Review of the large Sturdibag, recently used on a Southwest flight to San Diego.

SturdiBag Large Pet Carrier Black

SturdiBag Large Pet Carrier Black

SturdiBag Large Pet Carrier Black

  • Dimensions: 18″L x 12″ W x 12″ Flexible Height
  • Accomodates all cat breeds, toy to small dogs up to 25 pounds
  • Seatbelt safety loops
  • Adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap & leather hand grip
  • Machine washable ultra comfortable pad

SturdiBag Pet CarrierWhat makes the SturdiBag(TM) exceptional and why do so many professional trainers and breeders prefer this…

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SturdiBag™ large review

As you know, we’ve been making preparations to get Arya out of the country in a few months. After we read a lot of reviews about airlines approved carriers, we chose to buy a SturdiBag.

We paid 60USD to get it shipped to South Korea but it was worth the price. I confirmed the payment on January 7th, they shipped it on January 8th and I received it January 16th.

Nothing gets into the house without being analyzed by Arya.

The package was really compact!

The bag was folded, and there was a little assembly needed. There is a hard foam base to insert in a pocket underneath the bag, a fleece pad that is very soft and looks super confortable to secure with Velcro, and finally, the hardest part, two rods to insert horizontally through guides in the bag to ensure that the bag is holding up well. It was very difficult to insert them, but maybe I had the wrong technique.

Arya is curious…

But in the end, she prefers the plastic bag. She even went into the cardboard box, but not into the carrier. I think she hates carriers and she recognizes them, haha.

The carrier looks really comfortable, I really like it. There are mesh windows everywhere: front, back, top, and there is another opening at the front top, she can stick her head out from here, or you can put your hand in.

The top opening is really nice.

All zippers can be secured with a clip like this.

Other cool features include a 4-point padded shoulder strap to divide up the weight and more balance, the height is flexible so it’ll fit under the airplane seats. The large size is perfect (45x30x30), it is approved by all the airplanes I have checked (slightly bigger than US Airways size but I hope we can squish it), it’s not too small, she can stand inside and there is plenty of room for her to move. I will take a picture of her old carrier for comparison. It’s also very lightweight, supposedly 1.18kg on the website, and since Arya is ~3.5kg, this is totally fine with some airlines weight restrictions (i.e. pet+carrier must weight under 5kg on Korean Air and Asiana, and 6kg on Air France).

I’ve been trying to lure Arya into the bag but she never enters it entirely. I’ll try to be patient and let her get used to it!

I’m really satisfied with the bag, but I haven’t travelled with it yet and the most important is that Arya likes it.