stupidly feared

Voltron Whump Week Volume 2

Days 5 and 6 are today whoop whoop (Insomnia/Mental Illness; Poison)

Ship: klance, shallura

Trigger Warning: insomnia, unhealthy lack of confidence again, gore

Warning there will be spoilers for season 3!

Word Count: 3635

This is a sequel to this: part one part three


This was the third time Lance had spent the night wandering the halls. He couldn’t sleep. Every time he closed his eyes flashes of Pidge tied to the wall being stabbed, and on the ground bleeding out. He winced, and kept going. Three nights without sleep was starting to take it’s toll on him, but thankfully the others haven’t noticed yet. Face masks covered up the bags under his eyes pretty easily. He chalked up the paleness to the recent events pretty easily, even Pidge let it slide.

The sounds of Keith practicing late into the night had stopped over an hour ago, it must be closer to midnight by now. Lance was completing his third lap of the castle when he heard something behind him. Silence followed, Lance kept walking. There it is again, like soft footsteps. Lance jumped about a mile high and hid behind the corner. The footsteps got closer,  Lance’s heart rate sky rocketed. It must be the Galra, they came back for him. Lotor was back for him. This is all his fault, he led the team to their dooms.

Suddenly there was a hand on his shoulder, Lance reacted out of fear and lack of sleep. He grabbed the hand and pulled forwards, flipping the attacker over. Without much of a scuffle, and had his knee pressed to the Galra’s throat. Lance was shaking so hard he couldn’t even see two feet in front of him, his heart was in his ear.

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