamed in terror. You could see that there were more demons about to join you, through the windows. The summary was that you were getting your asses kicked.

There was just so much people. That was all you could think about. The hostages were at least half a dozen, you hadn’t had time to count them. The demons were far more than that. You thought about the demons. You would love to gank them all, but the truth was that they possessed someone. Someone with family and friends, a whole life. And when you and your brothers killed the demons, you killed them too.

You were sure, it was time to bring out the secret weapon of yours. You didn’t care that you might get hurt, it was for the greater good. A lot of peoples lives were at stake, including your brothers’, the people you cared most about in the world.

At the moment you didn’t have any demon after you, but judging by the situation another one would enter the lobby in approximately 7 seconds and give you a hard time. So, you had to work fast. Gripping your knife, you quickly rolled up your sleeve and made a cut in your arm, accidentally going deeper than necessary in the hurry. You winced as your face scrunched up in pain. You could hear your heartbeat throbbing in your ears as the blood pooled fast, and were soon dripping. Meanwhile you had run over to the nearest wall, which was only a couple of steps away. You dipped your index and middle finger in the red and sloppily drew a pentagram. Then you shoved your hand into your pocket, and to your relief you found the necklace with the crucifix, right where you had put it. You grabbed ahold of the chain and held it in front of you body. You were all set.

You had worked so fast that Sam hadn’t even had the time to fully stand up yet, instead he was groggily in the middle of returning to his full height. However, he had managed to catch a glimpse of what you were doing and his gaze flickered between you and the demon that he was fighting. You briefly met his eyes, but looked away.

The demons from the outside came closer. It was time.

”"Exorcizamus te, Omnis Immundus Spiritus, Omnis Satanica Potestas, Omnis Incursio Infernalis Adversarii, Omnis Congregatio et Secta Diabolica…” Your voice was rushed, but loud and clear. Your grip around the necklace was so tight that your knuckles whitened.

The other demons entered the door. They would reach you in 3, 2—

”Ergo Draco Maledicte, Ut Ecclesiam Tuam Servire, Tibi Facias Libertate Secura, Te Rogamus, Audi Nos!”


You whipped around so fast that your hair became a mess as it flew into your eyes. Immediately, you slammed your palm against the pentagram with determination, and instantly a bright light engulfed the building and the streets outside as you where thrown to the ground by the force.

When the whiteness ultimately faded, you were greeted with the sight of folks confusedly sitting up from lying on the ground. You watched as they rubbed their heads and looked around themselves. The former hostage looked indescribably relieved, some whispering thank you in the direction of the sky, and others cried happy tears.

Your eyes found Dean, he was sitting on the floor by the wall opposite to you. His green orbs were wide open, and a grin of awe spread on his face. You couldn’t help but the let out a breath of relief, a smile tugging at you lips too. Your gaze travelled to Sam, who was sprawled on the floor where you had seen him last. He seemed okay, too.

You made it.

You felt something tickle underneath your nose, so you quickly and subtly wiped the back of your hand against the small area. What you didn’t expect was for it to be covered in drops of blood afterwards. Nosebleed. How did that happen?

You furrowed your eyebrows, but as you did so a penetrating pain flashed through your head, making you clench your jaw and groan. When you tried to relax the demolishing pain disappeared, but it left behind a throbbing ache.

When you finally could focus on your surroundings again, you saw that both Sam and Dean had almost reached you. The rest had also returned to their feet and were starting to leave the tormented hotel behind, badly shaken up, but unharmed.

”That was awesome.” Dean blurted out, his eyes still huge.

”Yeah, it was incredible. What on earth did you do?” Both Sam’s expression and tone were filled with curiosity and astonishment.

”I tried a little something-something.” You informed them, because you didn’t even really know what it was. The name of it, for example, you had no idea. ”Found it in a book this morning.”

Sam reached out a hand, you took it and he pulled you up. You managed to let out another groan in the process, something that did not go undetected by your brothers.

”Hey! Hey, are you okay?” Dean questioned and reached out his arms towards you, in case you needed support.

Both of their expressions had been morphed into worry as they looked at you.

”Not really, but I’m sure it will pass soon.” You responded, although you didn’t really believe your own words.

They both nodded. Then, Sam reached out and carefully wiped a bit of nosebleed away with the fabric of his jacket, that already was quite bloodied. You looked up at him, and you saw how his eyes held a mix of worry and admiration. His gave you a little half smile, showing his dimples.

”Ready to leave?”

”Most definitely.”  

To be continued…

Part 2 coming soon

Title: The Hunter’s Little Mermaid (part 2)

Words: 803

Request:  Ahh continue the mermaid imagine!!! Please!!!

                 you should post a second part of the mermaid SamxReader its                      was really good.


“So no case today?” Y/N asked, hoping the boys hadn’t found any omens in the area. 

“Nope.” Sam said.

Dean wondered over, “You mean to tell me there’s nothing within a hundred mile radius that doesn’t need killin’?”

“It seems to be all quiet on the hunting front around here.”

A smile tugged at the corners of Y/N’s mouth as she sprouted an idea. It’d been weeks since she’d swam, really being able to exercise her tail. Driving into town, she’d noticed a large lake not far from the motel. 

“What if we go to the beach?” 

Dean turned, scrunching his face at the randomness of her suggestion. 


“There was a lake not to far from here. We’ve got the day off, why not go and have a little fun in the sun? Plus I’ve been dying to get swimming again.” Y/N answered. 

Sam saw no problem with the idea, making his classic sturgeon face, mulling it over. 

“Sure, why not.” 

“Fine. But you won’t catch me swimming anywhere. I’m good with sitting back with a cold one.” Dean said.

The hunters packed quickly, wanting to get the most out of the day. They packed a few towels from the bathroom, a cooler of beers and whatever food was already in the Impala. The dirt road winded this way and that way through a deeply wooded area. Y/N pointed out the lake, the sun reflecting off its gently swaying surface. Stepping out of the car, Sam grabbed the towels and snacks, Dean carrying his precious cooler. 

Across the sand Y/N ran, kicking off her shoes as she went. Dean sat on a beached piece of driftwood, sporting a pair of black sunglasses, which Y/N had never seen him in. Of course there was no such thing as a day of without a beer for Dean Winchester. His sipped on the cheap beer, surprised his was actually enjoying himself. 

Inching into the water, Y/N could feel herself changing quickly. 

“Sam aren’t you coming in?” she shouted to him. 

Sam didn’t own a bathing suit, he’d never needed one. He squinted, his hand at his forehead, trying to block out the sun.

“Maybe in a little bit.” he replied. 

“Suit yourself!” Y/N threw herself backwards, totally immersing herself.

Y/N’s clothes floated the the surface. Balling them up, she threw them to shore, hoping Sam would catch them. Instead the wad of soaking clothes smacked Dean directly in the face. 

The boys could hear Y/N laughing from inside the lake. Sam snickered of course. Why wouldn’t he? 

“Did she seriously just throw her clothes at me?” Dean mumbled, wiping his face with the sleeve of his jacket. 

“Sorry!” Y/N called out, still laughing.

Y/N swam further in to the lake, disappearing under the surface. Sam watched for any sign as to her location underwater. Ten minutes had gone by and Sam was getting worried. He knew there was no reason to be, but Y/N was his girlfriend, so he was naturally protective over her. Suddenly Y/N appeared, her tail flipping out of the water. 

“Come on Sam!” she hollered. 

“Go on, she doesn’t wear a shell bra does she?” Dean asked, raising his eyebrows suggestively. 

Sam rolled his eyes. 

“Alright! Just give me a sec.” he replied. 

Y/N waited, floating in the small waves of the lake. Sam removed his jacket and plaid flannel, setting them next to Dean. Dean’s eyes widened.

“Dude, I’m flattered, but not looking for a peep show.” he said. 

Sam jogged down to the shoreline in nothing but his jeans. He walked out at least fifty feet before the water line met his chest. Sam propelled himself forward toward Y/N. Tall as he was, Sam’s feet could no longer feel the lake’s sandy bottom. 

“Don’t worry I won’t let you drown.” Y/N joked. “Let’s go!”

Inhaling deeply, Sam followed Y/N deep underwater. He opened his eyes to see that the lake was for the most part, very clear. Below Sam were vines of algae, rocks and tiny green fish swimming around him. Sam struggled to keep up with Y/N, her tail on the obvious advantage. 

Y/N’s tail moved like silk underwater, flowing perfectly with her movements. She backtracked, grabbing Sam’s hand, tugging him through the water. Y/N lead him around the lake, periodically stopping to let him breath. The evening drew to an end and the water grew too cold for Sam. He changed into a fresh pair jeans behind the Impala, and brought Y/N her clothes, which had dried in the sun. Sam pulled Y/N out of the water, handing her a towel. He turned his back to her as she changed, making sure Dean wasn’t trying to sneak a peek. Packed up and ready to go, the hunters crossed the beach to the Impala, all three satisfied with their day off. 


Blue Eyes Blind (Part 2)

Word Count: 2140

Pairings: Castiel x Demon!Reader

Summary: You should have known better than to disobey a direct order from the King of Hell. Now you’ve got a target on your back, and your only hope of survival lies in the hands of two hunters and an angel who would be just as happy to kill you too. There’s never a dull moment when everybody wants a piece of you. (Canon-divergent around S6).

Chapter Summary: The Winchesters have agreed to help you, and you come up with a plan to deal with Crowley. Jesse reveals a secret about your relationship. Cas gets used as cleaning equipment.

Warnings: none

A/N: Finals week is killing me, yo. Hope your week is less stressful. If you’d like to be added to (or removed from) the taglist, send me an ask!

Previously: Part 1

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Dirt. Grime. Cobwebs. This place was like an abandoned haunted house. It was already filled with monsters - a cambion, a demon, a murderous angel, a hunter who expelled gas more toxic than sulfur. All it lacked was the mood-setting music of anguished screams.

“Not that I was expecting a Holiday Inn,” you remarked as you surveyed the room with a critical eye, “but if we were to go somewhere worse than here, we’d be in Hell.”

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Seriously, I’m not bashing Jared. I don’t hate Jared. I quite like him! He’s funny and smart, and he seems like a sweet guy. I like his sturgeon face.

And I think he sometimes takes the “pranks” too far and doesn’t think about how the victim feels about it.

Believe it or not, fandom, it’s possible to like someone and to criticize them at the same time!