“nobody wants to hear me play.”
“i do.”

art trade thing with cuopere!! she asked me to draw wirt doing something casual/everydayish like hanging with beatrice/greg or something, so boop they’re listening to wirt’s tapes. i think i made this a bit too shippy haha i’m sorry cp :–(

finally finished my gemsona!!!!! say hello to the pinkest fucking rock that ever lived, mangano calcite or simply m. shes a tiny homeworld gem who can fuck u up (but actually is generally happy 2 make friends) more info under the cut!

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yay two new characters! planning to put them in an animated short someday when i actually know how to animate. blah blah mari is black and white and thomas is loud and neon and stuff. when they hold hands, mari’s supposed to get color and thomas’ colors is sposed to tone down so like they balance each other out but bLEH i’ll draw that some other time. for now here they are!!!


Eeeee. Guuuys. My sister found this video she downloaded long long ago, and it was this. It’s called “Boyz On Da Run” (lmao). It was aired in Shorty McShort Shorts on Disney Channel. There are three parts.

Skylar is the recent victim of my infatuation. LOOK AT HIM. HE’S ADORABLE.

IT’S DONE. I’m finally finished with my half of the collab with my sister. u__u Yessss. She did the wonderful lineart and I did the coloring. Bleh, I know my coloring is amateur at best but it was fun! (Except for when SAI shut down on me and I lost three hours of hard work – that wasn’t fun.) Overall I like how it turned out yeah. uvu;;;