Music Tag Thing

RULES: Put your music on shuffle and list 20 songs that come on. Then tag whoever you’d like.

I figured this way we can get an idea of what we all listen to.

I was tagged by @chriswalkeninahamsterball

1. Baby’s On Fire- Brian Eno
2. Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Deathcap for Cutie
4. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm
5. What Could Be Better - David Schwartz (Arrested Development)
6. Carry on my Wayward Son - Kansas
7. Little Sister - Queens of the Stone Age
8. Stupify - Disturbed
9. Word Crimes - Weird Al
10. Our Solemn Hour - Within Temptation
11. Slipping - Dr. Horrible
12. Bad Moon Rising - Creedance Clearwater Revival
13. Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac
14. Paddy’s Lament - Flogging Molly
15. Firefly - Breaking Benjamin 
16. Through Glass - Stone Sour
17. Over and Over - Hot Chip
18. Priestess - Pumarosa
19. Death Death - Voltaire
20. Stuck in the Middle With You - Stealers Wheel

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Oh my gosh! There is so much to say about your style of writing! Let me tell you this-when I first started in the Les Mis fandom, the very first fic I read was 'Silence is the Speech of Love' and GOD. I was completely stupified over it. The world building, the character and relationship development, the REALISM OF IT ALL. Your prose was so very beautiful, yet not stuffy and antiqued. It was refreshing. I must admit I devour every work you publish and that you are my role mode.

Oh my gosh! That is absolutely amazing to hear (especially about that fic, which I remain so very fond of). <3

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May it be an evening star shines down upon you.

Bringing you another disturbing creation from the mind of one sick animal who can’t tell the difference, and gets stupified.

Who died?

I got your picture, I’m comin’ with you

Bustelo, Marlboro, banana by the bunch

anonymous asked:


  1. Take It Or Leave It - The Strokes
  2. Same Book But Never The Same Page - A Day To Remember
  3. Stupify - Disturbed
  4. When We Were Younger - You Me At Six
  5. Guns For Hands - Twenty One Pilots 
  6. Summer Breeze - Seals and Croft
  7. Life @ 11 - A Day To Remember
  8. Vanishing - A Perfect Circle 
  9. Drunk Again - Reel Big Fish
  10. All Apologies - Nirvana

Send me a :) and I’ll make you a playlist

But mostly, I am absolutely stupified at the fact that the more I keep telling people that I am a bad demon, a not very nice person, an amass of evilness that will literally sacrifice anything to get what’s hers or to reconquer what has been mine even if that means exterminating an entire nation or friends or foes, that I literally will have no regrets in exterminating whatever gets in my way, the more people think that I am nice and sweet.


Under Estimated Happiness

Laying in my bed, here tonight, listening to the semi-new Cage album- all dark, lit only by the distant street lights shining in through the window, i lay with my eyes upon the ceiling. My heart is filled with happiness and i can’t wipe the stupified smile off my face.
That beautiful, quiet happiness.
It keeps me up- it’s so beautiful :) I love complete contentness 🙃✌🏼️
Sweet dreams wonderful universe

Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer:  A Nice Young Guy
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Janine was willed a vintage car by her Grandpa. She opened the door on the right side of the car and sat inside. The glove compartment was open and Janine saw a letter with her name on it: My Dearest Janine, Nothing a man loves can compare with the love of a good woman. When I meant Jessica, I was stupified looking at her and I hit her with my car. I rushed out of the car scared I had hurt her…

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This is gonna sound so fake deep but somethings are better left unsaid and this is more than likely one of those things. Explaining myself now would be a little to complex and completely stupifying all at the same time and by the time I was done -

What to heck