stupidly simple snacks


stupidly simple fresh fruit + yogurt parfait

Fancy food photos courtesy of my friend and Stupidly Simple Snacks editor Eddy Vallante. Yes that is a tiny grater that I bought from a specialty cookware shop (we have plenty of those in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!) because I thought it was cute.

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So tempted to try making this myself! Somehow I can imagine that I’ll make a bigger mess (not that she is making one) in the kitchen. All the same, I love how this “cooking show” has such an amateurish feel to it. Makes me feel like I’m not hopeless!


Sometimes I watch my Stupidly Simple Snacks videos and think: Okay these are pretty funny (even though it’s weird to be reminded of my old apartment). Time may pass but deviled eggs remain the best. Though I must admit this recipe could have definitely used more mustard and mayonaise.