Daddy Dilemma!

Background: Nadarr (ME) a black dragonborn Paladin, D'ardaigh a pixie rogue, and Sandalius a human monk (splitting as DM for group reasons), are running a homebrew DnD 5e campaign where we are attempting to stabilize a Dwarven religious city that is being besieged by all manners of undead. The party was out in the farmland attempting to find supplies and survivors to bring back to the town center. By the end we found a cow, two dwarven children, and a dwarven baby, We were escorting them back when we found a third child. We play mostly 3rd person OOC, with the DM being the total story controller.

D'ardaigh (OOC): I roll to calm the child and ask them to come along with us. <Rolls Nat 20>

DM: You say “Hello–”, and are cut off by the child screaming “ADOPT ME!!!”, Roll to see if the child catches you.

<Rolls a 3 vs the DM 15> DM: the child hugs you close to her chest and holds onto you tight until the party gets into town

DM: You arrive in the town hall after a half hour of travel D'ardaigh you may attempt to escape.

<Rolls barely enough to escape>

DM: After a small struggle you escape and are chased by the young child who is yelling “MY PIXIE, MY PIXIE!”

Nadarr (OOC): I look to locate the other children’s parents and see about finding D'ardaigh. <Rolls and passes both challenges>

DM: You find the other children’s parents and look around to find D'ardaigh, you hear a commotion consisting of a child yelling “MY PIXIE, MY PIXIE!”

Nadarr (OOC): I walk up and see if i can find the child’s parents <Rolls 1>

DM: You look around the room and back to the child and think “Is this my kid?” Roll again to see if you can find the parents.

<Rolls 4> DM: You still cannot see the parents and now are desperately trying to remember if you have ever been with a dwarf before. Roll again,

<Rolls 17> DM: The Child looks around the crowd and points out a dwarven female and shouts “Mommy!”

Nadarr (OOC): I roll to see if I recognize her at all. <Rolls Nat 20>

DM: You fully recognize her as one of the women from your drunken days as a soldier, and she reveals to you that the child is indeed yours.

Nadarr(OOC and IC): (Complete stupified Silence)

DM: You are the Father!!

(Entire group has to stop playing due to laughter)

Now during Nadarr’s free time he will return to the city to visit his daughter.

My Five Warriors


Zack’s mom sat in her room, patiently waiting for her son to bring in their guests. Her son had come in a few minutes earlier, explaining that he wanted to introduce some of his friends to her. Of course, she eagerly agreed. She knew her son was a bit of a lone wolf, so when he told her he did in fact have friends, she was overjoyed. She may or may not have squeezed his cheeks.

There was shuffling from outside her door, probably due to the cramped hallway filled with boxes of their things. Make no mistake, she knew that they were poor - most likely much poorer than Zack’s friends - but she felt no shame about it. They survived, and that was what mattered to her. She had even given Zack the silver spoon talk, telling him that just because others excelled with money, it didn’t mean that he had any less ability than they did. She told him that if he had the money, he would excel just as much as they did, if not more.

The door opened with a clatter, and Zack stumbled through. 4 other nervous teenagers tried to squeeze through the door together. They pushed each other, trying to get through first as to say hello. Zack’s mom smiled.

Once they were able to push themselves through the doorway, they all waved shyly. Zack went through and introduced them, one by one.

“This is Jason. He’s kind of our leader, not that we have no say or anything. We kind of settle disputes and all for us. We trust him,” Zack spoke in both Mandarin and English. Zack’s mom knew both, but to Zack, it most likely felt strange speaking English to her and to speak Mandarin in front of his friends.

“This is Trini. “Crazy Girl”’s her nickname. Broody and beautiful. She’s actually nice under all the layers of grime,” Zack whispered the last part to his mother in Mandarin while smirking at Trini. Both Zack and his mother chuckled, and Trini looked uncomfortable. Zack’s mother swatted his arm, telling him to apologize for scaring her.

“This is Billy. He’s on the spectrum, which makes him super cool to us. We all love him, and we’re always rooting for him. He has a kindest heart,” Zack smiled at Billy. He said everything so earnestly, like there was nothing else that could be true about the boy standing in a blue hoodie.

“And this is Kimberly. She’s pretty isn’t she? Well, she’s not just a pretty face. She’s done things, but she’s learned from them. She taught all of us that redemption and forgiveness is always a must for both us and others.” Kimberly smiled at the ground when Zack finished it off in English.

“These are my friends, Mom.” Zack stood beside them, rubbing his hands together nervously. “They’re the only other people outside of you that I truly love.” One of his hands moved to the back of his head, scratching it anxiously.

Zack’s mother beamed. To think that her son could find such wonderful people left her in awe. Zack’s friends began speaking up as well.

“You raised your son well, ma’am. He’s our best friend,” Jason said.

“Yeah! He taught me how to make a campfire!” Billy clapped happily.

“He’s not so bad,” blushed Trini.

“He really is amazing, Mrs. Taylor. He insists on making dinner for us all the time, even though we know he can use the money for something else. We’re very grateful to him,” Kimberly blurted. Kimberly wasn’t sure if she was allowed to mention anything about their poverty, but Zack never seemed uncomfortable with it.

Zack’s mother could feel tears glossing up her eyes. When these teenagers stood side by side, she could clearly tell that they were the 5 rangers that she had seen on the news. After all, it wasn’t hard to figure out after she saw Zack leap over a building. 

“Thank you for protecting my son.” The others looked confused. “And for protecting our little town. It must’ve been such a burden on you young kids. I’m proud of you.”

They all stood there shocked. 4 heads turned to Zack, but Zack looked just as stupified. “How did you know?” Zack asked in Mandarin.

His mom answered in English. “I saw you that morning after you slept an entire day. You jumped over that building into a pile of trash. 11 days later, the town is attacked and we’re saved by superhumans. I’m not an idiot, Zack.” She smirked, and they could all see where Zack got his signature looks from. 

Billy clapped again. “You’re mom is awesome, Zack!”

The rest just smiled, and let out a breath of relief, as though they expected her to react badly. “My five warriors, I really am proud of you all. Know that even though we have little, our home is always open to you.” She bowed from her sitting position on the bed.

The kids were surprised by the kindness displayed for them. They respectfully thanked her and tipped their heads. Each of them of beamed at Zack’s mother. They began to say their goodbyes, saying that they had a small camping trip planned. Zack’s mother knew exactly where her son liked to go on his little “camping trips”, so she warned them to be careful out in the mines.

To her surprise, they all hugged her. One by one, they whispered their thanks once again into her ear. Zack’s mother held the kids as if they were her own, which she suspected would most likely be the situation in the near future.

In exiting, they all took their time, reluctant to leave. She waved them away. Zack was the last out the door. Before he closed it, he turned to her. “You really are the best, Mom. Love you!” 

The door closed and Zack’s mother felt her chest tighten. I don’t have much longer in this world. She took a moment to grieve. I wish I could watch my five little warriors grow up. She laid down once again, clutching at her heart, and for the first time in a long time, she cried. I wish you the best of luck my warriors.

D&D Homebrew Poisons

So, im working on a mini series for badassdanddpics and was wondering if you guys had any ideas. im calling the mini series “Bewildering Botany and Perilous Poisons” that will basically showcase magical plant homebrew that will aid adventures and villains alike. for the poison section of it, i put together some basic information from D&D about the rules as well as how they are applied and used against others as well as common symptoms from plants in the real world.

different poisons are applied to victims by

  • contact
  • ingested
  • inhaled
  • injury
  • smoke from being burned

common rules (for 5th edition D&D regarding poison)

  • A weapon coated with poison will dry out in one minute.
  • When you are poisoned, you will usually suffer from the poisoned condition.
  • Poison can be bought or crafted using the downtime rules and a poisoner’s kit.
  • Cures for poison include low level spells or anti-toxin.
  • Truth Serum is listed under poisons, and is something I think could be useful in your campaign in many different ways.
  • Poisoned: A poisoned creature has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.
  • each round until you make a saving throw.

Common symptoms of poisoning include nausea, vomiting, convulsions, liver failure, disables nerves, lowers blood pressure, and can stop the heart, muscle twitches, and sometimes paralysis, irritation of skin throat and mouth, swelling, burning pain, breathing difficulties and stomach upset. dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, convulsions and photo-toxicity

underneath the “keep reading” i have included some actual plants that could help with creating realistic homebrew.

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Distress and Smiles

Credence Barebone X Reader

Request: Nope ;)

Warnings: Torture. Hints at Abuse. Sadness. It’s cute and sweet, don’t get me wrong, but

(AN: Okay. Wow Credence is harder to write then Graves. And I kinda wanted him to be happy after all that had happened so this takes place post the film: Hope you like it.)

Originally posted by stallingdemons

“Okay.” You sighed, “You ready?”

He nodded, grabbing you hand and taking a deep breath and looking at his straightened tie. “Okay.” You continued, a small smile creeping on your lips, “So you can’t stare at anyone and make sure not drink anything. Especially not anything too brightly colored. Oh and stay close! Oh and Credence?” You smiled, squeezing his hand, reviving a small hmm from him, “Thank you for coming with me.” You hugged him tightly. Causing a small smile to escape onto his lips as he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist and his nose into your hair. Letting go, you looked at him with twinkling eyes and a nod, turning swiftly to the door and doing the secret knock, grabbing Credence’s hand as the door swung open and walking inside the club.

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Mutual Appreciation!!

I hope everyone has had a good day so far with lots of chocolate! As the day winds down, I just wanted to remind my mutuals how much I have appreciated y’all sticking with me while I was on semi-hiatus with graduate school applications. It’s been slow getting back into the groove but every blog I follow puts a lot of wonderful content on my dash that makes me smile! I’m really close to my next goal of 1.5k and when we reach that I think I’ll do some name aesthetics and blog rates to show my appreciation to all my followers! <3 The mutual appreciation can be seen below the cut :D

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Plants (Part 3)

Prompt: You get a “tattoo” that says what your soulmate is most passionate about.

Pairing: Neville Longbottom/Reader

Word Count:  1874 (Woah this is long)

Warnings: Talking about Pain in depth, character in pain, death of a loved one, death and pain in general.

A.N.: I cried a little making this one. Instead of making their discovery cute and fluffy, it’s angst-y as all hell. I also added a twist :P because I thought it was getting boring. No, this is not the last part, I plan on writing this till post WizWarII.

(PART 1) (PART 2)

“Most Soulmates have a strong emotional tether. Whatever emotion their soulmate feels, some might even feel it ten times as strong.” Hermione read aloud from one of the books. “Soulmates might often become overwhelmed with emotion. For example, if a soulmate is harmed, a great deal of sadness or anger might occur.” 

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when i started this blog five months ago, i would’ve never imagined i’d reach this goal. it wasn’t even a goal bc it seemed unachievable, but early this week i hit 2k followers, which feels unreal. i just wanted to say thank you by making a follow forever, my second one. you may have noticed ( by my constant complaining ) that im a lazy bastard, so this kinds of things sure do take some effort. i won’t bold mutuals or faves, bc mutuals know i follow them and i know who i’m following ( also bc as i’ve said above, im a lazy bastard and i can’t be arsed ) ( and i think my faves know who they are ) besides, pretty much everyone on this list is my fave. once again, thank you very very very much, i appreciate your support <333 

without further ado 

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Latin Lesson: The Chocobros

By popular request, I created a post detailing the Latin in Final Fantasy XV. The post was so long, however, I decided to split the post to make it easier on the eyes and the brain. Thus, I will be covering the Final Fantasy XV Latin over several lessons. Perhaps once a week?

In any case, our first Latin Lesson will be our four Best Boys: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis (Stupeo) Scientia, and Prompto Argentum. As you’ll see across the lessons, “night” and “darkness” are common naming themes in Final Fantasy XV. Further, pay extra attention to Noctis’ name used in phrases and the others’ names as it relates to their personality. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

More Latin Lessons


Before we begin, I want to note the pronunciations of Latin in Final Fantasy XV. In most cases—but not all—the characters uses Ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation rather than Classical Latin pronunciation. I made a comparison below; bold indicates the pronunciation the game uses, if any.

Name | Classical | Ecclesiastical | Alternate
Noctis | nohk-tis | nohk-tis
Lucis | loo-kis | loo-sis | loo-shis
Caelum | kahy-loom | tsee-lum | kahy-lum
Gladiolus | gla-dee-ohl-oos | gla-dee-ohl-uhs
Amicitia | ah-mi-kee-tee-ah | ah-mi-tsee-tee-uh 
Ignis | ig-nis | i-nis
Stupeo | stoo-pay-oh | stoo-pay-oh
Scientia | skee-en-tee-ah | see-en-shee-uh
Prompto | prohmpt-oh | prohmpt-oh | prompt-oh
Argentum | ahr-ɡehn-toom | ahr-jen-tum


Noctis Lucis Caelum

Noctis: genitive singular of nox.

  • nox, noctis (f): night; darkness; blindness; obscurity. nocte, noctū: by night. nocte: during the night.

Lucis: genitive singular of lūx; dative plural and ablative plural of lūcus.

  • lūx, lūcis (f): light (of the sun, stars, etc.); daylight, day; splendor; eyesight; life; (fig) public view; glory, encouragement, enlightenment. lūce: in the daytime. prīma lūce: at daybreak. lūce carentēs: the dead.
  • lūcus, lūcī (m): grove (sacred to a deity); wood.

Caelum: nominative singular, accusative singular, and vocative singular of caelum.

  • caelum1 , caelī (nt): heaven; sky; climate, weather, air; (fig) height of success, glory. caelum ac terrās miscēre: create chaos. ad caelum ferre: extol. dē caelō dēlāpsus: a messiah. dē caelō servāre: watch for omens. dē caelō tangī: be struck by lightning. digitō caelum attingere: be in the seventh heaven. in caelō esse: be overjoyed.
  • caelum2 , caelī (nt): graving-tool, chisel.

Gladiolus Amicitia

Gladiolus: nominative singular of gladiolus, diminutive of gladius.

  • gladiolus, gladiolī (m): small sword, knife.
  • gladius, glad(i)ī (m): sword; (fig) murder, death. gladium stringere: draw the sword. suō sibi gladiō iugulāre: beat at his own game.

Amicitia: nominative singular, ablative singular, and vocative singular of amīcitia.

  • amīcitia, amīcitiae (f): friendship, alliance, affinity.

Ignis (Stupeo) Scientia

Ignis: nominative singular, genitive singular, vocative singular, and accusative singular of ignis.

  • ignis, ignis (m): fire, a fire; firebrand; lightning; brightness, redness; (fig) passion, glow of passion, love.

Stupeo: present active participle of stupeō.

  • stupeō, stupēre, stupuī, stupītum: (vi) to be stunned, to benumbered; (vi) to be astonished, to be stupified; (vi) to be brought to a standstill; (vt) to marvel at.

Scientia: nominative singular, genitive singular, and vocative singular of scientia; nominative neuter plural, accusative neuter plural, and vocative neuter plural of sciēns, the present active participle of sciō.

  • scientia, scientiae (f): knowledge; understanding, expert knowledge; skill.
  • sciēns, scientis (adj): expert, knowledgeable; knowing, purposefully; versed in, acquainted with.
  • sciō, scīre, scīvī, scītum (v): to know; to know of; to have skill in; (with infinitive) to know how to. prō certō: know for certain. quod sciam: as far as I know. scītō: you may be sure.

Prompto Argentum

Prompto: dative masculine singular, dative neuter singular, ablative masculine singular, and ablative neuter singular of prōmptus; present active participle of prōmptō. Prōmptus is also a noun which is the present passive participle of prōmō, but neither word has the inflection promptō.

  • prōmptus1 , prōmpta, prōmptum (adj): plainly visible, evident; at hand, ready, prompt, quick; resolute; easy; glib, insincere.
  • promptō, promptāre (vt): to distribute
  • prōmptus2 , prōmptūs (m). in prōmptū sum: be in full view; be obvious; be within easy reach for use.
  • prōmō, prōmere, prōmpsī, prōmptum (v): to take, to bring out, to bring forth; to bring into view; to bring out on the stage, to display on the stage; to produce; to disclose, to make known.

Argentum: nominative singular, accusative singular, and vocative singular of argentum.

  • argentum, argentī (nt): silver; silver plate; money.


  • Marr, V. (ed.). (2003). Collins Latin concise dictionary. HarperCollins Publishers, New York.
  • Morwood, J. (ed.). (2005). Oxford Latin desk dictionary. Oxford University Press, New York.

for @justanotherwannabeclassic who asked for a laundry disaster…. 


“Killian?” Emma calls as she opens the front door, fumbling with her keys and trying not to drop the grocery bags in her hands. “I stopped at the store on my way home, but they were out of that….what the hell are you doing?”

Emma stops dead in her tracks as her eyes land on him. It’s not unusual – her pirate still has the ability to stupify her simply by existing – but she’s not really sure if she should laugh or ask if he’s lost his mind.

There’s a pile of clothes on the kitchen counter, and by all appearances, he’s washing clothes. Which would be great, except he’s washing clothes in the kitchen sink. By hand. And they have a perfectly good washing machine and dryer, housewarming gifts from her parents.

He glances over his shoulder, quirking his brow. “Clothes aren’t going to wash themselves, love.”

And, okay, maybe he has a point. Maybe she should have done something about the mountain of laundry that keeps growing in their bedroom, the basket Killian insists the dirty clothes be deposited in – we’re not bloody heathens, Swan –- overflowing.

But that doesn’t explain why he’s currently scrubbing a pair of her jeans in the kitchen.

“We own a washing machine, you know. Down in the basement, which is now a basement and not a creepy Dark One dungeon.” She can’t help the shiver as she says it, shoving aside too many memories she wishes she could purge from her mind.

“About that…” He grins sheepishly, the tips of his ears beginning to darken. “I may have had a bit of a disagreement with the confounded contraption.”

“You had a disagreement with the washing machine?” Emma has made her way to his side by this point, the groceries forgotten on the counter not filled with clothes. Her eyes quickly scan him over, looking for any signs of injury, but he seems to be in one piece.


“Gonna need a little more than that,” she prompts when he doesn’t provide any details. “And seriously, stop. I can take this stuff downstairs.”

He does stop, letting the jeans fall into the water with a plop and burst of suds. “Well, you see, Swan, I tried, but how is one supposed to know which bloody option to choose? Isn’t the point to make your life easier with this machine and not more difficult?”

“Has no one taught you to do laundry?”

“I bloody know how to wash clothes,” he grumbles, gesturing to the sink. The end result is for soap bubbles to land in his hair, a fact he appears to not notice sa he continues, “That machine is the problem. It’s turned your white shirt pink!”

Emma groans, because when he says your white shirt she’s pretty sure he means the one with the lace trim that she loves, and she can’t actually be angry at him because the man is trying to do laundry, and how is a 300 year old pirate ever going to know  hot water, red, and white clothes don’t mix if no one’s told him?

But in the end, it’s only a shirt, and her laughter bursts free of her as she doubles over, clinging to Killian’s arm for balance.

“Yes, love, very funny.” He huffs, but he’s smiling when she finally lifts her head to wipe away her tears. “I don’t suppose you might explain?”

Emma nods, letting loose a sigh of her own as she slips between him and the counter, fiddling with the top button of his shirt. “Got any dirty clothes?” she teases, popping open one button after another, ignoring the pile on the counter.

“Those jeans of yours could use a wash,” he plays along, lifting Emma into his arms and heading for the couch. “You can show me. Later.”

Emma hums her agreement against his lips, shoving his shirt off his shoulders right before he sets her down on the couch cushions.

It’s a long time before they get around to the lesson.

Wizard War

“I’ll be fine mom. It’s not that dangerous.” You laugh, slinging your backpack over your shoulders. She gives you a tight hug before smiling a sad smile then stepping away.
“Send me an owl okay? Every day.”
“Mom.” You laugh and shake your head at her. She smiles back again then you throw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace. “Diagon Alley.” You say clearly then step into the green flames. When you step out of the flames you’re surprised by the silence. You are in the right place right? You glance around and see wanted posters, boarded up shops and there’s a chill in the air. You’d been here before, once before your dad died he’d brought you to Ollivander’s to get your wand. Claimed there was no better place in all the wizarding world. It had been a busy and bustling place, full of life, but not now. Now it was, grey, dark and cold.
A loud squawking alarm is going off. Possibly because of you, since it had been silent until you stepped out of the fireplace. Sure enough three men in all black appear out of nowhere. They’re wearing masks that look like half skulls. You’re suddenly filled with dread, there’s nowhere you can go. You’re too far from the states and you don’t know anywhere in England.
“You’re out past curfew.” One of the men says.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know there was one.”
You tell him honestly.
“American.” He sneers, he stalks toward you and you destroy the fireplace you’d just walked through. “How dare you!” He growls and you pull your wand from where it’s been tucked into your sleeve.
“Stupify!” One of the hooded men cries and you easily block the spell.
“Crucio!” The man who’s been doing the talking takes his turn.
“Seriously?” You cry, “An unforgivable curse? I haven’t even done anything!” It is helpful that they seem to have to speak to cast a spell. You stun the man that tried to stun you then turn your attention back to the first man. You use a body bind curse then accio their wands to you. The third man hasn’t done anything. But you can feel his eyes on you, even if you can’t see them.
“Do something Draco!” The one on the ground snaps. You get ready for his attack but are confused when he disapparates. He appears behind you a second later and you don’t know what to do when he grips your arm before disapparating again. This time with you in tow.

Against the odds A Draco Malfoy imagine

We were 11 the first time I saw her as we entered the train off of platform 9 ¾ my parents words hanging in the air to “make us proud”. I was a part of a legacy, a legacy of purebloods and death eaters meant to eventually carry on as my parents have and make the dark lord proud. But all it had taken was one look at this girl to change everything. I had never wanted to know someone as much as I had her. She had been sorted into gryffindor, a natural enemy for us slytherins but I still found myself thinking of her over the course of the year trying my hardest to forget - though I could not - and be the person everyone expected me to be around her because of her half blood status. I tried, but I could not bring myself to hurt her. It was in our fourth year at Hogwarts that she had found someone who made her happy, happier then I could have ever seen her. George Weasley, a natural joker and prankster, and a good man. I had never been in as much pain as I had the day before we all left for Christmas when he finally swept her off of her feet and asked her to be his. I longed to be in his position, I longed to call this girl mine, I also knew better then anyone that this wouldn’t last long, he was also a natural douche, one who liked to play around. But it still felt wrong to out cast her so I made it a goal to become at least her friend if that was all I could ever be. We have always been on good terms Y/N and I, no matter the hate I had for her friends - the golden trio - and the hate they had for me. She didn’t like to judge, she believed me to be a good person under my tough exterior, and that’s the person I wanted her to see. I started by sitting with her in class, cracking jokes and smiling everytime I heard her amazing laugh that could brighten up any room. That was how I landed the two of us a detention cleaning Snapes classroom after a fifth year disaster. We laughed through the whole thing, I had even made it clear how I wanted to be her friend. “I knew you were a good person underneath all of that.” She stated as she wrapped her arms around me. As detention ended we parted ways with a smile and a wave. It was not long before I heard it, the laughter of another girl and the voice of George as they kissed in a dimly lit part of the hallway. Four months they lasted before he did this, four months of my pain and suffering, stolen glances and yearning. Four months he had so carelessly thrown away. How I wanted to punch him, but instead I snapped a picture, printed it off and spread it all over the school from end to end so all could see just how vile George Weasley is. She came to me that day, tears streaming down her beautiful face. I wiped away all traces before I wrapped her in a tight hug and kissed her hair murmuring soothing words into her hair. The trio found us like that, Ron was pissed “So this is who you turn to after George broke up with you? A snake? How could you be so stupid?!” He shouted furiously earning. Angered gazes from myself, Harry and Hermione. She was quick to walk over and slap him across the face, earning a smirk from me. That was when I decided I wanted her as mine and no one else’s. The decision was made long before though, I just had finally plucked up the courage. The next couple of months were spent with the two of us as I helped her heal the heart that had been so viciously broken by the red headed weasel. That was when I had invited her (with permission from my parents as her family was very respected in the wizarding community) to spend the summer at Malfoy manor. Her response was as I expected -as soon as she asked and gained permission from her parents- a yes. As the last day approached I found myself daring as far as to hold the soft and caring hand I had been staring at for months. Things escalated from there as we found ourselves in a happy bubble full of ourselves. The trio was not happy with her decision to spend the summer with my family but she did not care telling them “ I make no fuss about anything you three do, he has made me the happiest I think I have ever been, even after George had broken me he has stuck by me, which is more then I can say for you Ron. Just let me be happy.” The summer went by fast the two of us spending every waking minute together, my parents approval of her made me even more happy as my father expressed how he would not be upset but happy should the two of us decide to be with each other. It was later that week after returning from diagon ally that I had finally asked her to be mine. The happiness radiated off of her as she spoke “ I was beginning to think you’d never ask, you block head.” Our happiness was short lived upon the dark lord coming for a visit and requesting me to do something unimaginable. To kill the headmaster. The fear of being killed was too strong for me to say no. I did his bidding that night and became who I had never wanted to be. A death eater. Y/N was not happy about this but knew I had no other choice as I cried to her the next day about the events that had taken place. She wrapped her arms around me and vowed she would not let this come between the two of us because she cared for me too much to let me go. I found no hesitation in kissing her. The next year at hogwarts was full of the two of us together, though I still had a mission from the dark lord to carry out that was going to take place in the next week. She did not leave me though even after the death of the headmaster, instead she found me and comforted me as I cried for what I had just about done but couldn’t do. Snape had done it instead, saving me the guilt. It wasn’t long after that the war had broke out and I found myself sitting in my room writing to her as she journeyed around with potter and the rest of the trio their intentions unknown. She had picked her side, and I had no choice with the side I found myself on. That was when my father ran to my room “ They have captured potter… along with your dearest Y/N I will do all I can to have her spared, I swear it.” I felt my world come crashing down around me as I sunk to the floor. It was later the next day I heard her screams of pain. I heard her cries. Anger and fury coursed through my veins as I found myself rushing to the room and crashing in. Bellatrix was torturing her, for nothing more then the joy of hearing someone in pain. “STUPIFY” I shouted racing over “run, get as far away as you can. I love you, I always will.” I cried as I helped her run to the doors, then, she apparated away from me once more. My aunt was furious, but not as furious as I had been our shouts echoing through the large house. “IF you ever touch her again dear aunt I will waste no time in killing you.” I said my wand against her throat. At least she was safe for now. That was all I could ask.
A week had passed and potter had escaped with a few others.
It was a while later and few letters that the war had begun. A couple of hours into the fight and I could not sit here and kill the ones I had known for the majority of my life. I found myself turning on my family, on some of my closest friends and changing sides. I fought until the end of the battle beside the one I loved, until everything was won and we could be at peace and not fight anymore. The tears streamed down our faces as we kissed and held each other in a warm embrace. Her parents hugging the two of us “I knew you would fight with us.” They said tears in their eyes “ You are a good man.”

That was what feels like a century ago, full of love. I found myself crying, tears of joy as I watched the love of my life walk down the aisle for us to exchange our vows of love for everyone to hear. I found myself laughing with her as we held our new born son scorpius for the first time, and then again as he went off to school with his friends, including Harry’s son. We had put our hate behind ourselves and found each other close friends now because of my beautiful wife. Had it not been for Y/N, the world may be different. I may be dead, she could have been dead. Scorpius would not be here, and potter would still be my greatest enemy. But I would not change anything, for the world