sturdy steel

The sun continues to rise but it lacks the life it used to possess

“Your name is Icarus and you will do anything you can to reach him
You fly high
Your waxen wings feeling as sturdy as steel as you soar into the clouds
Reaching for the sun

Your name is Apollo and you reach down
Trying to catch the boy flying towards you
His skin is dark and his hair a mess of curls and you hope
You hope that this angel’s wings will hold

Your name is Icarus and you will be damned if your father does not approve
His wings have long since failed him and his life has no say in yours
You stare straight into the sun knowing that even if it blinds you it will be the most beautiful thing
You will ever see

Your name is Apollo and you are the sun that shines and the bird that sings and you will not
See this boy fall
Your only desire is to hold him
Your only want is to touch him
Your only prayer is to feel him

Your name is Icarus and you tried to reach for god
You try to meet him even when you know you could burn
You know you could fall
All you want is to hold his hand in your palm
His lips against yours
His breath on your neck

Your name is Apollo and you have fallen for Icarus

Your name is Icarus and you have flown too close to the sun

Your name is Apollo and you will catch him

Your name is Icarus and you cannot be caught

Your name is Apollo and godhood is not worth this

Your names are Icarus and Apollo and you are a boy and the sun

Your names are Icarus and Apollo and the ocean boils around you

Your names are Icarus and Apollo and you finally are able to hold, to touch, to feel

Your names are Icarus and Apollo and you have no need to be the world’s sons as long as you have each other

Your name is Icarus and you have grasped the sun

Your name is Apollo and you have caught him”

                                                                             -Jackson Purcell

@totallynotasupercomputer: “How about Todoroki going full Endeavor because Momo got hurt?” 

Note: Thanks for your request! This one is more serious and also to those wondering if Komeda Coffee is a thing…well it is! Its a coffee shop originated from Nagoya and is famous for their Shiro-noir dessert :) Enjoy!

In which the flames aren’t just red

 It’s not every day you get to see Noumus busting into the city, stomping on pedestrians and wreaking havoc in Yaoyorozu’s favourite Komeda Coffee.  But there they are. Sparks flying, buildings set ablaze with pieces of concrete whirling through the air. Not that this was completely new to her.

She shot out of her seat the second she heard the alarm. Yaoyorozu didn’t even have time to sigh. Screams of panic and turmoil coerced her to work quickly, leading those in need out of the facility first. Some of the employees in the kitchen hurdled out the counter and ripped off their aprons as they ran. Yaoyorozu made lights (with fully charged batteries of course) instantaneously and positioned them along the exits as the power in the coffee shop wheezed into a stop.

She hadn’t forgotten the training she received from the pro rescue hero, 13, who gave both Uraraka and her some private lessons right before their graduation. He did praise the two for their talents and if there was any merit to it, she had better put it to good use.

 “Over here!” She waved her arm over to the closest exit and then forged a metal girder to hold up the ceiling to her left. She yelled once more, even louder, “DON’T PANIC! I’M HERE, JUST FOLLOW THIS PATH.”

An abrupt rumble warned her of the collapse of a nearby column and Yaoyorozu leapt into action. Moving fast to cover the young boy crying next to the concaving structure, a sturdy steel panel popped out from both her elbows to cushion its fall. The boy, red eyed with swollen cheeks, hugged her in gratitude and ran out to his mom.

 If only 13 could see her now.

 “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK” An ugly, gut-wrenching shriek dragged the heroine back to the task at hand and two Noumus stood there, greeting her with its drooling beaks.

 Of course, the wreckage was only the prelude to the fight.

“One of those Frankensteins, I would be able to handle, but two?” Yaoyorozu said to herself under her breath and gulped. This was not going to be in her favour. She hurried to press the emergency back-up button on her costume and did a brief 360 around the room. If she wanted to survive, she’s going to need to know her surroundings. At least everyone had already escaped.

Within two seconds, one of the Noumus jumped into midair, crashing through the ceiling and came hurling down, just as fast, aiming right for Yaoyorozu. She dodged by the skin of her teeth. Along her arm, a shot gun began to show itself. Wasting no time, Yaoyorozu skidded to a halt and pulled the trigger right at the Noumu’s face.

 Brain goo and whatever else that was pink was blown out, making a loud SPLAT onto someone’s abandoned coffee mug. She knew that was only enough to hold him off until he regenerated.

The other Noumu came charging in and did an indiscriminate swipe at her, perhaps noticing that its partner was temporarily out of commission (heck, what was Yaoyorozu thinking, they don’t even have the intellect to understand what ‘partner’ meant, so nevermind). Once more, she pivoted on her right heel and evaded the blow.

 I can’t do this forever, the unpleasant thought made her throat dry with anxiety, maybe five more minutes and I’d be as good as dead.

 A stray piece of wood whooshed past her as one of them hammered their fist into a table. The creature twisted it’s neck a few times, eyeballs whirling around to focus, until its pupils centred at the girl. That was probably one of the most disgusting things she had ever seen, if you don’t count the brain guts from the other guy. Yaoyorozu breathed deeply a few times to calm herself, carefully analyzing her next move. It’s okay, Yaoyorozu thought, just pretend this is another strategy game…like chess.

One exhale and she picked up her head. Her weight was on her right leg, ready to leap with her left once-

 She was a second off.  The Noumu charged head first into her torso, subsequently latching onto her throat. She could smell fresh blood and decay from its foul breath. Fear protruded from every orifice on her body and for the millionth time, she questioned why she was able to become a heroine.

No, I won’t lose, she thought as her desperate attempt in prying the lab experiment off her neck was to no avail. Yaoyorozu created a sharp blade from her neck, stabbing right through the Noumu’s palm. The Noumu screamed in agony, looking even more insane than it did a minute ago, and still, it did not let go.  Using the other hand, the Noumu plucked out the blade and threw it onto the floor.

Yaoyorozu eyed the blade, any previous desire to praise herself gone. Even that didn’t work.

Her shaking arms lifted up, but the sweat in her fingers plagued her as she tried to get traction along the Noumu’s wrist. Her mouth opened slightly, trying as hard as she could to muster the strength to swallow air, but the monster strained harder.

Tick, tock.

Her consciousness began to whisk away. She’s going to…going to…


The Noumu was suddenly flung onto the other side of the room. Feeling herself sliding down the wall, her eyes fluttered open, recognizing the green messy bed-hair of a friend standing adjacent to her frail body.

“Mido…riya-san,” she said in a soft whisper. Her ribcage felt as though someone pierced it with a knife as she tried to steady herself, most likely caused by a fractured bone. Her hand palmed her throat as she lied still, leaving herself in a fit of dry coughs. Yaoyorozu knew she had no power to create any medical kits for herself. Midoriya, with sweat dripping down his forehead, turned to give her a thumbs up, before jumping to ready another attack.

How pathetic, I’m a heroine who needs saving.

Her thoughts fragmented as someone propped her upright, leaning her against their shoulder.

“Yaoyorozu, can you hear me?”

The girl’s eyes fixed onto his face, experiencing a surge of relief she couldn’t put into words.

“Todoroki-san.” The corner of her lips lifted to a small, but substantial smile.

The boy, however, did not return the gesture. He had on his usual impassive expression but was now donning eyes so chilling that Yaoyorozu could feel it ripple through her skin to her bones.

His blue eye, that Yaoyorozu had grown to love, glowed so intense that one glare could strike an enemy down, while his usual warm, grey one looked almost glazed over, as if to say ‘nothing could hold me back’.

And she recognized them as the eyes of his father.

“Don’t talk, just rest,” he hushed her and she could see, somewhere in his perplexed thoughts, that he wasn’t going to fight like he used to. Before the boy eased her by the wall, she squeezed his hand with the last drop of strength she possessed as if telling him to be patient. To be calm.

Yaoyorozu stared at him longer, yearning for him to understand her, but he was already metres away.

A current of sweltering heat covered her senses as Todoroki strided into action. His fire embracing the Noumu in front of him like he was challenging it to counter, and his voice began to boom across the room

“COME GET IT,” Todoroki’s voice was terrifyingly loud, “YOU WANT A FIGHT, DON’T YOU?”

Yaoyorozu’s eyes widened, wanting to stand up, but her legs swiftly gave in. From the side, she could see Midoriya’s confusion as well. That was not the Todoroki she had spent countless hours with. That was not the Todoroki that she came to understand. Her brows furrowed as another wave of scorching fire rocketed through the facility.

But it wasn’t just fire. It was blue fire.

Todoroki took a step back as the Noumu, looking as though it was burnt halfway to a crisp, extended his arms to get a hold of him. The fire and ice hero propelled his left fist forward and grasped the monster’s neck before combusting it into a bonfire of aquamarine.

Yaoyorozu would’ve said it was beautiful, if it weren’t for Todoroki’s killing intent.

The Noumu broke into pieces of charcoal, some of its parts immediately rustling into bitter ash. Todoroki’s chest heaved a few times, feeling the adrenaline pulsing through his veins, and looked almost too proud.

Midoriya, on the other hand, was pushing his Noumu head first into the wall. It appeared to be significantly weakened but was able to rise up into the air with its last momentum.

Oh no. The girl could feel herself shaking uncontrollably as the Noumu crash-landed right in front of her, arms ready for a punch.


Under such immense pressure, she could still hear him screaming for her. Yaoyorozu dug her fingers deep onto her thigh, waiting for impact.

But it never came.

The Noumu in front of her screeched as it was enchained in ice. Todoroki seethed through clenched teeth, manipulating his billowing hellfire around the creature.  Gradually, the Noumu began to disintegrate, its remains carbonized into nothingness.

“I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU,” Todoroki called out, “NOT UNTIL-“

“That’s enough.”

Her voice didn’t reach him, the air around still broiling. He appeared as though a valve broke in him, power growing with no inhibitions. She could see the fire slowly amplifying and engulfing the room. Midoriya took a step forward, attempting to reach Todoroki but was blown away by the hot currents that exerted from the fire.

“Todoroki-san, please, that’s enough!” With tender eyes, she gazed at him and shouted, “Look at me and stop!”

The boy’s chest rose with each weighty breath and his arm declined, the magnificent flames along with it.

“I’m okay,” She could see him running to her and she found herself repeating again, “I’m okay.”

“I…I didn’t know what came over me,” Todoroki knelt down and said in a murmur. He lightly pulled her head to him, careful not to agitate her wound but she still pursed her lips in pain. As she nuzzled into the comfortable bend of his shoulders, she languished at the smell of burnt flesh lingering through the air and found him leaving a small kiss on the crown of her head.

“I can’t lose you,” he whispered, but she could catch every emotion in that sentence, “when I saw you like this, I felt so useless. Useless that I couldn’t –“

“Well, I’m fine now,” she answered, “Thanks for coming.”

Todoroki held her firmly again, reminding himself to check the bruising prints left on her neck, “Yaoyorozu, what can I do to make you feel better.”

It sounded more like a command than a question, and she wanted to laugh.

“Well, for one thing, call an ambulance.”

Midoriya cut in shyly; the whole time he’s been standing off to the side, hoping not to disturb the two, “I already called it, Yaoyorozu-san, they’ll be here in a minute or less. Bakugou just texted and said his area is clear too.”

The girl gave him a grateful smile before holding her ribcage, muffling the sharp sting, “Todoroki-san,” she continued, fingers tapping playfully against his forearm, “I didn’t get to finish my Shiro-noir cake, so if you could take me to Komeda Coffee after my recovery then that’d be greatly appreciated.”

Todoroki nodded, the grin on his face juxtaposing with his usual callous expression, “Sure, anything.”

He focused on her, the storm in his eyes now settled and finally, they could hear everything come to a standstill.


“What do you do for fun—”
is it mention to be in the company
of others or just yourself?
Swollen, plump and ready for the next season
to fall, and fall hard, underneath unchartered trees, or in other arms.

“Could I tell you a secret?”
I waited around to catch the sun set with you,
and watch you leave before the sun rises.
I presume I flew too close to the sun
and melted the wings we made to “fly above it all.”

My heart was made of cheap, sturdy steel wool
that struts and frets it’s time in the hands of lovers
like men in drag for the first time—
proud, tacky and fiercely on fire.
You have burned out and are tired of ignoring old flames.

In a one-woman army I had too many guards,
up and on defense against you and anyone else.
It’s late— but I know you have more trust issues
than friends to call and explain “us” to, again.
There are greater pleasures, and fun, in company— particularly mine.

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.4- RUN!

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/ Crewefox here with another Chapter of Star of Ceartais, and first off thank you because within four chapters this fic has already got over 200 reviews so thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed this fic so far. A massive shout out to the development team @raykamino @senny74 @nick-and-judy-daily , whose amazing comic is featured in this chapter, and @alexboehm55144 who helped with this chapter, you guys rule. You really are all awesome and thanks for the messages of support regarding my family emergency last week. So without further ado, let’s get cracking with this chapter.)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 4- Run!

The ground stopped shaking after forty seconds, but in that brief moment of time buildings had collapsed, families had been torn apart and countless lives had been lost amongst the great metropolis of Zootopia. Once the tremors stopped Robyn finally began to stir laying on the pavement of the Sapphire Quarter, she hissed an “Ah.” As her muddled mind trying to piece together what on earth had happened, but the first thing she noticed was the stinging pain on her abdomen and the warm yet wet feeling that was coursing down from her head, her navy blue eyes looked down at her toned stomach and she was disturbed to see blood trickling from a cut that had ripped through her dress “Oh my god.” She breathed as she saw the blood beginning to pool on the sidewalk, she put a paw to her forehead and could feel a small head wound dribbling with crimson likely caused by being pushed out of harm’s way by Hannah.

“ROBYN!” Hannah’s voice shrieked in a voice laced with both pain and panic, the sound of screams and car alarms didn’t block this terrified teen’s voice.

“Hannah!” Robyn barked, her vision focusing on the white furred hybrid who was on her knees with her paws clutched to her eyes but what made Robyn’s stomach lurch was the sight of blood coming from the girl’s eyes “H-Hannah are you ok?” Robyn asked, her head still a little hazy.

“I can’t see!” Hannah wailed, hyperventilating through hysteria.

What!? No…No! She can’t be blind, she’ll be fine, I just got to get her to the hospital Robyn’s mind reasoned as she crawled over to her girlfriend, Hannah reached out and grabbed onto Robyn for reassurance. “Hey, hey it’s going to be ok.” Robyn soothed despite feeling a titanic amount of worry as she looked upon the streams of bloods staining the white fur of Hannah’s cheeks.

But this worry was replaced by a greater one within a matter of seconds, the sight of mammals running as fast as they could alerted Robyn’s eyes to what they were running from, they were running from the beach but the tide was way out, way more than normal and on the horizon a hundred foot wall of water was thundering towards land “Shit!” Robyn swore as she saw this calamity.

“What’s happening?” Hannah asked with a terrified yell.

“Ok Hannah, we have to go Now!” Robyn forced, instinctively scooping up Hannah bride style and began charging down the street away from the tsunami.

“Why are we running!?” Hannah shrilled, the pain in her eyes was making her more hysterical.

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Summary: After the war, Rukia remains in the human world with Ichigo. “It’s not that he doesn’t think about Soul Society often, he does. He thinks about it in the way he thinks about finishing his Masters, kids and death. It’s a long way off. He can plan for it, count on it even, but he isn’t quite ready. Soul Society is his future, but it will keep.” Pure fluff and smut.

For @deathberryprompts​ ‘Youth’, I thought it’d be cool to write about the millennial lives of Ichigo and Rukia if they’d both stayed in the Living World. Featuring Cute Banter, MastersStudent!Ichigo, Food, andahealthysexlifewhatohgod.

Life, Domestic


AO3 FFnet



Given the choice, Ichigo would change very little about his life. One can always have more money, more time, more space. But in the essentials, he is the luckiest man on earth, living or dead.

His life is full.

Ichigo lives in a small, one bedroom apartment, just off campus. He’s studying literature and creative writing. He has a job waiting tables that has flexible hours and TAs for the professor that teaches Shakespearian Comedies.

He has a ‘usual coffee place’ where he can sit down and write, free of distraction. The baristas know him by name and have been encouraged by persons unknown to draw a strawberry on his cup every time. There is two days’ worth of leftovers in his fridge, so he won’t have to cook for a while. No one has asked him to kill a ghostly monster in weeks.

His sisters will be graduating high school soon, he has plans to go back to see them walk across the podium. His friends are scattered throughout Japan, abroad and various other planes of existence, but they call often.

Everyone he loves is healthy and whole, living the best lives they can.

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The Sun Will Set || Part 2 || BTS Gang AU ||

Originally posted by toniattihesselschward

A/N: YAAAAAY FINALLY PART 2!!!!!! I am so excited about this chapter, because this is where the plot finally gets set into motion. I’ve spent many hours working on it, so I would really appreciate any feedback you’re willing to give me. Seriously. Please. I beg of you. Let me know what you think. 


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS. 

Word Count: 7,349 (I’m so sorry, there’s just a crap ton of information in this chapter)

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff (but mostly Angst)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue |

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YURI!!! ON ICE figure skating shoes for Yuri Plisetsky PART 2

So, the blades were painted with black car matte primer, according to the reference.

And the customer also wanted me to make a blade protectors, giving me a picture with a leopard pattern on a vibrant purple background.
So, I purchased a purple leather and nail art acrylics to achieve the desired color. The leather was soaked with water generously, pulled over the base that I made too and leaved to dry. That’s why I love genuine leather so much - because it can be shaped that way.

I made the base slightly smaller than the blades so I can put a ready protectors onto them and be sure they won’t fall off.

After both protectors dried out I painted them with nail art paint and drew a leopard pattern.

Hope Yuri Plisetsky doll will like my stuff!

Not to mention the doll will be able to stand on those, as my blades are not some mockup but a sturdy steel ^_^

anonymous asked:

Is that JDT some sort of a trick? Overseers NEVER take their masks off! The Outsider never takes a break so neither can the forces of good! smh, how don't you know such basic things.

[talking about this JDT] it’s not a trick it’s an ILLUSION anon

okay so you’re saying Overseers DO use a special Sacred Straw? That they don’t really discuss with non-overseers cos it’s kinda weird and embarrassing that they all need straws to eat their food cos they can never take off their masks? fine okay bam done

  • normal Overseers use metal straws made from industrial steel. Sturdy, but requires frequent washing and drying lest food acids turn the steel rusty and icky
  • Vice Overseers are allowed a silver-plated straw (or solid silver if they can afford it/blackmail the requisitions officer into releasing funds for it) but it’s one of those paradoxical luxuries since everyone knows Vice-Overseers are allowed to uncover their faces, so they don’t need a Sacred Straw anyway
  • Likewise it’s rumoured that High Overseer Campbell had a gold straw, which is simply hilarious to any of the Overseers working in R&D for Overseer music boxes, grenades and Things That Are Not Crossbows, because they’d know that gold is such a soft metal, and hitting a solid gold straw against the side of a steel plate would almost certainly dent it if not bend it outrageously
taz daemon au thoughts

-magnus’s daemon is a dog and i dont care that its cliche or trite he has to have a dog
-merle’s daemon is i thunk a very chill tropical mammal of some kind. like some kind of lemur? yes a lemur. a very chill lemur who takes a lot of naps but when she gets mad oh man watch out.
-taako’s daemon is a chameleon. Again this may be trite but oh that lizard changes colors so beautifully. She hops from blue to purple to vibrant orange and she has to be careful because sometimes she gives away taakos mood.
-lup’s daemon is a very beautiful snake. A very beautiful vibrant yellow snake that curls around her like jewelry. They are sssssassssy (lol get it) and always a little bored u til something really piques their interest.
-barry’s daemon is an owl. Constantly perched on their partner’s shoulder, a living spell check function honestly. That owl’s often eat snakes in the wild does not escPe lup at all and she thinks its very VERY funny.
-lucretia’s daemon is a mouse because they obviously settled before she became sturdy as steel and now that mouse is the toughest god damn mouse youve ever seen. That mouse takes no shit. Lord have mercy on anyone who slights lucretia because her daemon is about to make tings happen for you that youve never even thought about.
-davenport’s daemon is a disgruntled looking tabby cat but she has a memory as sharp as any. She remembers coordinates and directions and shes an excellent navigator.
-i think even kravitz has a daemon because he was once a living person i assume. This is a fact i have never been certain of tho. Regardless i think kravitz also has a snake for a daemon. Something almost similar to the colors of the hunger. A shimmering opal color.
-when you become a lich you absorb the soul of your daemon and essentially become one with it to magnify your magical ability. But because i cant break my heart anymore than it already is, i think a lich can keep their daemon by their side if they choose to. Difference probably between liches i think.
-julia had a very beautiful songbird daemon. She and magnus used to hold one another’s daemons all the time. It was nothing to them like it was to others but its a habit magnus has had to unlearn.
-lucretia’s daemon almost gave away her thrill at having the boys back
-the stolen century was SO HARD. Watching a daemon die is heart breaking. Remembering it after forgetting possibly more so.
-thats all im still sad

Message me with questions ill be talking about this a lot.

Picture Unperfect: Chapter twenty-six

Happy reading!

@kuddle-cakes @dreaming-of-the-midnight-sun @shardetector @ryupioupiou @magnolia-chico @yashagirl89 @wenchster @inuyashaeienni 

Thirty minutes earlier

“Oi, dogshit. Where you off to in such a hurry?”

Inuyasha stopped in his tracks on his way to the roof door and closed his eyes, jaw clenching and hands balling into tight fists. “None of your damn business, fleabag,” he retorted as he turned around, folding his arms across his chest. Like hell he’d make the foolish mistake of having his back turned to the wolfshit. Kouga played dirty and Inuyasha learned early on to keep his guard up when it came to him.

Kouga sneered at him and unwrapped a blue Tootsie Pop before popping it into his mouth. Inuyasha rolled his eyes; the wolf was hardly ever seen without the fruity sweet stuck in his pie hole and it was a wonder he hadn’t gained a hundred fucking pounds with how many he went through a day. However the half-demon did grudgingly admit it was a better alternative to his chain smoking, in which he quit a few months ago, which is also why he never commented on the endless consumption of suckers.

“Whaddaya want, wolf? I’m busy,” Inuyasha said when Kouga just continued to slowly advance, bored expression on his face as usual as he sucked on the treat.

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Mega Scizor

(requested by anon)

Scizor-Mega @ Scizorite  
Ability: Technician  
EVs: 248 HP / 96 Def / 164 SpD  
Impish Nature  
- Bullet Punch  
- U-turn  
- Defog  
- Roost

Moves: Bullet Punch is Mega Scizor’s main form of attacking because the priority is fantastic for revenge killing and it is boosted by Technician so it’s decently powerful too. U-turn allows you to grab momentum on Pokemon that you force out with your immense bulk. Defog removes all hazards on the field, providing great support for the rest of your team. Roost restores 50% of Mega Scizor’s max HP. This lets Mega Scizor last longer throughout the game and checks several Pokemon. Swords Dance can also be used on this set instead of Defog if you would prefer a sweeper or you already have hazard control. 

Spread: Near max HP maximizes Mega Scizor’s overall bulk. 96 defense EVs with an Impish nature allows Mega Scizor to tank hits from many of the physical attackers in the tier like Banded Zygarde and non Fire Fang Mega Mawile. Most importantly though, this defensive investment allows Mega Scizor to be the only check to Mega Metagross that doesn’t suck. The rest of the EVs are put into special defense so that Mega Scizor can also tank hits on the special sides and check as many things as possible. This allows you to even tank a Hidden Power Fire from every Tapu Lele set except Specs. The ability before Mega Evolving doesn’t really matter, but if you really want to be technical then Light Metal is the best ability because it’s the only one that might do anything before Mega Evolving. Technician is Mega Scizor’s ability after Mega Evolving and it’s pretty good, increasing all of Mega Scizor’s moves that have a base power below 60 by 50%. Scizorite allows Scizor to mega evolve.

Team Support/Usage: Mega Scizor isn’t as good as it was in ORAS. It’s not even close really. However, it still provides some great defensive utility for balance and bulky offense typing thanks to its fantastic defense stats and great defensive typing. It can provide impressive support for your team as well by clearing hazards, checking quite a bit of the meta, providing a sturdy Steel type, and a decent pivot. That being said, Mega Scizor doesn’t need tons of support, as it is usually going to be the one doing the support. You are going to want a sturdier special wall like AV Tangrowth and Toxapex. You’re also going to want something that can take fire attacks like Heatran.

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, don’t hesitate to leave me an ask, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

The Episode 50 milestone, an exploration of Yugi’s terrible decisions! Part one of two!

The episode opens with Anzu coming over to pick Yugi up because they allegedly intend to go to school. (Spoiler alert: they do not go to school.)

Apparently Anzu can’t understand Grandpa! Or maybe just not the meaning of “Good morning, you seem nice!” which is basically all he said? I feel like if she literally can’t understand when he speaks, this should have come up before…

They end up standing - presumably in awkward silence - there for a while, though, because the dorks upstairs are having a very important conversation.

Yugi’s just put a great big heavy chain on the Puzzle instead of the rope, and Yami likes great big heavy chains.

Oh, you flirt. 

Yugi’s worried it looks “too flashy”. I mean … it’s a giant golden pendant almost as big as your head, Yuug. It’s not the chain that makes the effect kind of OTT, babe.

You _would_ say that. I’m taking this as more evidence of Atem’s true self coming through even when he doesn’t know himself – Pharaoh was all about the bling. 


“Or literally painful amounts of gold. Gold everywhere. Totally nonsensical gold too, like shin-bands with no obvious way to put them on or take them off. … Or a bracelet, yeah.”

“Pretty guys with obviously dyed hair and leather and big chain necklaces never wear _bracelets_! Don’t be silly!”

This by the way confirms my theory that the two of them negotiate clothes choices.

Yami doesn’t press it, just tells him to go hang with Anzu and “show her your cool side”, which Yugi takes to be teasing, but Yami’s really got his matchmaker hat on!

Wingman Yami! It is so fucking cute how much of a peachshipper Yami is…

I get the impression that Yami would make a much better wingman for someone else than he would flirting for his own interests. He can be very awkward and almost bashful in social situations he’s not sure about, so he’s quite likely to fall into adorkable if someone’s flirting with him. But if he had a goal and a target and a friend to help out, you better believe that full cocky confident suave persona would come out and that Pharaonic motherfucker would get shit done.

Yugi thinks Yami’s just teasing, and gives out to him as he leaves his room, but–

HOLY SHIT A PARENT the rarest of all anime family members

Oh, yeah, you notice when he’s talking to himself in his room but you don’t notice when he semi-regularly vanishes for days at a time to play death games with adult criminals?! You are a TERRIBLE MOTHER.

Downstairs, Anzu admires neutrally comments on Yugi’s new chain…

“So I have decided to hang this precious gold - one of the softest metals - item on a sturdy steel chain rather than soft rope, so that it doesn’t get damaged.” Hmm.

The “I didn’t want it to get stolen” from the dub isn’t much better. This is all clearly because the writers needed him to not be able to cut the rope free later, but it doesn’t make much sense!

Anzu and Yugi head off to definitely-not-school and Yugi’s mother (I mean, I presume that’s who she is?!) comes out to tells Grandpa she’s a little worried about Yugi talking to himself and acting weird.


Anyway, I have my doubts about that, Grandpa. Unless you also spent your teenage years with a dead guy roommate in your head. In which case, that _definitely_ should have come up at some point.

Turns out Yugi really needs a wingman.

Yes, this is Anzu asking him out and Yugi not even listening. 

Kid, you’re like 4 feet tall, a total nerd, you need style advice from the ghost who lives in your jewellery and also you have a ghost who lives in your jewellery. I’m not saying you need to take what you can get, but if the pretty girl whom you have a massive crush on asks you out, you should definitely jump on that.

What does Yugi jump on instead?

A terrible decision!

I don’t want to generalise, but typically, fortune tellers are not tall buff young men who hide their faces.

Anzu, justifiably, asks what the hell he’s doing and he goes “I’m getting my fortune told!” which is a massive ladybonerkiller for Anzu.

Hate to say it, girl, but there were a few hints that the incredibly nerdy card-game obsessed dork you just asked out might be a bit childish.

The ~fortune teller~ asks Yugi for his Puzzle. Yugi says, “definitely not, no way, it’s much too precious”. Yer man says, “oh, go on”. Yugi says, “well okay then”. Sigh.

“I can’t believe you just _handed_ this to me. I mean, you just fucking handed it over! It’s really shitting magical, plus it’s made of like solid gold, plus your friend lives in it! And you just handed it to me. A really sketchy total stranger. Incredible.”

It goes exactly as well as you think it would.

Tune in next time for part two, wherein Yugi’s Puzzle has been cunningly stolen!

ryssa-aquicoine  asked:

Haxorus or Goondra :D

Its tusks are incredibly destructive. They can easily slice through a thick, sturdy steel column every time.

That’s not gonna be helpful at all! He’d wreck up cybertron probably- I can’t do that.

It’s very friendly toward people. If you grow close to it, Goodra will hug you with its sticky, slime-covered body. Don’t get mad.

this is such a sweet pokemon frag

but I gotta be practical- I have one pokemon left- I already have a dragon, I can’t take another

I’m sorry goodra

恋する死刑囚とマスルールのシアワセな3分間 by クズ美
3 Minutes of Happiness between the Prisoner sentenced to death who was in love and Mass Rule

Another novel translation. I’ve been apparently doing too many fluffy things so here’s a story about Levi who achieved complete victory when the Supreme Commander said just 3 minutes and Eren who’s in a desperate situation.

It was 3 minutes before humanity would achieve complete victory.

The Corporal of the Recon Corps took off his armor and entered the restricted jail cell meant to hold prisoners sentenced to death.

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Companions & Weapons
  • Vivienne’s staff is a much a symbol as it is a weapon. The Court will never let her forget she is an outsider, and she will never allow them to dismiss the power she wields regardless. The guilded handle hides a secret compartment, to carry messages, poison, or whatever else the Great Game demands.
  • Iron Bull’s axe is a familiar weight in his hands. It is sturdy, reliable, steel, the grip worn and faded, and scratches cover its face. But the blades, that have cut through qunari, human, elf, demon, and drake, are every bit as sharp as the day they were forged, meticulously maintained so it may never fail in battle, just like it’s wielder.
  • Sera like’s to carve notches in her bow. For good kills, for fun fights. They represent the times she made an impossible shot. There’s a mark for a dare that no one thought she’d succeed. And there is one for a regret, but you’ll never figure out where she made that cut. 
  • Solas’ staff is part walking-stick, part tool, part confidant. The twisted knot of carved ironwood is a rarity, a relic of the Old Ways, particularly when amongst the metal staves common of Circle Mages and Apostates. It has been with him for years, has kept a steady pace, a marching beat as he moved through the Fade and quiet forests.
  • Cassandra’s sword is mark of years of dedication. It is a threat, it is an assurance, it is judgement, to be used against all those who would threaten the Divine, the Inquisition, and her honor. One might wonder why it seems so new, having seen such years of service, but Cassandra has trained to keep it sheathed until there is no other option. When that option has been exhausted, she only needs one strike.
  • Bianca? There’s the story that Varric will never put to page or spoken word, but comes out in each click of a bolt firing. Varric always keeps her close, her hardwood polished, and metal shining. Bianca is a promise kept and painful memory.
  • Dorian carries the mark of his house. It serves as a reminder for all he is and all he seeks to change. The metal work is Dwarven done and Tevinter embellished Glowing threads of lyrium form an intricate pattern from heel to grip, laid with care in the channels meant for blood.  
  • Blackwall’s blade bears the griffon crest of the Grey Warden’s. It was a gift from a friend, a comrade, made for the sole purpose of eradicating the darkspawn. It has served the senior warden for many long seasons, and at your command, it will serve you as well.
  • Cole can’t recall where the daggers came from, but he’s sure no one saw him take them for that he would have remembered. They serve him well, the mismatched set: cold as ice, the cross-guard stained.  Are they even real? Or are they a part of him? He has no answers, but does it matter? They cut throats all the same.
  • Cullen has held many swords in his hands over the years. None have them have ever felt entirely correct. The blades were too heavy, too short, or unbalanced. But the one presented to him by Cassandra is perfect. Perhaps the improvement isn’t in the sword itself, but in the purpose and conviction of the arm that wields it.
  • Leliana is no stranger to weapons. She can shoot a man between the eyes from 300 yards. Her knives can find any weakness in armor and exploit it. She has practiced with throwing axes, short swords and crossbows. Even without all those, she is deadly enough with her bare hands. 
  • Josephine’s sharpest weapon is not the knife kept hidden up her sleeve, it is her quill. Few can spar with her in the realm of words and wit, nor win a duel of penmanship against such a tenacious hand. Words can win wars that swords never could, can end lives quicker than any blade, cause more fear than any spell. Don’t you forget that.