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What's your opinion on Five Nights at Feddy's?

I saw the original way before it blew up into what it became. I like the games, but I hate the fanbase and how stupidly popular it is. Some guy has almost a million subscribers just for making up fucking theory’s about the game.

Also, people bug me every fucking day to do a Sonic crossover.

i know i probably Should but chibis on my commission list but theya re so Annoying to draw but they also go stupidly popular..gdo

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Every time an anon want to know ooc shit it weirds me out bro.

  • ☮: five things I have in common with my muse We’re both leos, we’re both rams, we’re both giant attention whores, we’re both super chill, and we’re both freaks in the sheets eyyyy.
  • ♀: sexual/romantic orientation? Idk man is “whatever I’m feeling when I’m shit faced” an orientation? Jeeze.
  • ☐: 3 random facts about me I get my bachelors in May hurraaaaay, I’m a stupidly popular bartender where I work which is why I’m gone most nights, and I have more shades of lipstick than I do shoes.
  • ☠: selfie lol seriously cutting this

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So I saw 50 shades of gray (bc - a mainstream movie adaptation of erotica written by a woman) and I didn’t really find it any more damaging than your run-of-the-mill stupidly popular movie. There were a couple parts that I bristled at, but to be honest I’m always bristling when watching movies. I mean… it was kinda really, really bad.