Gjeth kam menduar pse kenga eshte “Shqiperin e dua se jam Shqipetar, Kosoven e dua se jam Kosovar” e pse nuk eshte “Shqiperin e dua se jam Kosovar, Kosoven e dua se jam Shqipetar” kjo tingellon shume me bukur, sepse je shqipetar por e don kosoven se eshte bija jote, dhe sepse je kosovar por e don shqiperin se eshte nena jote… ne jemi nje bre

I’ve always been told I’m hard to understand. “I don’t get you” “You intrigue me because I can’t figure you out” and I used to enjoy the mystery the secret games but then someone understood. They understood with very little help from me. They took the time to figure out and understand. Instantly I was ready for an entire lifetime of that kind of understanding. I’m too old now to go back to mysterious but it’s okay because I’d like to spend forever with the one who understood/understands me.

I am slowly going crazy, wake me, wake me.. before I go insane. It’s not even pain, I’m completely tame.. just continuously thinking about your pretty little frame has me caught in this sick game having me forget my name and forget about the fame I desire to gain. What do I stand for anymore? Trying to forget the girl I adore is like a dreadful chore, I want nothing more than to not have the thought to ignore the one pretty girl who I admire to the core, making my jaw hit the floor, controls my happiness.. And nothing more.